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  1. Hi My one came with instructions, which said to connect the earth wire, which I think you are calling speaker ground, to the cars earth, so I think mine is connected to the same ground point as my amp. Could be any number of things causing a fuse to blow, but the first thing I would check is that you have the correct rate fuse & make sure there is no short anywhere in the circuit, next thing would be to make sure you havent turned up the amp to far. Yes you do need to connect up both left & right speakers as your amp more than likely has a left & right input. Cheers. Stuart
  2. try copy and paste this link into your browser, that should work That's the one, either de-solder it from the speaker or cut it & join it to your amps speaker level input, you'll see this in the amps user manual. Good luck mate, I'm off home now as I've had a busy day at work so probably wont be on here till Monday. Stuart
  3. Hi, can't see your picture, but as I remember, it is the cable which can be got at easily from in the boot. It is the one which goes to the sub of the rear speaker so you get to keep the mid/hi's. You need to cut or remove this cable from the sub as you wont need it anymore. Cheers. Stuart
  4. Looks like you're in luck mate... :D The bit that says "All amplifiers even feature high level input sockets to allow you to run the amplifiers from your existing factory fitted radio." means that you can disconnect the speaker wire from the sub part of the rear speakers & connect that directly to the amp, you'll probably need to extend the cable though. Good luck & let us know how you get on. Cheers. Stuart
  5. Here try this: Still seems a lot more than what I paid but was a while ago & my memory is not so good :duh: If you are passing a Halfords, just pop in & ask for a speaker/high level to line level/RCA converter, the one that converts the speaker output from a HU to RCA's, someone should know what your on about. Alternatively, if you havent got you kit yet, look for an amp with high/speaker level inputs. Cheers. Stuart
  6. Hi Stuart you dont have a part number for that line level convertor, cant find it on halfords site No I dont sorry, I just went in the shop & asked for it, I think Maplin do the too, I'll have a look, see if I can dig anything out. Cheers. Stuart
  7. Hello Yep, that'll do you, but it looks a bit overkill TBH, like I said, just pop in to Halfords, they do a much simpler one which realy is only a few quid! As for the amp remote, I made a mistake, my amp comes on when the ignition is turned on not when the radio comes on/off. Just take the stereo out & use any of the 12+ which only works with the ignition on. Cheers.
  8. Thanks all for the speedy replies. Fargo, have you had any problems jacking up the car with it being lowered? Cheers. Stuart
  9. Hello All Can anyone tell me where exactly where to put axel stands to support the IS200, both front & rear please? Thanks in advance. Stuart
  10. Hello I have recently added a sub to the standard setup, factory HU & speakers & it is soooo simple you'll be pleased to know! If you have a sub & amp already, then you will need a highlevel to line level convertor, pick one up from Halfords for about £2.50 or something silly like that. Cut into the sub part of the rear 6x9's & join this to the line level convertor as per the instructions. You will now have two line level RCA's to connect to you amp & the pleasure of getting power from the battery to the boot along with a 12+ from the ignition to turn the amp on, I used
  11. Hi The easiest way to do it would be to disconnet the sub part of the 6x9's & use this as a high level feed for an amp, you'll need an amp that can take a high level input, then just connect this as normal to sub or two. The sound quality will be as good & as loud as the equipment that you use, although I have used this method many moons ago in an older car & found that you get a lot of noise, like a whine coming through, I think from the alternator, not sure how this would be on the Lex. Hope this is of some use to you. Stuart
  12. I got a wheel brush from Tesco of all places this weekend, very soft bristles & a flexible head. Works really well & gets right into the back of the wheel & behind the spokes. I wash my wheels weekly even if im not doing the car as I think they look horible when their filthy & I only ever use soapy water. Cheers. Stuart
  13. Andy The easiest way to do this (what I may end up doing) is to keep the standard rear 6x9's, dis-connect the cable going to the sub part of 6x9's (havent checked the cabling yet but they are 2 seperate speakers, sub & mid/high), use a line level convertor to connect to an amp or get an amp with high level inputs & connect this to your sub. I am not sure of the quality that this will produce as I have never used line level convertors, usualy, the more electrical stuff you have in the chain the more interference you will get, but you definately have the means to get more bass!!! Also
  14. Drop someone at a shop, pick them up from the train station, ect. I personalay dont turn off my engine knowing that the misses will be out of a shop in 2 minutes & these are where we need some kind of definitions. Stuart
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