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  1. Agreed. Bought my last 3 cars in exactly this way. And in one case when I asked for the warts and all description he described it as "a good 10 yard car". Something that wasn't evident from the Autotrader ad. He was honest and I avoided a 2-3 hour train journey. @ the OP. Surely there's a Lexus dealer near you? Or a trader selling an IS? You're on Merseyside not the Scottish Highlands.
  2. Polish and wax?

    It's as complicated as you want to make it. Or it's as complicated as some people on the internet want to make it. The older and more cynical I get I tend to go with the latter.
  3. Just dug out the paperwork on mine. It's a "Lexus 5 Year Plus Extended Warranty."
  4. Confused by all this talk of warranties. I assumed any used Lexus bought through their dealer network came with one? My IS300 was bought from Lexus Sheffield last year with a full year's warranty. The car was registered December 2002 and had 54k on the clock.
  5. For 8 grand I'd be chuffed about picking up an as-new V6 petrol with the build quality Lexus are known for. Really not bothered about the bells and whistles. Left all that behind when I stopped buying new cars for myself. I found that the focus was too much on piano black trim and widescreen media players rather than if the car was worth driving.
  6. Tell me about your Roof Box

    Glad you're sorted. And I agree, that website is awful. A close run thing with Lings Cars I reckon We've just ordered a new S-Max to replace the XC90 but will unfortunately need new roof bars because the Ford doesn't come with rails.
  7. To use a technical term, that's ***** poor. Luck of the draw with these fitters it seems.
  8. I'd buy that today if I had the spare cash. It's in virtually new condition and going on the MOT history it's done just enough per year to keep everything fresh. Not sure if it's standard but I'd expect a full year's warranty too. And the tracking and balancing sorted. MOT history also implies the previous owner liked kerbs.
  9. RX 300 Review!

    £500 plus in road tax is too rich for me. I've looked at some of the petrol XC90s before and been put off by the road tax. Takes a bit of a shine off the bagging a bargain feeling. And fair enough some of these cars can be called gas guzzlers but some are just high CO2 emitters. There are so many great family cars out there that will just end up scrapped because no one wants to pay the road tax, instead they'll buy/lease something new or nearly new which makes an absolute mockery of the eco led tax system.
  10. This whole thread was iffy from the start. As more than one member inferred. @39bussThe OP hasn't visited since March 29th. The day after he started this thread.
  11. Because I care more about my family than a car?
  12. Sounds like I'm at cross purposes then. My lack of knowledge about the RX! You have to put it in neutral when you run it through the auto car wash
  13. Ah, CVT. I suppose that could be the difference. But then I've driven other CVTs and they've not behaved any different to normal autos. Well not that I recall. Fair enough Spoilsport.
  14. I had the sunroof open. Does that count?
  15. No experience of the RX and only just picking up this thread but surely the hill start do da is irrelevant on these cars? As Mike says, being autos? I've driven plenty of manuals with hill start but none of them seem as complicated to operate as you guys are describing. They just hold the car for a period while you operate the bewildering number of pedals Also, I can understand the internet logic of shifting to neutral or park but don't feel it's at all necessary. Quite simply manufacturers would make it very plain that this is how you're supposed to drive an auto. They don't so it isn't.
  16. Would they just live in the car do you think? I'm going off the idea.
  17. Independent Lexus Garage in Sheffield

    Link? Address etc?
  18. Convince me

    Downsizing? lol OK. I find inventing irritating but vague faults with an existing car works well. Oddly, appealing to SWMBO's financial side seems to go a long way when wanting a change. Makes no sense (existing car will cost X to get right so we should spend Y on something else) but there you go. All this is assuming that she actually listens to me. I have a feeling that as long as I'm not bankrupting us then she just goes along with it. Keeps me out of trouble etc
  19. RX 300 Review!

    It's pretty much my view on many of these late 90s/early 00s Lexus. IMO still at the proving themselves stage by building well engineered but not overly complex motor cars that stand up well to age and mileage. The electrics alone are a reason for choosing Lexus over its European rivals. I do love German/other European cars but at these price points I don't think I'd ever really consider one again. I'd have to spend quite a bit more to get quality equivalent to my IS but the chance of something going pop would still be higher. Does that make sense? lol
  20. RX 300 Review!

    Great stuff. Obviously jumped straight on Autotrader and started looking!
  21. Just been looking on Wikipedia, when you LS owners refer to a Mark 4 are you talking about the 1997-2000 XF20? The facelifted second generation LS?
  22. Call it a ghetto repair. Somehow sounds less of a bodge.
  23. Ha! It's a good look. I've been so close to doing this sooooo many times on my IS. It's only a matter of time I reckon. And of course I won't be at home with the spare.