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  1. I put the stickers on. Safer for other drivers that way. They came off ithout leaving goo behind, so I am still happy
  2. I would love if there was a switch for the lamps position as I am driving to continental Europe this very week-end. It does not sound like there is though?
  3. jido

    New member

    Very happy with it. How is your GS?
  4. jido

    New member

    I am not too fond of the looks from this angle
  5. jido

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    Here are a couple of pictures (different light).
  6. I get a single beep when I engage in reverse. I also have a button to disable parking sensors if I tire of them.
  7. I get a single beep when I engage in reverse. I also have a button to disable parking sensors if I tire of them.
  8. Don't know how you get such low quotes. Lowest I found was DirectLine around £330 which I passed from previous experience with them. I am going with Privilege. Which is £390 without any extra.
  9. Likes: * The hybrid drive - silence at low speed/stop, seamless acceleration, productive braking, fuel economy * The comfort * The many features (F-Sport), especially rear camera and auto-everything Dislikes: * Lack of storage * Low doors scrap against the pavement * Looks from the back
  10. jido

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    I thought I should update this thread. I now drive a grey Lexus CT200h F-Sport :-) Glad I upgraded to Lexus, coming from a Toyota Yaris which I kept for 14 years! But this time I took a PCP so it won't be that many years probably.
  11. I had the car for a few days only, I don't know if that is normal. When I am braking at low speed (maneuvering to park) the car does a dull "thud" sound. I requested the garage to look at it, just in case.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I will see what they say. I did see the car in person, but it could be something small that they don't want me to come back and complain about.
  13. Hi, The Lexus dealership contacted me with the following update about the used F-Sport I am buying: When I checked the car I didn't notice anything about the front bumper . Why do I have to wait?? Any idea about what fixing is being done and why?
  14. jido

    2012 Lexus Range

    Thanks! Do you have the 2017 Lexus range document?
  15. How about a Skoda Fabia or a recent Hyundai i20?