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  1. Best bet is ebay. You will find ones for €40/€50 for PU ones and €80 upwards for carbon fibre ones. I picked one up for my is300h and just installed it there before the snow hit with automotive 3m tape (included). It was from Ikon Motorsports (some Taiwan brand) Fitting is okay for the Taiwan branded spoiler. It wont be perfect and there is a millimeter gap at the end of each side of the roof spoiler but it doesnt really bother me. If you want something more flush then go with reputable Japanese brands but that will cost you a bit more. This is like the one I got in case you were curious:
  2. are you sure? Pretty sure I took the bumper off the other day and it is comprised of an upper and lower grill
  3. Hi everyone. First post here and wanted to see if anyone has changed the lower part of the fsport grill? I am thinking of removing the license plate to give the car a cleaner look. Was thinking of installing a magnetic custom mount or a tow bar license mount just to keep the coppers happy. But I noticed that after removing the license plate the garage has drilled 2 small square (clearly noticeable) holes on the lower part of the grill which is used to screw in the license plate. Would love to know if anyone has did this mod! Thanks all
  4. Looks well. Chrome delete definitely makes the car much nicer. Gonna get around to this during the summer too Also loving the 2017 rear! Im really not a huge fan of the Hybrid rear with the hidden exhaust tips
  5. CG to clean the leather and CarPro Pearl (diluted to 4:1) to condition it afterwards. I spray it on a microfibre and then wipe against the seats so I dont leave too much product by overspraying. Seats looking okay so far