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  1. Thanks All, I will buy the extended warranty, it certainly looks to be worth it at £995.00 inc VAT. The Radar Cruise Control is playing up and Hill Start isn't working at all at the moment so they are going to call me to arrange a good time for me to take it in. Obviously with so much gadgetry not to mention air suspension etc it makes sense and my car fits their conditions.
  2. Thanks, I'll give myself an early Xmas present then :)
  3. Yeah it’s got a 12 month warranty but was wondering if the offer would get tagged on consecutively if I bought the offer now, but I’m sure you’re right - best to ask them directly.
  4. Hi all. I’ve just bought an approved used 8 yr old RX 450h from Lexus (17/10/17). How would the extended warranty work with that scenario. I see on the Lexus site that the two year extended warranty for the price of one year is on until Christmas 2017.
  5. Was it Rich1068? Possibly I've got a personality problem then. I put it down to breaking too many BMW's in the past (starting from the 2002). Hmm but that must be my charitable side coming out - taking the blame. Anyway my Lexus seems unbreakable or I may have just mellowed :)
  6. Oh I must be! I've already posted hmm
  7. Just checking to see if I'm validated.....
  8. Possibly Audi drivers just aspire until the can afford a car like a Mercedes. And they are often just company cars so possibly social climbers that haven't made it. Vorsprung durch technik :) Oh and on a three lane motorway, there is only one driving lane.