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  1. New dog guard , only ever put in to try and take photos, 4 months old cost over £100 selling due to sold car £75 ovno post at buyers cost or collect hawes very easy to fit
  2. By the extended warranty , not relax
  3. Spoken to Lexus insurance direct gave me a quote of £480 , best quote is from one-call & Saga which has same cover and includes breakdown £211 , i did challenge them for cheaper quote but all them would do is remove something cannot remember what its called, insurance against getting you no claims discount back if not your fault ? which would save another £70.00 , but been caught out not having this before and was a nightmare, also had a quote from Lancaster where i have my moggie insured and was £579 ?? When i challenged them with the quote from onecall they got it down to £207 , what the Bl???dy hell do these insurers think we are it’s absolutely shambles , the lexus cover is no better i thought you got another lexus when yours went in and you do not , you get a type A small hatch back , so why are you paying more, the other companies also quote using genuine manufacturers parts as well !
  4. Lexus insurance do not seam to reply , I asked them if you could do better on the price, just sent another email just have to wait and see 🤞
  5. Finely had it confirmed from Lexus Preston, that the paid for warranty is better than the extended warranty, not only breakdown cover an mot, but i did cancel it and the asked them not to in the next email, you guess, the next email from them was to say it was cancelled, when i challenged them as to not reading the last email, so long and short is, they will have to give me my money back and the restart the policy again, so at least we are back to normal again, and just to check i called the breakdown company AA as it happens and they say i was covered till 2023. so all sorted thanks to the comments on this forum
  6. I have my original email from Lexus Preston on my cover, so would be nice to know what exactly the new relax one covers, see attached
  7. Hi thanks for the input i will ask the question
  8. I have been paying £70 per month for the last 4 months for extended warranty, MOT & breakdown but does not kick in until next month when my dealer warranty runs out, my car is a 2015 with around 80k on the clock, i have now been told they will give me my payments back as my car is included in the new extended warranty plan ( relax) , so long as the car is maintained by Lexus dealership , i will have to pay for the MOT(£55) per year and source either a breakdown cover from elsewhere or use there cover which i do anyway, so if you have purchased a used Lexus you will get the new warranty terms up to 100k or 10years which is good news
  9. Hi yes already have and not the best quote by far sorry
  10. Clear as mud that ! Just asking what the bonus contention rear what other tyre pressure is best or does everyone stick to the extract from the book i used above ??
  11. Just had the 4 tyres replaced with Michelin cross climate SUV 225/60 R18 104W the hand book gives to pressure settings over 100 mph = 39 psi f&r under 100mph = 32 psi f&r i assume most of you out there set at 32 , the book only covers the 100H so not sure if the above correct ? is this correct thanks wayne
  12. I have my 1967 Morris minor with them £95 , did know know they did anything other than classic , did send them an email to ask this morning
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