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  1. RobbyC

    Which caliper part numbers will fit?

    Thanks Shahpor, Firstly, on closer inspection, the caliper I've bought has the same number on it. In response to your question, my mechanic has managed to free off the front calipers and we are replacing the pins on those, unfortunately this rear caliper is too far gone after what seems like years of neglect. Wish I'd checked the forum before buying as it seems there is a lot of discussion about this issue with the calipers seizing.
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I've recently bought a 2006 is 220d and I need to replace the rear n/s caliper and carrier. The caliper that is currently fitted has the number: 43 L 10, on it, I've found a replacement for the same model of car which has the number: 45 L 10 on it. Does anyone know if this will be a compatible replacement? I've attached an image of the new part.