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  1. Thanks for the reply. If I point my headlights down (position 5), I can see clearly a (very) short distance ahead of me but bugger all further afield. As I raise the position of the headlights, there is illumination further ahead but not so much (the headlights are properly aligned and positioned). I'm aware of laws on fog lights (though do find the allowance of corner lights strange). Just to give an idea, what I saw was something like this (but not the same) I was hoping that they could be fitted on the lower part of the grille to illuminate the road better and not blind others.
  2. The problem i'm having is difficulty seeing the road ahead at night. For the sake of argument, please accept that I've replaced my bulbs with the brightest and best money can buy, supposedly and they're adjusted properly. The lenses are super clear as is the windscreen. I'm looking away from oncoming traffic. I've tried adjusting height and position of drivers seat. I've tried night driving glasses. My optician has confirmed there's nothing wrong with my vision as has a consultant at the eye hospital. The lights on the CT aren't as bright as many other cars, even cars of the same age or older. All I'm trying to do is see the road ahead of me a bit clearer with dazzling other road users. So my question is can LED light bars be legally / practically fitted to the front grille and are they likely to ma e a difference?
  3. Driving my lexus for nearly 5 years now and fuel consumption increases in the cold, definitely. E10 certainly doesn't help, but is the increased cost of E5 more than the loss of MPG using E10? I'm finding out!
  4. Hi all, another possible daft question. Is it possible / legal to fit driving lights to a CT and would it actually help? I've posted previously on difficulties I've had driving at night and so far nothing has worked (and my eyesight is fine). A friend suggested putting LED lights into the grille of the car and either have them wired up to headlamp circuit or have a separate switch fitted. Having looked online, it seems that these are essentially daytime running lights which the CT has already. Part of me is thinking that it would work as the grille is very low to the ground and the lights won't dazzle other drivers. Anyone have any thoughts on this or tried it themselves? A concern is that my service and MOT is due in the next few weeks so I don't want to fit them and find it causing a failure. Any thoughts / comments appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the responses. My manual has the same as las Palmas but I'm confused. On the door label, it gives options for 215/45/R17 87W ( what I currently have) and 205/55/R16 91V. Does that mean either of them can be fitted? If not, how would I know which one is correct? The reason why this has come up is because I have Mitchellin Pro Sport 4s fitted in December last year. There's still a fair bit of tread left in them (about 50%), but one of them has a nail puncture and probably needs replacing as opposed to a repair. I'm loathe to spend £100 on one wheel when I'd be looking to replace them all in a few months, and I don't want to buy part worn. So that leads me to think it may be worth switching all four to 205s as they are generally cheaper than 215s from what I can see and if I'm right in that they were fitted when I bought the car, provide better fuel economy... Right now, I hate my car!
  6. My car currently has 215/45 r17 tyres fitted and I'm wondering whether I can/should replace them with 205 size tyres? The reasons are that I'm finding it hard to get same day (or even next day) replacements for my current size. Also, I'm sure that when I bought the car (from a Lexus dealer), it had 205s fitted but can't remember. When I took it to get the tyres replaced a year later, I noticed that MPG has been worse since. On my last tyre change, I asked the fitter and he said it would look stupid and is not a good idea. Anyone have opinions or experience? Thanks in advance
  7. Herbie, it was toothpaste, followed by a long scrub with microfibre cloth. I'm not a car person as might be gathered but I'll try what you suggest. Milena, it's a 13 plate with just over 200k on the clock (130k by me) and going like a dream still. I've had the nightbreakers on and, while they are definitely brighter, I'm still struggling seeing in the dark! It's mostly on roads lit by LED streetlamps I think. I went down a country road with no lights at all... Absolutely fine. Then on an A road with yellow streetlamps. Fine, but not as clear. Then on my road that has led streetlamps... I can't see a difference, but when I look at the road in front of other cars with their headlights, there's a marked difference. When a car approaches, I can't see a damned thing in front of me and have to slow down. I'm wondering if I'm just getting paranoid or if there's something wrong with my car, but the garage have assured me my lights are fine. My optician tells me my eyes are fine, so why am I struggling driving in the dark recently? I've tried waiting for 10 mins or so for eyes to adjust before setting off. Windscreen is crystal clear, no lights inside car. I've tried looking slightly to the left, night vision glasses (waste of money). I'm an essential car user for work and not driving at night isn't an option unless I change jobs. But I'm really struggling with this now. Is it just brighter lights elsewhere?
  8. Cheers again. I did a full scrub on the lights as suggested and not really a seen a difference. Cars being MOTd and serviced today so I've bought nightbreaker lasers for them to fit. Can't wait to try them out (but could do without the extra £190 for worn brake pads 😭)
  9. I've just had Mitchellin PS4 put on all corners. They're fab. Handle very well. The fitter recommended a higher load rate for increased wear (something about potholes), but also advised not to go with a higher profile as "it would look daft"! So I've stuck with the 45 profile on his advice and he is highly rated.
  10. Thank you all so much for your replies, much appreciated. I didn't realise it would be illegal, so that's out then! I do clean the headlights, but I'll give the toothpaste one a go. I'll look at upgraded halogens as well and let you know how I get on. Another question if I may - is it just me or is anyone else finding themselves being blinded more often by other cars headlights? Thank you all again, much appreciated.
  11. Hello everyone. Has anyone got experience of getting a HID conversion kit put in to their car or any advice? I have a 63 plate CT200h advance which I've had for nearly 4 years. I'm mostly happy with it but I am struggling being able to see roads at night clearly. I have been to my optician and my vision is fine. She suggested it maybe being blinded by cars with bright lights that aren't adjusted properly (a bugbear of mine). I've also tried night vision glasses which don't help. So I'm thinking, if you can't beat em, join em! Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Hi, my 2013 reg CT is overdue it's 90k service by 2000 miles so it's time to get it in, but I'm a bit shocked by the prices my dealership is quoting. They want £200 almost for the interim and have said that the major one is due at 100k which will cost nearly £600!!!! I really can't afford that much, and it seems that if I follow the recommended schedule it's going to be in every 8 months or so. I know other places charge about £140 for an interim and claim it won't affect the warranty, but I'm not sure they do the hybrid health check (whatever that is) that the dealership includes. Anyone recommend using an independent garage or is paying the extra for a dealership worth it? Thanks.
  13. Thanks everyone, contributions appreciated. I went to see two different ones and ended up going for the lexus approved one. The first other seemed OK, but pushy salesman seemed desperate to get rid. It was also missing a couple of services (the last one being a non-Lexus service). I have paid a bit more than I need have done, but I'm happy with it. The test drive was like a dream. Can't believe how quiet it was (on all surfaces), so i've no idea what these reviews were on about it being noisy. I also felt very comfortable and relaxed driving it straight away, and it was a pleasure driving it. Again, these "expert" reviews did not at all reflect what I experienced. I'm picking the car up in a couple of days and, quite simply, can't wait!
  14. Hi all, my Auris has had to be scrapped and after a fair bit of research I've decided to try out a CT200h. The trim I'm looking at is the Advanced. However, I'm not a petrol head by any stretch of the imagination and I'm hoping people can help me in not getting stung. My budget is around the £10k region ( will need to be on finance) and I've found a couple of examples, with one being an approved model. I'm tempted to go for this for piece of mind, even though it's about £1000 more than similar age/ mileage at independent dealers. When I do go to test drive one, does anyone else have any tips on what to look out for? Thanks
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