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  1. Fuel does make a difference. We did test on the ATR owner’s forum and VPOWER was the best for the extra power, MPG, and cleaning engine. But, it does depend on the condition of the engine, and also for how long you have been using the fuels. The Octane rating in petrol for example makes a difference in patrol cars. On the other hand, diesel cars VPOWER just has cleaners in it from what I understand and a booster.
  2. Since my Honda I only ever used VPOWER from Shell. In my Honda this made my engine clean (I had to clean it first) and it made more power and kept it clean, although I always drove it like I stole it and so nothing in the engine really settled (no carbon build up). Now, with my BMW 330D it was caped in at least 3mm or more of black hardened carbon. So... after cleaning it there was still quite a bit in the inlet and EGR area.... now, many miles to wales and much VPOWER .... it was spotless.... Basically, with diesel cars, they don’t like short distance and low temps. Diesel cars are made to go long distance and with high temps and with something to pull. If you drive it hard it will always keep clean, but if you drive any car like a Sunday driver then I’m sorry but any engine will get clogged up and suffer. I only like buying motorway cars and cars that have been on track. Over time your only going to be spending the money you "save" in driving like a snale in loss of MPG and in parts that go pop like sensors and gummed up parts etc...
  3. Anybody wash and wax?

    my 5L bottle has lasted my ATR, BMW and now lexus... so probaly 6 years or more..
  4. Anybody wash and wax?

    Yes that is correct, over the year hand wash. I use Megs 5L bottle of shampoo plus it lasts me years. I also always use Poorboys EX-P Sealant as its a large bottle, easy to use and not costly and recomended by other detailers also. Best applyed by a machine but I suppose you can use a autosmart application spong. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/322479983778?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=43106429403&rlsatarget=pla-517465521272&abcId=1128926&adtype=pla&merchantid=113747021&poi=&googleloc=9045718&device=c&campaignid=857233083&crdt=0 http://www.meguiars.co.uk/shop/shampoo-plus
  5. I use Poorboys Black hole polish, then Megs Ultimate liquid wax followed by Poorboys sealant. For removing swirls, I use Megs Ultimate compound or Poorboys swerl remover. All used with a Megs V2 DA. I find the dodo wax scratches the paint if its too hard or applied wrong or it gets excess build up on the pad. What colour car do you have?
  6. Anybody wash and wax?

    You need to put sealent on at the very end in order to seal all the work that you have done. This then makes the work you have done last for at least a year unless you use trafic film remover and a jet wash which would remove it all.
  7. Not tried the wing mirrors yet. How do you get to the front head lights?
  8. Hi, How do I transfer my address book from my phone into the cars? Each time I try to transfer my address book, bluetooth disconects and it just sits there.
  9. Is there a way to update the entire firmware or software of the SATNAV/Blutooth unit? I have a feeling that it just needs updating. My friends HTC One M10 wont even connect to it.
  10. Hi, My name is Dan and I am on the look out to buy a 2007 IS220d due to my last car which was a BMW 330D M Sport deciding to blow up on the M6 7 weeks ago while in the 50mph section. I Used to drive a Honda Accord Type-R before this and had it in Banzi Mag and Top gear (TV). I really look after my cars but at the same time I like the connection between us when driving with regard to handling. What I would like to know if possible is are there any known major issues I should know about with 2006-2007 models of the IS220d. I don’t really fancy another engine or car blowing up on me when driving on the motor way. I’m the type of driver who likes to feel my car and be at one with it over comfort and fuel money. Is there any turbo lag?
  11. Here goes the long list... First, jet wash the alloys, followed by G101 and a brush. The jet wash them off again. For the car, I first used snow foam (cant remember the brand) with a snow foam lance on my kartcher jet washer. Thsn jet washed it off Then after this I used Meguiars Detailer Shampoo Plus also using the snow foam lance. This all got wiped off using the Meguiars wash mit. Jet wash car off. Dry with Meguiars microfiber towel. Then I used Auto smarts clay cloth all over the car followed by Auto Glym Tar remover. Then after this I used Meguiars Detailer Shampoo Plus also using the snow foam lance. This all got wiped off using the Meguiars wash mit. Jet wash car off. Dry with Meguiars microfiber towel. Using Meguiars DA 2.0 machine and a cutting pad, I then applied meguiars ultimate compound to remove most of the swirl marks. Although it didn’t remove all of them to my annoyance. Maybe next time Ill try more pressure. Wiped all this down with a microfibre cloth. Then applied Poor boys Black hole polish with the DA machine using the polish pad, and wiped off after leaving on the car for 15min. Then I used Meguiars liquid wax ultimate with the DA and black buffing pad, and wiped off after 15min. I did this two times. Then I used Poor boys EX-P sealant with the DA and wiped off after 45min. Used Auto Smarts glass cleaner followed by rainX on the windows. ArmorAll Extreme tyre shine for the tires. And after writing all of that, I just realised I used the wrong cutting compound for the effect I was after LOL. I have Poor boys SSR 2.5 on me that I should have used for removing the swirls and scratches.
  12. Here she is :D Took me day and yesterday evening but shes now to my standards almost.
  13. Yes I compleaqtly agree. 6th is a waste of time. I dont even think 75mph on the moterway even required it tbh. unless your going 80mph then whats the point. Its just the turbo to gearing ratio thats compleatly off.
  14. Yep, Mark Levinson, thats the sound system in the car. I compleatly love it to bits. In the past I installed high end car audio equipment into my cars, so I really know what quality sounds like. One system I installed had around 3400W RMS. Peek was somthing around 8k. What is the differance between the SE and Sport? I need to some how remove the 0.5k lag below 2k rpm lol. They should have angled the vanes to kick in lower. This might hace actually improvd the MPG. Are they variable vane turbos or fixed?
  15. Its a manual. TBH, I cant see anything wrong with it other than its under £3k to buy and that its better than my BMW. Well, not with bhp and mpg though.
  16. squealing brakes at low speeds

