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  1. AdeIS200

    TRC/SNOW Buttons

    Yours is an auto rich and looks to have a different layout to a manual pictured above by JH. You have extra switches by the gear lever.
  2. AdeIS200

    TRC/SNOW Buttons

    £6 for the bulb from Toyota, same on ebay + p&p. Think I'll cope without a light in there for now unless I take a chance on a 2nd hand switch for a fiver!
  3. AdeIS200

    TRC/SNOW Buttons

    Aha! Yep bulb is black so presume its blown. Looks to be pretty unique so doubt local motor factors can help here. Toyota jobbie or ebay for a second hand switch I reckon. J Henderson you speak to my inner OCD, I was thinking just that myself! Thanks all.
  4. Owned my IS200 for a week now and loving it although it does like a bit of a drinky drinky! Quick question, could someone tell me if the TRC/SNOW buttons should light up with the rest of the buttons when the lights are on? Mine don't. Thanks.
  5. AdeIS200

    WANTED - IS200 Bonnet Stay

    Hi buddy, appreciate that thanks. I'll give him a call.
  6. AdeIS200

    WANTED - IS200 Bonnet Stay

    Hello, this may well be a long shot but having tried and exhausted other avenues I thought here might be worth a try! I am in need of a bonnet stay (the metal bar that holds up the bonnet when it's open) for my IS200. A few breakers say it's too thin and awkward to post on it's own (even in a cardboard tube?) but they will happily send it if I buy the whole bonnet! If anyone has one knocking around I would be very grateful. Thanks, Ade.
  7. AdeIS200

    fooby's Green IS200 SE

    No worries pal. Nah I'm over in Merseyside.
  8. AdeIS200

    fooby's Green IS200 SE

    Ahh, I was going to buy it but you beat me to that one then! Well played sir [emoji106]
  9. AdeIS200

    fooby's Green IS200 SE

    I'll be watching this with interest, great work so far. I'm sure I saw this car advertised somewhere, was it the one that had one lady owner?
  10. AdeIS200

    Advice Needed!

    Fiat 500? Proper girly car and 'trendy' I believe! Could get an '08 - '10 plate within your budget.
  11. AdeIS200


    Thanks Dougie. I'll certainly be starting a build/project thread as soon as I have an IS in my ownership [emoji106]
  12. AdeIS200

    Bumper being fixed?

    Have you physically seen the car? If you didn't notice any issues then I'd be calling them and asking what is being fixed and why if it was ok when you saw it.
  13. Pfft, I've lost count how many cars I've been through over 20 years, easily into the hundreds! I tend to get bored very easily. Past ones include Fiestas, numerous Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts, Sierra's, Mini 1275GT, MG Maestro Turbo, numerous Escort XR3's and XR3i's, RS Turbo's, Capri 280 Brooklands, Mondeo ST220, Focus ST, Subaru Impreza STi, and currently a Mk1 Skoda Octavia VRS that's soon for the chop to make way for a Gen1 IS200.
  14. AdeIS200


    Nice IS, just what I'm looking for too. Enjoy.
  15. AdeIS200


    Hi, just signed up to the site. I'm Ade from Merseyside, and I'm on the lookout for a Mk1 IS200. I found the IS buyers guide thread and decided to sign up as the info on there was very helpful. Looking forward to finding an IS and in time a few modifications may find there way onto it..... maybe..... probably! (can't help myself!)