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  1. RAC breakdown renewal warning

    have an SC 430 and locked keys in boot last Friday while packing to come home from Devon. AA arrived within 1/2 hr but could not get the door open as i had deadlocked it. he tried other operatives to see if he could find one with a lock pick, that failed so he tried 4 lock smiths they use to no avail. only option left is transport back home a hundred miles away. he arrived about 6 o'clock. with some very very good manoeuvring he got the rig to a point where the bed could be extended to it's full 36' length avoiding overhanging balconies and negotiating a tight corner between houses. then another guy had to come with a trolley jack so the car could be aligned with the bed as the skates they had would not go under it. got it loaded by about 9 and a 2 1/2 hrs later we were home. i have nothing but praise for those guys with their patience and persistence plus the great care they took with the car on both the loading , unloading and the refusal to do anything that would have caused damage to the car when someone at a Lexus dealer i phoned for some help told me to break a window and claim on insurance. my annual cost is definitely worth paying. before i joined i had a cam belt go 2 miles from Gordano services, breakdown bandit robbed me of £140 for that tow and that was approx 18yrs ago, goodness knows what they would want now. i believe for those that think they can just join when they breakdown that it cannot be done as when i tried the guy that comes out could not sign you up but that was quite a few years ago.
  2. how to fit an aux/usb socket to SC430

    thanks for that ,will have a look.
  3. how to fit an aux/usb socket to SC430

    Thanks Alan, how difficult was that to fit and where did you site it? any chance of a "How To Fit" tutorial ?
  4. how to fit an aux/usb socket to SC430

    thanks Neil, i was hoping there was something from within the UK as things get very expensive from the States by the time HM Customs & Excise and Royal Mail have finished. the last thing i bought from there was priced at $19.99 ( £15 approx) and cost £31 by the time i had it in my hand.
  5. trying to find out what unit is available in uk and how to fit it, can anyone help please?
  6. interesting about "bypassing the valve". was that on a Lexus and did you have to reinstate to pass mot?
  7. Service For My Sc430

    have a word with Lexusman on Lexus World, i don't think he is far from you.
  8. google carbon build up on inlet valves. it builds up to a point where the air flow is affected which brings on management light and if allowed to continue to build could force engine into limp mode. one of the first signs ,if i read correctly , is an uneven tick over. with a DI engine there is no wash off of the valves by fuel as it is fed directly into combustion chamber and not through the inlet port.
  9. the main carbon build up problem is on the back of the inlet valves and is due to the use of direct injection so all manufacturers can and do suffer from it. no additive in the fuel will stop it as the fuel no longer comes into contact with the inlet port or valve. there are ways to get rid of it but how successful in the long term we don't know so prevention would seem the way to go. as far as i can see there are two possible ways, one is a catch tray in the feed back to the intake from the crankcase ventilation system. even this may only delay it but using high grade oil and petrol may also help by cutting down on the rubbish coming out of the crankcase. the other is by having an engine like some of Lexus/Toyota ones that use an injection system containing both port and direct injection, unfortunately not used on GS300 according to Wiki. . from what i have seen it seems more manufacturers could go this way but who knows. this is just my interpretation of what i have seen and read online. this is mainly to those who think it is purely a Lexus problem as quite a few do/did on the American forums. IT IS NOT
  10. carbon build up on the back of the inlet valves seems to be an inherent problem with DI engines , just google for it, much the same as DPF is a problem for most diesel engines. making them cleaner and leaner has brought up new problems that now have to be lived with until manufacturers get their heads out of the sand and do something. some of the Toyota and Lexus engines use a combined injection system where as well as the Direct Injection another injector is fitted working in the conventional way by spraying fuel into the inlet tract which i imagine keeps the rear of the valves clean. the designation for the combined system is D4-S. a link to the wiki page that shows which engines used it and which vehicles they are fitted in. the GS300 does not have it, so any increase in oil use or rough running could be a sign the vehicle could be affected. check the American site for "carbon build up" as i believe they show the fault codes that can show up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_GR_engine
  11. RX 350 is conventional. LS350,GS350 and 460 seem to be combined system, there may be others
  12. interesting article. i am sure i read somewhere that Toyota added an extra injector to their engines that sprays some fuel into the inlet tract to wash the valves off but cannot remember which engines and when from. reading it again it looks as though the 350 engines have a combined DI and conventional system. if anybody could confirm that it would be good plus if any of the other engines have it. a link to the way it has been dealt with in the states https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/655541-is250-carbon-build-up-csp.html
  13. this seems to have been a problem in the states which Lexus acknowledged. wondering if anyone on here has had the problem and had it rectified by Lexus as it can result in a complete top end rebuild.
  14. you are right but 2009-2011 is all the budget will stretch to unfortunately ;(