    Most brake pads sit in callipers that move in and out via greased bolts or pins which are inside of moving rubber sleeves. If these are all gummed up and don’t move freely then this could stop the calliper form moving freely but should not create the sound you at saying unless they are well and truly rusted up. I would put money down on the brake piston being slightly rusty and therefore not moving back in after you release the brake pedal, or the pads are jammed slightly where they sit on the calliper as they are also supposed to move freely. Each time new pads are installed, or when the callipers are serviced, the area where the pads go should be cleaned up so that they move freely, and the pistons should be pushed in and out a few times just to free them up and to get fresh brake fluid in the gap and to remove anything you don’t want living in there. When you do this, don’t push the piston out too far as it WILL pop out and then you will need to put them back in, and then bleed the system. With regard to coper grease on the backs of the pads/Shims, this is just to stop squealing under braking and to reduce the friction which in turn stops most of the sound. I often used to jet wash it out by mistake lol and then used to do a 3hour drive to Donnington and then a 4 hour track session. You should try the Carbotech XP8 pads.....they make a nice sound even when doing 5mph. LOL. Another thought is that a disk is binding against some metal somewhere like the pad wear indicators on some pads you can get, or a stone is jammed between the disk and pad. Just tray everything I and normski2 mentioned as its going to be somthing like this.
  17. Ok, I can only move 10 at a time sucsessfully. I think its a phone limitation. I think I might try by friends HTC One M10 and see how his works.
  18. Full service history and well looked after car. Its too my standards for once. Although with the service, I will be doing it from now on just like all my other cars. Hopfully it will get more of a deeper service every year from me then the garage. I have 6L of 5w-30 Titan long life oil from my last car (BMW 330D), so ill see if I can carry on using this. Ill also see if there are any magnetic sum and gearbox plugs for this car. All I need is the thread size and bold size for the car. Ill get images up after I have washed it first. Spec wise, I know its an SE and it has full black leather seats, hot/cold cooling on them. Sat nav and rear revercing camera, the top range sound system that starts with L. Although its not the Bose one which I saw in the first car. Has heated wingmirros, heated front window, electric seats, hands free although it is rather cheap if you ask me as I am used to a Parrot hands free system which is better than any facory system IMO, and all the normal stuff you get in them from what I see. Its a matalic red and looks nice... cant wait till I take my detailing skills to her. Will take two days of 13 hours work non stop. It will knock me for 6 after I have finished for a few days mind you. Signs of getting old I suppose... 31 this september :'(
  19. Nice.... Thats what I liked about my parrot hands free. I could play spotify on it for hours and stop/start fw/re tracks. Ill give it a go in a moment. Although I can only move 10 contacts at a time... :(
  20. I can connect the stereo to the phone just by selecting the phone and likewise from the phone back. When i select transfer the bluetooth disconects. I have a HTC One M7 and unfotunitly it does not seem to be on this list on that URL you provided which is rather daft as HTC Ones are the top model of HTC.
  21. I did that but it disconects. I have a HTC One M7.
  22. JapFest @Donington Saturday 1st July

    I went but I was on the Accord Type-R European Owners club stand with my dads MX5 lol. Maybe next year I come on Lexus stand.
  23. Goodyear F1 Aysm 3. They have always been imo the best tyre out there for road use and fast road. Outstanding in the wet and dry. Never had an issue with them and I had the Goodyear F1 Aysm 2 and Goodyear F1 Aysm 1 on my Honda Accord Type-R and BMW 330D M Sport and really gave them some stick.