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  1. Not a problem unique to Lexus. i have had it on a Mazda and a BMW i previously owned.
  2. How much was it for the dealer fit replacement?
  3. Probably half that cost at an independant. The gas cost a fortune now.
  4. There were Cooper tyres on the front and Bridgstones on the back. As I said, Cross Climates were my forst choice, but the cheapest I could get them was £120 a corner, and Costco couldnt supply for some reason, as I normally get them there. Anyway, got the Goodyears fro £83 each online including delivery, and got them fitted for £20 all in. Only done around 20 miles since I got them so difficult to say for comparisons, but dont seem any noisier than the ones that were on.
  5. I have 17" rims on my newly aquired 2011 CT and even though it was a dealer purchase, the tyres wernt fantastic, so enquired about cross climates which I have had fitted to my last two cars. They were quite expensive so decided on Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 as they seem comparible to Michelin. Dont do a huge mileage, around 5k a year so see how these compare to the Michelins for wear.
  6. Picked it up today and well impressed. We have owned a Prius in the past and I thought they may be similar, but not by a long shot. Dealer filled it with fuel which was nice, and sitting at 65 all the way home displayed 62mpg, which I am happy with. Next job is to get a set of Michelin Cross Climates on for the winter.
  7. Thanks, can’t wait, got the train booked to Sheffield on Saturday morning. insurance was a bit of a shock mind, £77 to change my BMW 7 series to the CT for 6 months till it runs out.
  8. After owning a RX400h for a while and moving into an old BMW 7 series, I decided that I was throwing away too much money on fuel and repairs. Fancied a is300h, however, the ones within my budget (this is a second car to a new Mini which the missus drives) were terrible. We looked at an IS and a CT yesterday in Keighley which were high mileage but FSH. What a waste of time that was. The IS had dings all over it and stank of smoke, was covered in cobwebs and just lokked crap. The CT had bigger dents along the side and a clearly badly painted front bumper. Anyway, decided I would rather buy a low mileage one from a main dealer, so had to go older, but have put a deposit down on a late 2011 CT SE-L Premier one owner car with 47k from Lexus Sheffield. Pick it up next Saturday, train is booked! Looking forward to getting more mpg. Anyone want a 20 year old 7 series?
  9. If it makes anyone feel any better, I just went in the boot of our 9 month old Mini Cooper and that was full of water! At least we can throw it back at them for warranty repairs.
  10. As he said, same for me. I recommend the ebay guy.
  11. Bit of a longshot here, but does anyone have a broken luggage cover/blind they want to sell? I have a 2007 RX and whilst removing the luggage cover to go to the tip with rubbish, the offside plastic end cap became detached and I managed to throw it away with the rubbish! The cover still fits in, but rattles and doesnt retract, not the end of the world but Lexus only sells them complete, which isnt going to happen.
  12. Again, wrong. Costco are supplied from Navigator (Greenergy) and they add there own additives at the forecourt. The premium diesel is as good as anyone else's, and thats the only diesel they supply. Premium unleaded is the same. I use Costco normal unleaded in my 400h which is more than enough.
  13. Wrong. Maybe the Asda trailer is on a dedicated contract, but will still fill up at the likes of Navigator Terminals which supplies most of the branded fuels. A lot of companies includint he one I work for now have a white fleet, that deliver to various forecourts. To be fair, Shell V Power does have its own dedicated arm at the terminal, the rest just have varying amounts of additive injected in to their own recipes as we load. The base fuel is all the same.
  14. You would think they would have used a plug in battery saver to keep all the settings, got mine changed and no difference ay all.