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  1. Just been looking at the water filter, which is the cheapest I have seen comparatively.
  2. £10k for 300000 miles? I would walk away. Thats what I paid for Lexus approved with 46k
  3. Mine is ok now. Switched interior sensors off then did an air con freshener incase there was a moth or something in the car. Hasnt happened since.
  4. Going to get an air con cleaner, see if that deals with the bugger.
  5. Sorted it now, read instructions properly! Paranoid I am not going to get a good nights sleep again!
  6. I am going to turn off the ultrasonics, however, the manual says press the button and it will put a message on the mutifunction display, but it doesnt, so dont know if its on or off.
  7. I am sure this has been done to death, but has anyone had a successful repair to the alarm going off? Mine went off at midnight last night, twice then didnt go off again and has been ok since. I checked my cameras and there was no interference with the car.
  8. Where did you pick the power up from? Was it easy enough to pull the roof plastics to bits?
  9. Just got my car back from Lexus service, where they were pushing me for a full 100k service inc spark plugs. The car is 2011 with Lexus history purchased from a main dealer and had 46k on when I bought it and has 49k on now. Just told them to do an intermediate and I would go big next year when I have saved up the money! by the time it gets the ten year 100k it will have covered no more than 55k.
  10. Whats the highest up the scale you have had on the battery indicator? Been on a hilly drive this morning and it went right to the top for the first time, except for the three little bars.
  11. Not a problem unique to Lexus. i have had it on a Mazda and a BMW i previously owned.
  12. How much was it for the dealer fit replacement?
  13. Probably half that cost at an independant. The gas cost a fortune now.
  14. There were Cooper tyres on the front and Bridgstones on the back. As I said, Cross Climates were my forst choice, but the cheapest I could get them was £120 a corner, and Costco couldnt supply for some reason, as I normally get them there. Anyway, got the Goodyears fro £83 each online including delivery, and got them fitted for £20 all in. Only done around 20 miles since I got them so difficult to say for comparisons, but dont seem any noisier than the ones that were on.