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  1. Hi Brandon, Sadly my roof is playing up again! This time it’s stuck in the boot and won’t come up, and I get the same message your getting about the roof. It turns out to be a microswitch playing up for the rear windows, not the back window. So basically the switch doesn’t work, tells the car the window is up, when in fact it’s down, and hence the roof stays in the boot. Car is in the garage currently, local one, not Lexus, the switch is on order, I will up date tomorrow. Philip
  2. All fixed now. My local garaged fixed it. One part had got stuck.
  3. Hi All. Tonight I went to put up the drivers window, which every time I have closed it for the last week or two, had been closing more and more slowly. But tonight it would not go up! Or move at all. As it was dark, I have taken the door card off and managed to help the window to close, so I could lock the car and know it was safe tonight. I will have a look at it in the morning. But any help, tips, you have had this before and did...stories would be most welcome. The same window did this before, but was fixed under warranty at my local Toyota garage, so I don’t know what they did to fix it. Thanks in advance Philip
  4. Thanks Dave, That is good news to hear. The car only has 42,000 miles on it, so am hoping that it will be good for a few more years yet. I love having the roof down in the summer....and Autumn and Spring...and sometimes the winter!!!!
  5. I try not to think about that Glyn, as I think the price could be the stuff of nightmares!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Paul, Hopefully the photos speak for themselves? I found the plastic in the section above the windscreen. No rattles yet, but haven’t driven the car much. I have taped over all the connecting parts of the roof to the car to stop rattles in the past. EDIT Just looked at the photos and they don't speak for themselves! One spike has a plastic cover, the other one doesn’t. I will seek to glue it back on in the next few days.
  7. Good news is that my roof is fixed and up before all the rain that’s forecast came. A piece of plastic had come off and stayed in one of the holes the roof goes into above the windscreen, so the car thought the roof was already up and closed. I removed the piece of plastic, and the roof went up with no fuss, and my Lexus IS back to its normal reliable self. Thank goodness!
  8. Hi Paul, it’s a 2010. I have had it two years never been any trouble until today!!!
  9. Having read the pdf, I think that the car can stay with a cover over it tonight, as taking the boot lid off and bits of the roof seem beyond me tonight. Thanks Glyn for your help.
  10. Hi All, I wonder if anyone could help me. I went to put my roof up and it won't move. I get a warning that says 'check retractable hardtop system'. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know hope to manually close the roof? Thank you in advance for any help. Philip
  11. Hi all IS250C owners, Since buying my 250 convertible, there have been an annoying rattle coming from the back of the car, sending me crazy. This weekend I had had enough of the rattle and set about tracking it down. The rattle was described brilliantly by Eame64, in a post when he said: is it coming from the roof or from the back where the pull out is or parcel shelf? My mrs IS250c has a rattle from the the rear parcel shelf on rough roads but is fine on motorways and dual carriageways. I have tried some small wedges and even some bungee cords but can't seem to stop it. I don't drive it very often but when I do it drives me nuts but the mrs said it doesn't bother her. It is a common problem and people have had the roofs replaced under warranty but still didn't cure it. I think its one of the down sides to a hard top convertible even our previous Merc SLK rattled away on rough roads. In fairness we did know about the rattle issues on these when we bought it but the mrs wanted it and it doesn't seem to bother her. A great car otherwise though. I did a bit of research and came across this video on You Tube - see below I followed the instructions for the back two hooks and I now have a rattle free convertible. Which has made me fall in love with the car, all over again. I hope it helps any other convertible owners who have the same Rattle. Now to phone Lexus Hedge End and cancel my appointment for them to look at fixing my roof, as I have done it in Ten minutes with 4 strips of gaffer tape.
  12. Hi Nick, Thank you for the info, maybe I should try the youtube gaffer tape fix, and see how I get on? If it ever stops raining!!