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  1. I had a CT with controller and now my NX has trackpad , I prefer the track pad personally
  2. I have just purchased a premier 2015 with 80k on the clock and it drives wonderfully. Absolute love the car and all the extras, beats my old newer Q3 i replaced , so long as it’s serviced with a main dealer the hybrid system is always under warranty
  3. Has anyone fitted number plate holders to their NX looking at some 4D plates and would look better mounted rather than bolted
  4. Would this be available on ALL NX’s or just new widescreen models
  5. When unlocking or locking the lights in the door handles come on, should any of the side lights/head lights come on as well or can these be switched on and off
  6. Is there any recommendations regrading cleaning and protecting / nourishing the seats
  7. Can it be cleaned or protected ( WD40 ! )
  8. Hi does anyone know what the latest version of the sat nav software is , reason for asking is just purchased the NX300h 2014 premier and the sat nav as never been up graded since new I think ( there are some roads near to where i live are not on and have been there for at least 4 years ) so i have asked the dealer to do this as part of the deal, so i was wondering what would be the newest for this age of car also absolutely love this car , anyone thinking of buying one ignore all the crap reviews , i nearly did not , and glad I didn’t, it’s wonderful ,had a CT before and that was great as well
  9. Very unreliable car the tesla, came out top in most unreliable car survey
  10. I have had 2 toyota Prius and 1 x CT200 is there a difference with the Hybrid system , why do the CT200 & Prius have a small gear & the NX have what looks like a normal automatic gear box lever
  11. Thanks for all the comment received the car yesterday and yes when pressed is a bit noisy but then the Q3 1.4 petrol turbo was, but overall the NX beets the Q3 in every area we’ll delighted, i did have a CT about 3 years ago , but found it a bit small ( having 3 prius before) and to low, well chuffed
  12. Been trying to carry out about the above with no luck, does anyone have any ideas, i have the NX premier 2015 thanks