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  1. That is extortionate , nearly £300, plus you still need to pay more for electrical diagrams and probably customs charges. Whatever the problem someone somewhere will have had it, these are old cars after all, with the answer posted on youtube.
  2. is the sump plug on facelift 2006 interference fit or am i missing a washer?
  3. Europarts have some good deals now and again, got one from them for my 2006 SC 50% off so £45 with 3yr guarantee. From what i have read the early cars did suffer a drain if not used for quite a while, i believe a back up re chagable battery on security system caused the problem by eventually failing yet still calling for charge from main battery
  4. i remember reading on one of the forums of a back up battery to do with the alarm system buried behind nearside rear seat that corrodes over time and creates this leakage as the main battery is trying to keep it charged
  5. oldjoe

    Sc430 amp

    just read this, are the audio systems not coded to the car they are fitted in so not easy to swap if you found one.
  6. need location of ecu plus plug and pin mumbers of BANK 1 SENSOR 1 connection as i need to check for continuity. 2006 car. new sensor fitted but fault lights still on, came on permanently after moving cable. lots of resets but back on after about 5 miles. code 0134 no activity on sensor, another reader gave 0133 as well which is slow to respond. thanks in advance for any help with this.
  7. oldjoe

    OBD port

    where is the OBD port in the SC430
  8. did you resolve this?
  9. this does apply to facelift model. had a letter and got it done on my 2006 at Lexus Cheltenham who collected the car and returned it all for free.
  10. have a Moto E and have same problem, turn radio off and you get to hear your call
  11. is this possible on facelift model 2006 the same as early models?
  12. do I really need to have the radio switched off to get audio on a phone call?
  13. have an SC 430 and locked keys in boot last Friday while packing to come home from Devon. AA arrived within 1/2 hr but could not get the door open as i had deadlocked it. he tried other operatives to see if he could find one with a lock pick, that failed so he tried 4 lock smiths they use to no avail. only option left is transport back home a hundred miles away. he arrived about 6 o'clock. with some very very good manoeuvring he got the rig to a point where the bed could be extended to it's full 36' length avoiding overhanging balconies and negotiating a tight corner between houses. then another guy had to come with a trolley jack so the car could be aligned with the bed as the skates they had would not go under it. got it loaded by about 9 and a 2 1/2 hrs later we were home. i have nothing but praise for those guys with their patience and persistence plus the great care they took with the car on both the loading , unloading and the refusal to do anything that would have caused damage to the car when someone at a Lexus dealer i phoned for some help told me to break a window and claim on insurance. my annual cost is definitely worth paying. before i joined i had a cam belt go 2 miles from Gordano services, breakdown bandit robbed me of £140 for that tow and that was approx 18yrs ago, goodness knows what they would want now. i believe for those that think they can just join when they breakdown that it cannot be done as when i tried the guy that comes out could not sign you up but that was quite a few years ago.