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  1. Picked Mine Up Today!

    I have had mine for a few months now and I'm still struggling with the touch pad. It is pretty much impossible to use when you are driving. Even though I have had my Satnav upgarded there are still a few glitches where it will occasionally freeze and the only way to clear it is to turn it off and back on again. I will be interested to hear what your fuel consumption is like. Even though mine is the hybrid I struggle to get more than the mid to high 20s. I have heard of people getting 11 mpg in the V8!
  2. Picked Mine Up Today!

    Now that you have had the car for a while, what are your thoughts?
  3. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    I think once you have noticed a rattle then you are listening out for it all the time. The worst car I have had for rattles and squeaks was a Mercedes SL500. It was so bad that I had to sell it after 6 months as it just became unbearable.
  4. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    Hi Chris I wouldn't have expected your alarm issues or any rattles from a top of the range Lexus. It's a bit disappointing really.
  5. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    Really?! I assumed that everything is covered for 3 years. It didn't do it this morning and it was very mild so I think it is definitely worse when the weather is cold.
  6. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    The Alcantara seats. It’s annoying as I can’t work out exactly where it is coming from. I think it’s worse when it’s really cold.
  7. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    My car has developed an annoying rattle that seems to be coming from the passenger front seat. Has anyone else had this? It only seems to do it when no one is in the seat.
  8. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    No, I haven’t had any problems with mine. Could it be when it is very cold and the mechanism has frozen?
  9. Problems Encountered with the LC500

    The auto high beam doesn't always work well. It sometimes puts the main beam when it shouldn't and can be slow to dip with oncoming traffic. I have had this feature for years on BMWs and their system does work better. The track pad can sometimes be a bit infuriating but I guess anyone getting the car will already know about this. The same with not having any buttons for the seat heaters, although they seem to work reasonably well in auto mode. Finally, I had an issue with music being played in the wrong order on albums using a USB memory stick. I have got round this by selecting folders rather than albums and that seems to work. The LC is a great car in a lot of ways, especially the looks but sometimes doesn't have the slickness of the German competition
  10. tracker

    You can track the car free of charge by using your phone and the My Lexus App!
  11. SatNav Miles Setting

    I hope you get some better news this week. I am not using mine much at the moment due to the snow and ice.
  12. SatNav Miles Setting

    Have you heard anymore on your car? Have you got it back yet? If there is that much work to do to correct the problem, I would be tempted to ask them to take it back and supply you with another car.
  13. SatNav Miles Setting

    That’s terrible, I wouldn’t be very happy either. If they take out all the interior that’s a major job. I hope you don’t have any squeaks or rattles afterwards. Why do they need to replace the glass? I have noticed something in the small rear side windows that looks like an antenna. It’s hard to see due to the privacy glass, maybe that is the sensor? I hope you get it fixed soon. I haven’t had any issues with the alarm on mine.
  14. SatNav Miles Setting

    I took my car in for the software upgrade today and it has fixed the problem with the SatNav showing distances correctly. It is all in miles and yards now. It was done under warranty and apparently Lexus are aware of a few issues and so they have issued a multimedia software upgrade. For anyone else who has got one of the first LC500s, this is available free of charge. It took about an hour.