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  1. Older IS200 under £1500

    Thanks for that..I'm guess that the Accord 2.4 is quite a lot bigger than the IS200 ? What about the obvious..rust, maintenance, high milers etc.. can anyone compare the two ?
  2. Older IS200 under £1500

    you mean like this New&onesearchad=New&price-from=500&fuel-type=Petrol&postcode=cw114tl&minimum-badge-engine-size=2.4&radius=100&model=ACCORD&make=HONDA&body-type=Saloon&sort=sponsored&page=1
  3. Older IS200 under £1500

    Well I've done some more hunting and typically looking for a later 2003+ manual model reduces my search UK wide to about 3 cars ! One in liverpool seems ok..spoken to the owner but before him it was a smokers car and I have asthma so that is most likely a no-no... ah well have to keep looking
  4. Older IS200 under £1500

    These are the two Gumtree ones
  5. Older IS200 under £1500

    Thanks for those comments These are the cars that are ideally within my budget and distance...hopefully none of you go and buy then instead !... 200&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&seller-type=private&maximum-mileage=150000&body-type=Saloon&price-to=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  6. Older IS200 under £1500

    Also..what are the mileages for the cambelt changes....every 60k , 80k ? cheers
  7. Older IS200 under £1500

    Thanks for that so 1999, 2.0S, 110k, fsh, one owner , PRIVATE £1300 1999, 2.0SE, 76k ,12 months MOT, owners ?, TRADE £1500 2002, 2.0SE, 110K, 12 months MOT, owners ?, TRADE £1300 2004, 2.0SE, 156k, 12 months MOT, 2 owners, TRADE £1500 2004, 2.0SE, 95K, 12 months MOT, owners ?, TRADE £1500 2005, 2.0SE, 140K, 9 months MOT, FSH, owners ?, PRIVATE £1800 As for the IS300...are you selling ?
  8. I will only do about 5k a year and wanted something stylish and reliable to drive..hence I am looking at the IS200 I dont mind about manual or auto but I guess the issue is around model year. In my budget I have seen quite a few models from 1999 to 2004 and mileages from 90 to 130k. Should I avoid any particular model year or is history/condition more important than age. cheers