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  1. Thanks @Farqui I wanted some advise from people who are better informed than me. Much appreciated. The car itself is superb: the seats are very comfortable, it is finished to a very high standard ( our previous car was a 2 year old Merc E class - with Vinyl / Artico seats - so the difference in build quality is immense) I will post our experience with the car etc separately, but so far it's all good - except for people scratching it !!!
  2. Just joined up having had our first Lexus (coming from years of Mercs & interesting Customer service!) for 4 months. I want to get a Dash Cam fitted and have been told by our local dealer (Tunbridge Wells) that they only fit it to the cigarette socket. My question is this, should it be wired via the fuse board so that it is powered constantly? We have had the car scratched several times & would like to be able to pick up movement near the car when parked up. The car is great (NX300h Luxury) but there seem to be very jealous people out there. Thanks