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  1. Hi, my 2013 reg CT is overdue it's 90k service by 2000 miles so it's time to get it in, but I'm a bit shocked by the prices my dealership is quoting. They want £200 almost for the interim and have said that the major one is due at 100k which will cost nearly £600!!!! I really can't afford that much, and it seems that if I follow the recommended schedule it's going to be in every 8 months or so. I know other places charge about £140 for an interim and claim it won't affect the warranty, but I'm not sure they do the hybrid health check (whatever that is) that the dealership includes. Anyone recommend using an independent garage or is paying the extra for a dealership worth it? Thanks.
  2. RK1975

    Buying used CT200h - tips appreciated!

    Thanks everyone, contributions appreciated. I went to see two different ones and ended up going for the lexus approved one. The first other seemed OK, but pushy salesman seemed desperate to get rid. It was also missing a couple of services (the last one being a non-Lexus service). I have paid a bit more than I need have done, but I'm happy with it. The test drive was like a dream. Can't believe how quiet it was (on all surfaces), so i've no idea what these reviews were on about it being noisy. I also felt very comfortable and relaxed driving it straight away, and it was a pleasure driving it. Again, these "expert" reviews did not at all reflect what I experienced. I'm picking the car up in a couple of days and, quite simply, can't wait!
  3. Hi all, my Auris has had to be scrapped and after a fair bit of research I've decided to try out a CT200h. The trim I'm looking at is the Advanced. However, I'm not a petrol head by any stretch of the imagination and I'm hoping people can help me in not getting stung. My budget is around the £10k region ( will need to be on finance) and I've found a couple of examples, with one being an approved model. I'm tempted to go for this for piece of mind, even though it's about £1000 more than similar age/ mileage at independent dealers. When I do go to test drive one, does anyone else have any tips on what to look out for? Thanks