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  1. “At last”😁 got SatNav on my NX300h Lux (purchased Dec 17 – latest spec) more or less fully functional as it should be, especally phone / internet coupling etc – following another software update last week. Well done to Lexus Exeter, they had sent one of their engineers on a two-day + course, who was brilliant. Sat in car for 75mins to work it all out. Wow, what a job, both of us learnt a lot. Getting the phone and car settings correct was fun!! The road traffic and other info downloads very fast. Some of the things you can do with the SatNav are mind blowing, but you’ll need a training course, a good memory and patience Lexus you make great cars (on my 5th) Please would you make this SatNav “user friendly” Lexus Exeter service team has been excellent.
  2. Just in case you also have SatNav problems on 2018 Mod' - check, new software release on way - Again. Been reporting problems with SatNav (I have 300h Lux 2018 Mod'), like screen “freezes” - missing menu’s. Reported to dealer, today been called and told, hold on another software release on way as Lexus have received several reports of such problems. Look forward to new download !! when ready. Thanks for tip from ColinBarber about resetting system, to press audio power button down for around 5 seconds. This did clear several, but not all of the problems from when system locked up / froze
  3. Ooops....sorry ment miracast..................too much reading of a 288 page book
  4. Still burning the midnight oil trying to find out if I have finger problems or a software problem on my system. Guess what I found on page 30 of the 288 of the navigation manual. 2.1 of basic information before operation “resetting the system” as advised. Still trying to register my system but cannot get to (find) the sub menu to turn on the wifi and miralink phone. My NX display is not showing what the manual info and mylexus do. Visit to dealer still next week again!!
  5. I have 300h 2018 model (Dec 2017 purchased). New Sat Nav system driving me mad !!!. Started to play up in Feb, West country to LHR – worked first time, now tries to take me off on other routes all the time (on all route set in). Totally lost voice guidance (was working) and system “froze” on me – had to turn off car to restart before it worked again (just like windows in its early days). Can not find ID to Sat Nav to connect mirroring function – Manual and MyLexus web site instructions / Menu do not relate to what I have on screen. Downloaded all 288 pages of the SatNav manual (nice evening reading) – still no joy. Looks like Lexus dealer is going to get visit next week.
  6. Christmas present has arrived and very nice too. More standard extras on it than I thought – All worth the extra £3K (all in) to switch out my 7 month NX Lux.
  7. Was in my Lexus dealer yesterday, asked them about the key fob problem - they had no idea, they know the answer now - did get their attention when demo'ed on my Lexus
  8. Hope you got a good discount - assisting your Lexus distributor to make their numbers? - Enjoy Christmas
  9. Hi Rayaan, You are correct in what you say about the 2018 NX - did think the ride was better, but for £3K getting new spec' 2018 NX Lux - have to say worth it.
  10. Speaking to my local Lexus distributor as I had a few issues with the Lexus finance contract wording re early payment on my NX Sonic Titanium Lux (now 7 months old). Then subject change to new 2018 NX – would I like to trade in, OK interested, lets drive new one first. Got time in new Premier, seems quitter when you floor it and the CVT revs up, but did notice the ride was different due to tweaked suspension and chassis. And yes, lots of new toys! What’s the deal, offered standard trade in price, but discount on new one was brilliant (beats CarWow hands down) – if ordered before 31 Dec. Cost me £3k, delivery for new NX Sonic Titanium Lux mid Dec, inc the paint / wheel protection package. All to do with centre sales numbers for 2017. Merry Christmas folks
  11. Still have to say excellent product, now for the small problems and wish list fix’s. Looks like Lexus did not test the car in a muddy field, and I am going to have to purchase a Karcher power washer!! - Here in Devon we have small roads and farmers, lots of MUD. All four doors, especially the rear get so much mud around edges, constantly cleaning, mud gets stuck in gaps. Had a few comments from Passengers when they get mud on Clothes. MPG motorway around 36, but around town and villages 44. Wish list, two reversing lights and LED high beam (why just sport and premier) .
  12. Goggy, excellent review as I have had NX300h Lux for 30 days and more or less agree with everything you say. Wife loves the smart entry, in fact car in general. MPG, given we owned CT200h (57MPG) before hand, so know the tricks in using the EV, NX gave 37MPG first tank and running at 43 on second (all local roads and town driving). Negative points, only one reversing lamp and the main beam lights very poor (wife's CT and my old RX300 are better). Otherwise a marvel of technology - and the seats are soooo sooo Comfortable.
  13. New NX 300ct Lux - New to LOC, but not to Lexus this is number 4 for me - first tank 37MPG and second tank giving 43MPG - Think owning (well wife did) CT200h and how to use the EV is the trick.
  14. One month into new NX300h Lux, this is Lexus number 4 for us, owned GS300 (157,000 mile before I part exchanged) then RX300 (22 to 27 MPG), wife purchased CT200h (up to 57MPG) exchanged for the NX. NX gave 37MPG out of first tank, and second tank is giving 43MPG, think having the CT200 and how to use the EV is the trick - all local traffic, no motorway yet. Great technology, fantastic car, but why do they spoil it with things like only one reversing lamp and the full beam headlights are real poor (my old RX300 and wife's CT200 were much better). "think" I got a good deal from distributor, strange what end of year can do.