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  1. I have a pair of IS200 clear rear fog lights to sell with 2 x Polarg M23 bulbs, which are the best replacements available. Will sell for£40 (inc p and p within UK) if any one is interested
  2. I am having a small problem with the power steering on my IS200. The fault currently is too intermittent at the moment to bring to the attention of my Dealer but I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem and found out what it was. If I leave the car for a few hours with the front wheels anything but straight, when I restart teh car,after a few seconds there is a loud thump with a "vibration" transmitted through the steering coloum as the power steering pump "kicks in" This doesnt happen every time. Alternatively when I start the car if I have to turn the wheels in teh first few seconds that the engine has been running the front wheels turn as if the tyres are on ice, ie there is no resistance. This has also happened twice when I was driving very slowly and turned on full lock into a parking space.When the car is running there is no problem. The steering fluid is fine and I can find no obvious leaks. I realise the car has speed sensative power steering but this doesnt seem right to me. Any thoughts???
  3. My 12 month old IS rattled in the mornings too, it was traced to theh wires/drain pipes from the sunroof, moving behind the trim on the A post. As to comments re German cars, I have had 3 VWs and 2 Audis, the all rattled .......badly, in fact the IS is the best car in the ratle stakes I have owned in 12 years. I think it is getting to the stage where a rattle free car is a rarety, trim materials get cheaper steel gets thinner, is it any wonder?
  4. Any takers? I will throw in free P&P!!
  5. I realise this cant be bolted to the car but we are all trendys out there!! I have a Compaq Ipaq 3660 pocket pc for sale. It is 6 months old and has been used twice. I wish to sell and will let it go at a steal of a price £175.00. It has all the bits , cables ,cradle discs, manual etc, and is like new. If anyone is interested please U2 me. It is being sold for genuine reasons ( my boss has bought me the latest version ,aint he sweet)
  6. I have 2 Polerg M23 Red Bulbs available. They are brand new from the States and I am willing to pass them on for £10. Anyone interested please U2 me. Thanks
  7. Have to agree with everything said. Yes you would lose. The lights are somewhat irrelevant as you should maintain a safe distance at all times
  8. My dealer told me about this theh otherday, as we were having a laugh about the fact that we only get IS300s in autoform, where our American cousins get "stick shifts" He confirmed IS200 Sportscross's would be here soon, but only in manual.
  9. As a result of my endevours I now have 2 leds going "cheap" if anyone is interested?? Please U2 me if that is the case
  10. I have had Yokos on various cars before the IS. They are very soft and wear very quickly but the grip in the dry was fantastic. They also tend to be cheaper to fit. I have also had cars with Dunlop Sports. I have never been keen on these as I found the grip to be lacking. I am running Michelins at the moment which seem fine although they are noisier that the original Bridgestones the car came with from new
  11. 2 umbrellas and one of those folding stool things along the back and my torch at the side. Johnny Why the baseball bat, you a fan or is it a rough neighbourhood!
  12. I tried 35psi all round which is the higher speed rating, but found generally around town the fronts didnt "stick" as well as I would have liked, so I mixed and matched. At the moment 32psi in the front and 35psi in the back works well for me. My journey every day is a mix of A roads and Motorways and I rarely exceed 85 mph (no never officer) but if I drove at that speed for longer I would use 35psi all round.
  13. Mine is a July 2001 car and came with RE040s
  14. I have ordered items from Autofashion and can recommend the service. The shipping was reasonable and the items arrived within 4 days!