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  1. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I used connectors like these to shove in the injector and connect to the tubes. I had a hard time just shoving the tubes in to get a seal otherwise.
  2. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    You’ll need to hookup the hoses here, after you unscrew the caps.
  3. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    If one bottle is substantially more full than the others, it would be the injector that needs replacing. I ordered one from a breaker for around £140. It’s worked for 6 months without issue.
  4. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Although you can’t see much, you basically need to make a contraption like this. A73D3637-5039-4CB6-9D9F-96E70A0A788D.MOV
  5. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Last update on this (hopefully), did a 1500 mile road trip this weekend to France and back. No issues injector wise and Limp mode has yet to come back. I averaged 37 MPG on the way there at about 80-85mph. Faster I went mileage went down as to be expected.
  6. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I'm going to search for a thread on the DPF removal. Don't want to hi-jack this anymore from the injector issue which is now solved. Thanks for the help everyone, this forum was a life saver.
  7. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    So far so good...mostly. Limp mode is. I longer. Mileage went from 34 up to 37mpg. 1500 mile road trip to France and. Ack this weekend. I'm sure mileage will still go up a bit. VSC still pops up for DPF though. Options: 1. Ignore it 2. Remove and soak in DPF cleaner/reinstall 3. Have a company eliminate DPF altogether and remap ecu. £400+.
  8. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I replaced the #2 injector today. Leak-off test went great, ran it for a minute and bottles were pretty much empty. I had about 4 oz after running it for 20 seconds last time. Tomorrow will be the big test to see if it's fixed. I didn't get the new banjo washers for the return lines yet, so think I have a small leak from them. Really don't want to pay £36 for 4 washers. May just use some M8 crush washers. IMG_6997.MOV
  9. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Thanks, I sent them a message.
  10. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Anyone know where I can order these online? Just the double washer? Don't have a dealer very close to me.
  11. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I'm not 100% sure how good my tube hookups where. But the results seemed pretty obvious. Now to track down an injector. I ordered the copper washers the other day and they showed up already. Thanks Mackemade for talking me through it the other night
  12. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I really like the car if I can get this quirk figured out. I'm only here for two years so just hope I can keep it in running order that long and sell it for something. I paid £2300, just got tires £220, changed front brakes (rotors and pads), rear brakes (calipers, rotors, and pads) for £300. So sitting at £2820 right now. Even if I have to have to swap 2 injectors I don't think it's a horrible price if I can steer clear of trouble for a bit.
  13. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I couldn't find any videos showing a leak-off test on the 220d, most I saw showed removing a rubber line and then attacking the tubes to empty bottles. In our case, do I unscrew the caps off the as pictured with the blue circles here? Do do you know if i need to remove anything from the red side? Also you said to look for 2008 or newer injectors. The only part number I've found is 23670-26020. Is there a different number to search. I'm seeing used ones at £200, new was almost £500/ea. Any tips for searching?
  14. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I just picked up an 06 is220d and half-way bought a lemon of a private seller. Morning after got the VSC message. My code reader finally came in and I see it's the P0093 and my symptoms are absolutely spot on with what you guys experienced. Only goes into limp mode in the morning, or even after sitting half a day. Always when letting off the gas or approaching an intersection/roundabout. Once it's warmed up its normally good for the day. I get mid-30's for MPG and the car has 111K miles. The first 3 weeks I've had the car it never did the white smoke on me. This week it's happened twice on me. It also seems to be running rich, sometimes worse than others. This would all make sense for the injectors. I read through the whole thread the other night (the day I moved into my place so I took a long break from unpacking). I know I need to run the injector leak-off test, something I've never messed with but it seems fairly east to do. Chime in if you have any advice, but really I just want to thank you guys for this thread as I'm really hoping it is the answer to my issues. -TIM