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  1. Buying a used RX

    Hi Julian. A million and one thanks for the comments, really appreciated, great info. Thank you.
  2. Hi all. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum as am a newbie on here but glad I found the forum as I did have a list of questions about the RX, many of which I have found the answers to here. Hired an RX a month ago and have to say I loved it so am thinking of buying a used one (cannot stretch to a new one mind). I have a budget of up to £10,000 and I would like some tips on what to look for and what to avoid. being old fashioned and having been driving since shortly after the invention of the Ford model T, I always was of the opinion of obtaining a low mileage second hand vehicle but having just got rid of a BMW 5 series with nearly 200k on the clock I know that anything in the last ten years with over 100k now a days would still have plenty of life in it. I have had a hunt around in my price range and I have seen high mileage (125k plus) at high prices, low mileage (less than 60k) at low prices and a mixture of both. I am a little concerned as I hear of issues with air suspension, hybrid battery's and motors amongst other things. Obviously I would keep some funds back as nothing in life is 100% but some have suggested that a higher mileage (100k+) might be better as by then the cam belt would have been changed. What do I want as part of the spec? It does not have to be all singing and all dancing defo need it to be automatic I want something with heated seats (me and her indoors need such for the backache of age). Sat Nav would be nice although not fussed about a parking camera (we both know how to park). Fuel consumption and road tax is not so much of an issue for us and being older than God insurance is cheap as chips for us. Have to say I do like the idea of four wheel drive but am unclear if the RX is always in four wheel drive or just when the onboard computer says it is needed and then what happens if the battery is low for the rear wheels, does it simply stay in front wheel drive. Essentially I don't want to have to pay out thousands to replace something that has a history of being a problem as I want to keep this car for a very long time. I don't really want to buy privately as would prefer some form of "come back" with a basic warranty where possible with a dealer. Any ideas and pointers would be very grateful. Thank you.