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  1. used rx400h 2006 at 65k

    requested the service records from dealer. apparently first buyer covered only 1,100 miles in the first 14 months and then the next stamp is at the same lexus garage at 10,100 miles 23 months on. Im a little skeptical that they only covered one thousand miles in 14 months of purchase?
  2. used rx400h 2006 at 65k

    can someone please close this thread. it was me who started it but for some reason i was logged out and came up as guest. thanks
  3. hi, guys new to this kind of stuff. looking to buy an rx400h. been lookin around for a few weeks now and this particular one has caught my eye... never bought from a dealer before and never bought a lexus before. asking £9995 but after a day of haggling £9800. am seriously considering it but its had 3 previous owners, so presuming it says 3 on the v5, meaning 3 + the one whose name its in = 4. would make me the fifth. can it be possible? ... such low mileage (65k) for a 4-owner car and 11 yrs old? after checking the MOT history, it only covered 10k miles by first MOT, (3 years) any input from anyone would be much appreciated. thanks