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  1. Yesterday I was in a traffic jam and it rained a bit. I opened my window a bit and I felt relaxed. Then the car asks me whether it wants to close the window for me. No, I just opened it. Then a few minutes later, its asks me again. NO, I opened it and I can close it when I want to. The button to do so is very close to my hand. You don't have to ask me. I don't need you to ask me. Now, the default answer is no; the message goes away quite quickly, but it does continue to pop up and starts to distract me. Yes, I say, I'm now talking to the car, I know there is some rain coming into the car. I can see this, I still want my window open, that is why I opened it. And when I feel like closing it, or when it gets too wet, I will clsoe it, so stop bothering me. Really, I can do this by myself and I don't want to be distracted. So, stop. That was when I started to wonder. Who, oh who, came up with this idea that we needed a car to ask us this. Who sits in a car, or in his design studio, and thinks I wish that my car would ask me to helkp me close my window? And I wonder: what were his other ideas? What were the ones that he/she came up with that Lexus thought that they were silly, a bit over the top?
  2. I would consider testdriving another LC500h and see whether it is something that you recognise in all LC500h's. If it is, I suppose your dealer can't do anything about it. If it isn't, you may make him aware of this and let him have another look at the problem.
  3. Dank gaat uit naar mijn zoon. Hij werkt voor GoPro.
  4. When he was 21 a lamp post crossed the street when he was driving my XJR. He came out without scractches, not the XJR. Lately, he took me out in his Clio 182. NO, I don't let him drive it.
  5. My son visited me from the Netherlands and made this video. There is a moment where the joy on my face shows how happy I still am with the Lexus. VID-20190718-WA0000.mp4
  6. According to this list, my next car shoud be a lamborghini. But... isn't the average depreciation that low (in % terms) because - on average - people don't drive them.
  7. Hi Have been working and traveling quite a bit lately. So, time for an outing. I think you can find me sleeping in my car. Ben
  8. I've done almost 10,000 miles now. A lot of them on the M1.
  9. I hear no clicking noise and I don't hear my brakes screech. But I also don't have the active rear steering. So, just wondering whether it only happens on cars that have that option.
  10. Hi In calculating the depreciation, I've taken account of whether the car had a sport pack or a sport plus pack and I've included the costs of the HUD and the updated stereo if present. I have no data about the condition of the cars, but I assume that's covered by the milage. There is also no correction for the location of the car although I may mention that the one limited edition that is for sale is in Belfast. It is for sale for £74,995 with 5,300 miles, a depreciation of £17,000 pounds (quite depressing for those who bought this limited edition, thinking that it would hold its value better.) An updated graph (with one more car in it) is: On the basis of the information one may estimate (by linear regerssion) that on average one looses about £5,000 pounds as soon as one leaves the courtyard, that one looses another £4,500 for each year the car gets older and that one looses about £ 1 per mile that one drives it. Others (Jules 640) may inform us about how much one looses op top of this by selling it. Not good? I'm quite sure that the results would be a lot more depressing for the Mercedes S class coupe or a BMW 7 series. Or for owning horses. Ben
  11. Hi There are now 17 used LC 500 for sale on autotrader. I was interested in seeing what the depreciation would be as a function of the number of miles. The following graph results. All 17 but one are for sale from Lexus dealers. What suprises me is the variability and the fact that there are at least four cars with less than 6,000 miles and more than 15,000 pounds in depreciation. It seems to me that the dealers are shooting themselves in the foot. By pricing the used cars so low they may be sold a lot quicker. But, I imagine that if you see these figures as a potential buyer, you would think twice about buying a new one. Did they make the LC 500 too expensive from the start? Ben
  12. Hi Is it correct that my steering wheel isn't heated all round and that there are some cold patches? I had a jaguar XK with this option and the whole wheel got warm. Much nicer. The steering wheel that is. Ben
  13. I'm still quite happy with my LC500, but I tend to agree that I'm not sure about it as a daily driver. The same is true from my motorcycles. I use a 2011 mercedes CL500 and a 2007 citroen C6 as daily drivers. Nowadays both can be picked up quite inexepensively (although I need to warn about the costs of repair for the c6). Quite often the LC500 is my children's (11 and 12 years old) car of choice on the schoolrun. One child in the passenger seat and one in the back behind the passenger seat. I bought it because I think it's beautiful. There are many cars which are better in some aspects, none of those have me decide that I shoud trade it in. However, would I ever come into financial difficulties, the LC500 is probabaly the first to be sold. Or maybe after the motorcycles. Or no, after my wife's horses.
  14. Some Atlanta artist was allowed to be creative on an LC500. Judge for yourself.
  15. I imagine we will see a lot of them in the diesel version which is under £80 K, goes to 60 in 4.9 seconds at 49 mpg. Quite a sensible choice. And maybe, on an empty carpark, you won't always find somebody parked just next to you, which, I have to admit, is quite an annoying feature of the LC500. It's prettier than the 6 series and the s-class coupe. I imagine that there is more room in the back than in the LC500 and as such to be preferred if you only want one car.