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  1. KenMavor

    CALIPER SLIDE PINS Go here, find your car and have a look for the rear brake. You will need to create an account so you can see the exploded pictures.
  2. Have one of these a 2007 model, slightly lower it for £4200 with a years warranty. This has more toys than mine. Superb car. Smooth, easy to drive, has a bit of go when needed. Get all 4 brake calipers checked by the garage, the exhaust needs a good check as well but it looks in very good condition. Looks well looked after too which is always a good point. Over a year I have averaged 37mpg over all sorts of journeys....long, short, town, motorway. Never had a problem. Had exhaust replaced in first three months under warranty...could have been £3k from Lexus but got a stainless steel car back done for £700 which the garage paid for. Have also had one rear brake caliper replaced in the year but they are known problems....caliper was £75 and had them replace all the slider pins etc at the same time. Joy to drive, not expensive to own and maintain. Suggest trying to get a years iron clad warranty so any problems are fixed but I suspect the old adage that a Lexus never goes wrong is most probably correct.
  3. I bought this......
  4. Looks brilliant. Maybe one other option would be to buy the parts (from a scrappy) you want to wrap and do them and just replace those parts. Means you can take your time and get it done properly. Just a thought.
  5. I suspect he means refurbished/reconditioned where the calipers are taken apart....all cleaned and rust removed then all put back together with new seals and other rubber components. New slide pins on and job's a good 'un. I had one rear caliper replaced at last MOT and it was £79.99. You may get a surcharge applied to the price of a refurbed caliper as they want your old one back to clean it up for next customer.
  6. Mind you I like this even better...... Must.Stop.Looking.At.Cars!!!
  7. Now this I fancy.....get two year Lexus warranty in it and you're fixed.
  8. Anyone know what these connectors would normally be used for. Under each front door kick plate. Saw that someone did a Lexus kickplate that lit up and keen to do that it possible. Or are the connectors sound system orientated? Thanks in advance for any help. IS250......
  9. It was manual. 1l engine. Sounded exactly like a sewing machine. My daughters 2008 Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 sounds better, gets same mpg, pulls harder and has more room inside and it cost me £2k about 4 years ago. Mainstream cars have not really progressed that much have they.
  10. Just been through the new MOT with two front tyres with similar cracking and passed with that being the only advisory issue on the car. Should be Ok.
  11. Is the courtesy car had been half decent then I would have enjoyed it more but a 1l Ford Ka just does not hack wife's sewing machine makes a better sound and is probably more powerful. And the Ka was just flimsy and tinny and was reporting 36mpg around town.....the IS250 gives me 30mpg around town. Value of Ka...£13250!!
  12. It is. My son was meant to be taking the Lexus down to London with his girlfriend on Tuesday, then this morning they left in her car. 1l Fiesta versus 2.5l Lexus all the way down from Aberdeen to London, some 450 miles. Which one would you rather use?
  13. I use it to clean the windscreen and also put in the washer bottle. It does make the rain bead and slide off far quicker so that you do not need to put wipers on. It does keep the dirt at bay as well.
  14. Car still in garage. Ordered the wrong brake pipe. Ho hum.
  15. It's about a 30 minute drive from home to the garage. I said I'd be back to pick the car up between 5.30pm and 5.45pm as they close the service desk at 5.45pm. Left the house at about 4.50pm. About a mile from garage get a call but can't answer as not on hands free but knew damn fine it was the garage with bad news. This call came in at 5.13pm First text then came through at 5.18pm saying car isn't ready but have a look at the free vehicle health check we've done for you which says nowt. At 5.30pm as I roll into the garage in my 1.2l Ford Ka the second text comes through and as I get out of the car and walk into the service reception there's no-one there to have a chat about this mess. However, I can see a guy in the back office who is obviously sending the texts out. I try and attract his attention but no luck. By this time I am a wee bit ****** off so go back to the courtesy car and phone my wife and tell her the status. See that the roller shutter door to workshop area is open and everyone heading for home. Take a wander in to see if I can find anyone to have chat and see the car on the ramp. New drivers side rear disk on and brake caliper hanging by the brake pipe. Tried to stop one of the mechanics who says to have a chat with gaffer...but wait a minute he's gone home. Go back to courtesy car and head for home. Time about 6pm. And don't get me started about when I took the car in at 7.40am that morning....took them 1hr 45 minutes to get it booked in and the courtesy car sorted. Complete shambles. It's not exactly rocket science is it.