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  1. That's exactly why it's been done...if he/she does get stopped by the police then they just claim ignorance saying the shop that made up the plate got it wrong and that they ahd never noticed. Any pics of the front number plate?
  2. Smug or What

    Personally, I would much rather have direct taxation than the hidden, indirect taxes. VAT, sales tax, CGT, IHT, etc. Work out how much the indirect taxes bring in and increase income tax accordingly and apply other taxes in agreed situations. I would also increase taxes for those earning more than a certain amount.
  3. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Just a pity he's so far away from Aberdeen. Had one of these guys who did all the work on my cars but sadly he retires last year. He must have saved be 1000s over the years. Still looking for a replacement.
  4. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Guess what I'm doing probably on Saturday morning. Unsure if it really needs new discs and pads but will have a look in the morning.
  5. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Thanks...yes was aware that there are brake shoes for the handbrake/footbrake on the inside. I am assuming, and hoping that they are fine and will not need replaced. Will have read up on how to back the shoes off a tad to get the drum off and then adjust them up after the new discs are on.
  6. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Fronts are done and agree it is relatively easy unless the pins are seized solid and then it's a pita. Going to do rear ones later on in the week and probably replace pads and discs at same time. Again looking at Youtube video it does look easy but as we all know until you start doing the work you never know what problems you will find....burred bolt heads anyone??
  7. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Just done my front slider pins on 2007 IS250. Pads and discs are OK for time being. All four pins were in a pretty rubbish state but the last one was seized solid. Thought it might be a garage job but managed to get it moving round and round and eventually got it out. Put everything back together. Took 2 hours each side but mainly due to stuck pins. Hopefully that's it for a few months. Will probably need new discs and pads in about six months so will grease the pins again at the same time. Looking to do the rear ones this week as well and probably replace pads and discs. Not looking forward to that as think rears are more prone to seizing than fronts. Got all hardware from Frentech direct for £58. Wish me luck with the rears!!
  8. One thing to maybe consider is to get an older IS250 at a lower price. Say 4k to 5k. It maybe that you are seeking the holy grail of IS250s in that the 9k price point is right about model change you will see newer models just outside your price range and you will probably keep hankering after one of those. Just a thought.
  9. Lexi Lou II had minor hesitation starting last Wednesday and Thursday, hasn't been driven since Thursday evening and would not start this morning. What for recovery chap to charge her up. Ask you friendly recovery man for a recommendation. They know the best batteries for each car. And usually know the best place locally to get one. They can also supply and fit one for a price....well the AA and RAC can.
  10. Do a check on somewhere like Cazana for peace of mind.
  11. Good idea. I always take 3/6 months to do the various small bits and pieces to get a car to where I like. Service, maybe new tyres if needed, brake discs and pads all round etc. Mileage difference should not be an issue......these cars do mega mileages if looked after. OP says he does 6k miles a year....10 years to do 60k miles......mmm. Mine has done 68k miles now and suspect I'll keep it for a good few years. Still looking for replacement rear tyres for mine but 8 inches of snow doesn't help. Let me know what tyres you guys have on the rears..
  12. Agreed re the exhaust but it is getting easier to get the back bit as Lexus have released the design so third parties can make them. Middle section harder due to two cats but again it can be done. My exhaust holed within 3 month warranty period and garage agreed to pay for cat back stainless steel replacement.
  13. That's the trouble with an IS250 in good nick, with low miles, with Lexus service history.....they get snapped up pretty quick!!
  14. Brill. That's what I wanted to hear....first hand experience from a IS250 owner.