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  1. There are 4 cats in this picture and on my car. Two on the front two manifold sections and two in the middle section. I have a spare, second hand, middle section. My new exhaust replaces everything from the joint between the middle and front section backwards. So i got the two middle section cats replaced. The front two manifold sections are the originals. £3500ish from Lexus gets you a complete new exhaust. The two Y joints on the middle section and the rear sections are known weak spots.
  2. Trying to figure out wjhere the problem is. Is it the rear section or the middle section? I have a complete middle section (second hand) that I bought before I go a Powerflow stainless steel one made up. If you think that would help you out let me know. Not wanting masses of dosh for it but postage would be a bit I suspect....I'm in Aberdeen. Scotland. Second Powerflow guys as well. They made me a complete cat back for £700, which sounds a lot but the Lexus part would have been £1900 all in. Complete exhaust from manifold back is £3500ish.
  3. Just had similar on daughter's Fiat Grande Punto...charged it up but pretty sure battery was failing and only a year old. Took it along to Kwik Fit and got them to do their free battery health check....even with an overnight charge it was showing 349 amps as opposed to the 450 it should have been. Battery health was also down to about 65%. Took the print out and went back to EuroCarparts and they replaced without a problem. Also started buying batteries locally as when you look at the returns procedure it's impossible to return a faulty battery. You need either the original box or something made up to the same spec....PITA.
  4. I think it is against the law for speedometers to read lower than the actual speed of the car......or something like that. Imagine the furore if you were done for speeding and then found out that when the speedo registered 40mph you were actually doing 44/45mph in real numbers.
  5. Excellent and well done....probably a very good idea to buy through the forum as most people look after their cars on here. I bought from a dealer and under warranty they paid to replace most of the exhaust (£700 stainless) It was my entry into Lexus ownership and I just wanted to see how "expensive" it was to run and maintain a Lexus as the rumours had it to be expensive. Tyres (£140) and petrol and a £370 bill for service (new rear brake caliper, new discs and pads all round and slider pins) is all I've spent. So cost so far is very little for such a car and it feels and drives beautifully. I might look at the next level up and a hybrid but I really do not do enough miles to warrant it!!
  6. Any progress.....have you managed to drive any of the aforementioned IS250s?
  7. Re the exhaust....a full blown Lexus replacement is circa £3k for parts. You can get a cat back stainless steel one for £700. You need to check the front part of the system.....there are three parts all together and 4 cats all told. I have the black non leather seats, non heated and they are little sign of wear on the bolsters which the leather ones start to show.
  8. Sounds like it was looked after then. Check the usual stuff. Take it for a good drive and give it some welly when warm. Don't be afraid to take it for a long test drive. They are really not that expensive to run which has surprised me.
  9. Also, go onto facebook and join the Lexus Owners Club UK as there are a few very good IS250s being sold there as well as a couple of nice GS300s.
  11. Probably a damn sight cheaper as well! I always keep an eye on Gumtree as many people can't be arsed doing Ebay and/or Autotrader. Whilst they may not be very local pretty usre there will be a few peeps on here who wuill be. Can see inside to see what spec it is.
  12. I got a complete catback done by powerflow for £700. You may want to get the guys to check the middle section whilst they are looking at the rear. It has a weak spot at the y section that usually goes at some stage.
  13. Go here, find your car and have a look for the rear brake. You will need to create an account so you can see the exploded pictures.
  14. Have one of these a 2007 model, slightly lower it for £4200 with a years warranty. This has more toys than mine. Superb car. Smooth, easy to drive, has a bit of go when needed. Get all 4 brake calipers checked by the garage, the exhaust needs a good check as well but it looks in very good condition. Looks well looked after too which is always a good point. Over a year I have averaged 37mpg over all sorts of journeys....long, short, town, motorway. Never had a problem. Had exhaust replaced in first three months under warranty...could have been £3k from Lexus but got a stainless steel car back done for £700 which the garage paid for. Have also had one rear brake caliper replaced in the year but they are known problems....caliper was £75 and had them replace all the slider pins etc at the same time. Joy to drive, not expensive to own and maintain. Suggest trying to get a years iron clad warranty so any problems are fixed but I suspect the old adage that a Lexus never goes wrong is most probably correct.