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  1. Thanks for the reply rayaans. You too think 4 years is not good enough.. batteries are often warranted for 3 so that suggests more years of use possible. Having said that I have Classic Saabs with little use and they can't manage a winter here without battery failure. I take the battery out for winter but it's a pain as there are nice 'top down' days and I don't have the time to find the battery, charge it, fit it and then skip out... I definitely need to sort the whoosh whoosh (it does increase on turning) and strongly suspect a wheel bearing. Whilst I'm not unhappy with braking, I just figured if I was doing that job, I may as well do some other maintenance. Thanks for the link. I can almost sort all 4 wheels (Brembo discs/pads) for the price of a Lexus wheel bearing/disc/pad for one wheel?! Would still be curious to know if Toyota have same discs and pads? Thanks Ez
  2. 2005 RX400H. 88 k FSH. Getting a whoo whoo noise NSF wheel, becoming more pronounced. Thought it was flattish tyre to start but no... could it be a wheel bearing? Can't find any recent posts mentioning wheel bearings... common fault/uncommon fault? I bought the car from a local (respected) non Lexus dealer who, on condition of my purchase, replaced the timing belt and refurbished the alloys. Could they have put the wheel on wrong?! I was also thinking about changing the brake pads and discs because the service history from Lexus suggests the front discs and pads were done in 2014 but OEM prices are eye watering. Anyone have the Toyota equivalents? Lastly, I've ordered the 12v battery from Lexus, last replaced by Lexus in 2014. I left the interior lights on I think (the key was in the ignition and there wasn't a whisper of power when I tried to start) and the battery completely drained; it now it goes flat after 5 or 6 days out of use. Does 4 years seem about right to have to replace? Thanks for any help. Ez
  3. There's details on Lexus 400h recalls here: http://www.theaa.com/allaboutcars/recalls/recalls.jsp?modelID=RX400H&modelName=RX400H&makeName=Lexus&makeId=C4 Ez
  4. Thank you. How kind.. Will it need to 'taught' do you think, or work straight off? Ez
  5. Hello folks, can anyone post a picture of the remote and it's part number for the DVD player in the picture? Thanks for any help you can give. I've posted this is the RX400 forum too. Ez
  6. Morning folks, can anyone post a picture of the remote and it's part number for the DVD player in the picture? Thanks in advance. Ez
  7. Newbie questions

    Hello all, I'm the recent owner of a RX400H 2005 with 84k. FDSH to 61k. It's been for it's health check at Lexus, all good apart from needing a radiator. So my question is about where I might find a Lexus inde. I'm in Cumbria but happy to travel a couple of hours? Any ideas? Also, anyone any quick wins with the sat nav? I'm struggling to operate it, even with the instructions!!! Just want to put in the destination and press 'go' 😍 Ive bought an aftermarket DVD for the rear seats and am going to attempt to fit it. I'll let you know how I get on. All the best, and thanks for any help. Ez
  8. Yeah of course, Playstatipn is those three - white, red and yellow ... so if I think of audio visual stuff with that configuration, I can 'show' it I guess. Thanks Lurch. Now. According to the bumf, the Voice can respond to 130 commands - example as please!
  9. Awww thanks Sorcerer. I know a good ICE firm so I'll get them on the job if I struggle. I'm guessing the extra leads are for 'aux' but not too sure what that will look like! I do go to Carlisle for my job, and I live near Ulverston in the south of the County. Look out for RL55NRX and if you see it, that's me! Ez
  10. Thanks Sorcerer, as you say, at £25, worth a punt. I've ordere one. Whilst I don't have kids I do have a mum with dementia. Being able to play some old movies for her will be fantastic, for her and for me😉 The audio visual lead in the back seat 'flap' has been fitted properly, it has a grommet through the back of the seating, but what is it for? It's not for the DVD player, could it be for an auxiliary piece of equipment? And if so, what? I was able to use the buttons on the DVD and swap to auxiliary function, but I'm struggling somewhat to know what this might be... as I said, both monitors work fine, projecting the image, but the image is horizontally line challenged 😳 I have both headphones, one unused. How does one charge them? Or does infrared not need charging? Thanks for any help. ps. I discovered what the extra switch is in the dash under the stereo - after market parking sensors. The unit on the binnacle is a laser and speed camera 'finder'. I think it needs a subscription and I wont be using it. Still not sure what the second toggle switch by the power door switch is, it doesn't seem to be linked to speed camera thing.
  11. Well I've had her a week now and getting used to how smooth a drive it is. I've worked out voice command (I do love this, particularly when she answers incorrectly) but the sat nav remains a mystery apart from setting home! I'll work it out I'm sure. I have a couple of queries. The DVD player is broadcasting through the head rest monitors but flickering. It's like I need to stabilise the horizontal line. It doesn't seem to be badged Lexus so I've included a picture. I haven't checked out the headphones yet and I can't find a remote so maybe I couldn't play the DVD anyway. There is also an audio/visual plug, picture included; I'm no techie so any help appreciated. If the DVD is not fixable can I get one from a scrapper? Thanks Ez
  12. Alas the Monte Carlo yellow is LPT (Light Pressure Turbo), pretty mint and pretty slow (135bhp). I also have the Saab 900T16 Aero... Abbott tuned, new roof, fast and furious. Love it, but far from mint 😉 Second long trip trip in the Lexus, up to 31.6 mpg. Not bad. Need to work out how to transfer my phone book via Bluetooth to the Hands free AND get my head around the sat nav. Ez
  13. It was my first long trip today! Up and down dale and a 100 miles on the motorway - managed 31 mpg. Steady for the most part with the odd overtake or three Some pics. The 'conk' is there courtesy of my brother in law who sent it the same day I got the car... Ez
  14. I found this and it helped me understand the vehicle better. I think it may be useful for other potential purchasers. http://media.lexus.co.uk/wp-content/files_mf/1323777880THENEWLEXUSRX400h.pdf
  15. Thank you! picking up at 2. Nervous and excited all at the same time. Any Classic Saab fans out there? Here's the Lexus' stable mate 😍 Ez