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  1. Hi guys , we’ll ive sorted prob with top hose collapsing , i tried.a new radiator cap and it didn’t really help , so then on inspecting a few of the other pipes I found the small one from rad to expansion tank was solid on the bottom elbow , cleaned it out sorted no more top hose collapsing😁, .i have a question , at what temp should the fans come on, I’ve noticed that they come on when I turn ignition key to just off the start position on ignition switch or momentarily when I switch engine off ,but I never here them running even after a motorway trip and then sitting in traffic , any ideas
  2. Ok thanks I had idea thermostat maybe part of problem, I have just been out and taken off the small hose between radiator and overflow tank , the bend below the tank was solid with a sort of coppery coloured goo so I’ve cleaned it out and flushed tank , I’ll see how that goes and if no good I’ll change out thermostat
  3. Hi guys , I’ve got a wee problem with the water system on my 04 rx300 . the car runs smooth temp gauge never goes above half way , just recently the top hose has started to suck it’s self in when car cools down , I’ve checked for leaks and smoke but there isn’t any , but I have to keep topping up the system, I have replaced the radiator cap and was wondering if it could be the thermostat causing it , as the top hose is boiling hot and the bottom one is near enough stone cold, hope one of guys can help
  4. It’s not been my weekend so far , suspension probs etc, now just noticed top hose all sucked in , my neighbor said it could be the seal on radiator cap causing it, I’ve looked around engine bay and checked on floor for drips but can’t see any , car runs just under 1/2 way on temp as it always has, any ideas guys many thanx
  5. Always worked , just since the weather and work
  6. Whilst looking around the engine bay just noticed top hose all sucked in , a guy I was talking to said could be the radiator cap leaking any ideas
  7. It always worked well , only started to be intermittent after work and weather
  8. Hi guys well don’t no were to start, after doing front discs and pads, lower ball joints / inner and outer rack ends and track rods ,I now have what seems like a complete suspension failure, I was driving to work the other day in heavy rain , puddles etc parked up all was good, when I went to go home I noticed compressor not starting up , so I switched off and restarted and comp came on , which it does intermittently, but only runs for a short while and car doesn’t lift, hieght level light on dash stays solid and car is completely flat HELP🤯any ideas
  9. I’ve just put a set of hankook optimas on my rx300 and they seem to be good , low road noise and comfortable ride , mines got air suspension so the tyres have softened the ride abit aswellas well
  10. Hi everyone, and a happy new year to all, I have been getting a load drown and vibration in the front end of my rx300 , it came in at 45 and got worst upto 60 , I was thinking all sorts worst case scenarios, final drive , engine mounts etc . Then I thought I’d better get some of the advisories done from last mot, so off I went and ordered up lower ball joints, inner outer track rods and rack ends discs and pads ,after fitting the ballpoints took it out for a spin and hey presto no more drowning and vibration , just a slight wheel bearing grumble on turning left , so all I can think is that the joint was a lot worse than it was and was amplifying the grumbling wheel bearing
  11. Hi guys I have an 04 RX300s we-l and just recently it has developed a droning sound and a slight vibration through the body , it starts at around 45mph up to 60 and then starts to get quieter, any body have any thoughts
  12. Hi guys. Have recently started to get a drowning noise and slight body vibration in front floor any one have any ideas , could it be wheel bearings
  13. Hi does anyone no were I can get a free pdf workshop manual for a 2004 rx300 many thanks