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  1. Has my Turbo Failed

    Just a quick update , it was indeed the wastegate thingy that was stuck £ 178 later and all is well :-)
  2. Has my Turbo Failed

    Ford Cortina Crusader Mark v !!!! I will say no more :-)
  3. Has my Turbo Failed

    maybe i`ve been lucky so far :-) owned it for over 4 years now and this is the first i`ve had any problem , its probably the second best car i`ve ever owned :-))))
  4. Has my Turbo Failed

    Hi Shahpor, no warning lights , no smoke, no pick up of any kind at all , it reminds me of driving my old Fiat 123 when i was a lad :-) other than having vastly reduced power its perfect , it wouldnt be in limp mode for some reason would it ?
  5. Has my Turbo Failed

    thanks for that Steve ,there was no warning at all, left home as normal, all was fine untill i went to pull away from a junction and nothing , no power at all, ive had a good look at all the pipework and all seems well, i also took off the pipe leading into the turbo revealing some fins which i coud turn freely, not sure if this is the actual turbo fan or not :-/
  6. Hi Guys , whilsts I have adapted my driving to deal with the lag in my IS220D`s turbo kicking in , it seems now to have stopped kicking in al together :-/ , I now have a complete lack of power all the way through the revs and gears :-( the only way the reach 30mph is to high rev ( 3500rpm) in both first and second gear ...... not good !! I`ve cleaned the MAF sensor with electrical contact spray , and also had the EGR valve out to claen out all the carbon deposits , of which there was plenty, all though to no avail , could it be the turbo that has failed , any advice will be greatly appreciated :-) Jc