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  1. Thanks Thanks, that puts to rest any doubts I had, I will be going for the IS250. I am going to be doing mainly town driving so I dont think I will benefit too much by having a diesel. I also agree with what most people have said here. To me the BMW just looks too ordinary (maybe because it is so common) and dull/dated from inside whereas the IS250 just grabs your attention straight away. Also have to agree with the point on the favourable reviews BMW's tend to get. The main point that seems to get emphasised all the time is the handling of the BMW's when pushed to the limits. I am looking for a car to drive in my every day life not one that I will be using for rally driving. To me confort and economy are more important than how the car handles at high speeds around tight bends. The level of equipment you get with the IS250 is just miles better than what you get with a BMW 3 series. For example you will struggle to find one with electric seats whereas this comes pretty much as standard with the IS250. Thanks you all for your help on this.
  2. I think this is where I read it: We’d avoid the Lexus IS250 SE because its thirsty petrol engine will cost you a fortune in fuel and tax. Edit: Actually that is for the newest IS250. The following is what they have to say for the 2005-2013 IS250: Verdict A fine car, but spoilt by the unsettled ride and noise
  3. Thanks Steve, that is good to hear. I just read some reviews from some people claiming it was very heavy on petrol but 29 mpg in local mileage is pretty damn good!
  4. Hi I am looking to buy an IS250. I will be driving mainly non-motorway miles but I live in Milton Keynes where the roads are wide and open and you dont usually have too much traffic. I have heard and read that the IS250 is very heavy on petrol, I would have considered the diesel version but it does not come with an auto gearbox. How bad is fuel economy on the IS250? I will also be grateful if you can advise on what to look out for in the car I am considering to purchase? Lastly have any of you owned a BMW 3 series and IS250? If so can you adivse on how they both compare? I just love the IS250 but the only thing that appeals to me about the BMW 3 series is the fact it comes with an auto gearbox in diesel. Btw why on earth there is no auto option in the IS220d?
  5. anyone? even if you can provide a range?
  6. Unfortunately, soon I will be selling my RX300 as I now need a 7 seater and Lexus dont do any 7 seaters!!! Just wanted to get an idea of how much you guys think I should advertise it for? Below are the details: Lexus Silver RX300 2001 (Y Reg) 3.0 Automatic LPG Converted with Full service history (part Lexus part non-Lexus) Mileage: 103,000 MOT: 11 months Black Heated and electric Leather Seats Reverse parking sensors Factory fitted Sat Nav It has one of the best Landi LPG systems, Ive been told they are one of the most expensive Car was serviced a few months ago that included cambelt change + new spark plugs and full service The LPG system was also fully serviced at the same time The car is in good condition inside and out with no mechanical issues at all.
  7. Yeah, I read somewhere there was an update at some point which fixed / enabled the on-the-move function. I now know the maps I need but they are just so expensive. £140 odd for the maps, I could buy a pretty good sat nav for that much!!
  8. Thanks for your reply. I have figured out I need the following: pz485-l00eu-09 08927-50864 - 2007/2008 DVD 08927-50865 - 2009/2010 DVD If anyone has this and is selling them please can you let me know? I will be interested in buying it.
  9. Hi, I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 and I think it has the really old maps from 2001 :) I would like to update the maps and was wondering if this is possible? If it is then where would be the best place to get the updated maps? Secondly, on my RX300 when the car is moving at a certain speed I can see that certain parts of the Sat Nav are disabled such as entering a new address e.t.c. Is this normal expected behaviour? Is there a way to disable it?
  10. Took the car to Lexus Milton Keynes for a diagnostic check. The customer service was great, the lady at the reception was really nice and helpful. So I sat there while they were carrying out some diagnostic checks. Then the mechanic came along with the lady to update me on the results. Was really dissappointed with the attitude of the mechanic. He had this smuggish smile on his face and wouldnt really want to give proper detailed answers. Just said there is nothing wrong with the car apart from the engine light being on but that is because of an oxygen sensor. He then said the reason for that is the way the LPG conversion was done. Now I dont know about this because when I bought the car (was already converted to LPG) the engine light was not on and only came on some time later. He said basically its not a very well done conversion job and is basically a botched job. The conversion was done by a certified garage. Myabe he is right, i dont know, but I didnt like the way he was telling me this as if it was my fault. Then I asked him about the car losing coolant and he said he couldnt find any leaks and that too is probably down to the lpg conversion. I told him it doesnt leak when the car is standing (please ignore my earlier comment that there was a leak I think I mixed that up with the fact that I used some warm water to clear ice from my windscreen and the water on the driveway was probably from that) but after I have driven it and I check the coolant level and I can see it has dropped significantly. He said oh really? And then went on to blame that onto the LPG system too and said that basically you'll just have to live with it and top it up all the time. To cut the long story short it seemed like I was being treated in a non-cooperative way because the car had been converted to LPG. Now when I arranged this appointment I specifically mentioned and told the lady over the phone the car is converted to LPG and it isnt a factory fitted lpg system. Do you have a problem with that? And she said no that is fine. The reason I mentioned this to her was because I know there are some morons that have a problem with this. The whole thing about the LPG system causing the water to leak doesnt make any sense to me at all. Ive had the car for 2 years and if there was something fundamentally wrong with the LPG conversion I would have had problems all along. This coolant system issue has appeared only recently. It could very well be that some part fitted as part of the LPG system has worn out and is now causing this but I dont know.
  11. Thanks for your advise guys. It was bigger than a dinner plate. I have topped up the coolant several times now upto the full mark. Then after I drive for a few miles, stop and check it again it is at the bottom. But it doesnt seem to go any lower than that whcih I find strange becuase if there was a leak wouldnt it just keep going lower and lower until there is almost no water left? The temp gauge is also very intermittent now when before it was very stable. If I am driving at a decent speed then it is fine but when I go slow or have to stop in traffic it starts going up and up. I will check exactly where the leak is appearing.
  12. Just checked the engine coolant level and it was low. I topped it up and still saw no improvement. Then the next day I checked the coolant level again and from the top it had gone almost to the bottom. Then I noticed a big patch of water on the driveway. It seems like the car is leaking water.
  13. Hi, Something has gone wrong with the cars internal heating. I have it at max temperature but it does not blow hot air. I have noticed that after a while (maybe an hour of driving) when I am driving on the motorway and going fast (70mph :)) some hot air starts blowing. But when I slow down again it seems to stop blowing this hot air. Can someone please advise what could be wrong? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, My Lexus RX300 needs a full service with possible cambelt change (approaching 90k). Does anyone here know of a good lexus specialist in the milton keynes area or surrounding it? Thanks for your help in advance. Also any idea how much a cambelt change will cost?
  15. So if I change the back tyres to be the same as the front i.e. 225 55 17 then it should be fine`? I am just concerned whether now they have to be the exact same brand?
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