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  1. Thanks 200h I've found it. Managed to take it out, opened the metal box and there was one screw loose and probably that was the reason why amp stopped working. Tried to google part number to buy new/used one but no luck - based in UK. Is there any one here who is fixing amps? How much lexus would take for inspecting/replacing amp? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Last night when I was driving my radio went silent. Volume button is not doing anything, checked CD, bluetooth navi but still no sound... checked fuses - all good. I believe my amplifier is gone. Now I've tried to locate but no luck. I'ts non ML system - I think Pioneer one with premium nav. Can someone please point where it is hidden? Is it in the boot? Can someone please mark on the picture exactly where it is located? Many thanks
  3. I've tried few times to upgrade the software with no luck. Not to mention that something can go wrong and you can 'brick' your ECU. The easiest way is to purchase SD card with latest maps (ebay around £60) to update not only the software but maps etc.
  4. Another attempt with 3rd USB stick formated to FAT32 with update files only and sane story. After 2h I had to cancel update. Is there any one else willing to share update files for IS300h with premium nav? Guys please help.
  5. After 2 hours I had to stop it. I've unplugged USB and hit Back few times. Switched off the car and back on. I've tried with different USB and the same result. Progress bar goes to 99% and stops there.. The system is working - nothing happend phew! But I'm still without the udate . Please help. Maybe there is something wrong with the files? Currently I'm on software VC03100L which is probably very old..
  6. Ok. Thanks. I thought that it's not going as it should because earlier someone mentioned that it's taking few minutes. There was a progress bar when the files where copying but then it stoped. It's over 1 hour now. I just hope that it will update successfully.
  7. Ok i think I need some help. I've tried to update my software and the screen stucked on please wait... for last 10 minutes. Is this normal? How should I proceed now?
  8. Hi All, I've recently bought 2013 is300h Luxury with premium navigation. Car is brilliant and I'm very happy with it but menu/navigation is very slow and unresponsive. Now I've noticed that some of you experienced improvement after software update, but only way to update has been blocked ( Does anybody have a copy of this software and can share? Many many thanks
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