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  1. hi Stevet, as texas said, just had a little brown trouser moment as dvd player/software wouldn't read disc. spoke to sat nav store, who advised me to try a couple of things.neither worked. the new disc was fine, followed same procedure, and worked 1st time. again big thumbs up to them for great service the worrying bit was getting the disc out, on my 300 there's no eject button on drive, it's in a menu on the screen, which i couldn't get to as it was stuck on the disclaimer! had to jam the disc to stop it spinning and force an eject, not ideal. (had tried various methods, disconnecting battery, hidden screen buttons)
  2. just an update. replacement disc in and working!! can definitely recommend the sat nav store, not only a great price, but helped me when it was going wrong.
  3. got my replacement disc, and gonna try again this lunch time at work. what's the worse that could happen? wise words!
  4. Hi guys, hope this is nearly in the right place? I wanted to get everyones advice if possible? My headlamps seem very low on dipped, dangerously low if i'm honest. I will check them against the wall tonight, just to see if they self level. As i drove in the night Fri, they were terrible. We happened to stop at a shop, where i got out and just bounced the front and rear of the car, and they seemed much better, and much higher. I will get the local garage to check them out,but was wondering if there should have been a warning? Apart from the obvious lack of vision lol My car is a gs300 2007
  5. the original disc is in and seems to be working. sat nav store are going to send me a replacement, so that's great service, and hopefully this one will work. i'm just a little unsure whether to risk it? as for engine bay clips, i'm amazed how many different sizes they have to do the same thing lol
  6. lol no problem. it's always gonna be a risk for one of us, and at a saving of £150 it was worth a go. I've asked them to send me a replacement if they think it was just a dodgy disc, as most of the feed back has been so good.
  7. they asked me to disconnect battery again, and see if it ejected, it didn't. have tried to find hidden buttons from various forums, but to no avail. eventually tried the method of stopping the disk spinning, and letting auto eject, which it did. i'm just hoping i haven't damaged the unit? time will tell. so after all that, my experience hasn't been of an easy install. have re loaded the lexus disc, and all menus now working
  8. Hi Joel, not yet, and will do that next. i'm currently looking on youtube, and the credit card with sticky tape method is looking like a goer lol
  9. well, now i really do need some help! followed instructions, battery disconnected for 15, and dvd won't read disc! Comes up with disclaimer warning, i touch i agree, and the checking disc, and then back to disclaimer. I can't eject disc, not sure what to do now. few web sites say about hidden eject feature, some about removing drive. any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. at all the garages i've worked at the mechanics always agreed with this. they said that one thing people don't think of when letting their car warm up(engine), is that when they then pull away, is that nothing else is at a similar temp, most importantly the gearbox. a little mechanical sympathy for the 1st part of the drive is a much more effective way of warming the engine and gearbox
  11. ordered as well, gs300 2007 so will let everyone know how mine works
  12. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    thanks bobmc, looking at vintages pics, i think i'll have a go, it's a great write up
  13. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    just an update, and a question. headlamps working great, both height adjust as you turn ignition on, and not pointing at the floor, so all good. but ns headlamp is very cloudy, and i've been looking at polishing it to see if i can get it looking a bit cleaner. has anyone got any advice, or has anyone used the kits on ebay? with good results? thanks tim
  14. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    thanks bobmc, all done the part was actually very reasonable, £350 for the double unit. seems to be working, but will take it out tonight in the dark. the worse thing? one shiny headlamp and one dull lamp. I did mention to the misses maybe i could change the other one, but i got the look!
  15. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    so booked into Lexus Cambridge tomorrow for a new os headlamp, apparently the motor has seized/burnt out? and you guessed it, not available by itself. Lets hope this fixes the issue! tried ebay for a 2nd hand lamp, but the only couple in the uk for sale were only just a little cheaper than a new one fitted so don't feel quite as bad
  16. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    just an update. local indy garage can't do it, they are not 100% sure which sensor or motor or ecu is causing the fault, and their computer can't find any error codes. instead of just guessing they suggested Lexus, and didn't charge me anything so that's ok i guess. Lamps would fail an mot on height, but no warning lights to say motor not working. Lets see what the dealer says?
  17. Mechanic Damaged My 220d

    hi Marty, has he explained the problem to you? is he waiting for parts, or tech advice? i'd start by just a phone call to check you're both happy with whats to be done, and to just confirm the price he quoted(just for your sake) tim
  18. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    thanks Tiger, gonna book it in local garage, and see where beams point on MOT ramp, then they are going to check the level sensor on suspension to see if it's stuck. looks like they are hid, and no thumb wheel in car to adjust. fingers crossed it's not to expensive
  19. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    Hi Tiger, yes to h/lamp wash, and no warning lights on. Seems to think it's ok? maybe it's just very low? I did try on the garage wall at home, and they don't seem to set. When i tried our rx400h the lamps bob up and down and set.
  20. hi Vintage, we had a quote for our RX400h, £1000 for just the part, luckily the local garage that had it said they thought it was worth trying to weld. Charged me £70 i think, and that was 3years ago, so def worth a go
  21. Quick hi from new owner

    hi all, Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Just picked up a new to me, 2007 GS300. Sold a Nissan Juke diesel,so hoping the mpg doesn't scare me to much. Hoping to get involved with forums, and looking forward to some wafting! thanks Tim
  22. SC430 project

    looks really good, the body kit sort of reminds me of something? mgb rv8? got a retro look to it
  23. hi Noo Bie, is it worth asking the shop if they have cameras? or if it's a parking eye type of car park would they have a car leaving matching your pic at the same time with a clear reg?
  24. Quick hi from new owner

    thanks guys, nice to meet you all. hopefully the questions i ask won't be to silly. although i did have to use the manual to find the hidden head rest button on the drivers side. will have a nose at the build sections, did see an interesting thread on audio, but that might be a little out of my league.
  25. Quick hi from new owner

    thank James. looks like a really good site. going to check out some of the sections as i get time at work.