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  1. Some Atlanta artist was allowed to be creative on an LC500. Judge for yourself.
  2. bvhout

    BMW M850i vs LC500

    I imagine we will see a lot of them in the diesel version which is under £80 K, goes to 60 in 4.9 seconds at 49 mpg. Quite a sensible choice. And maybe, on an empty carpark, you won't always find somebody parked just next to you, which, I have to admit, is quite an annoying feature of the LC500. It's prettier than the 6 series and the s-class coupe. I imagine that there is more room in the back than in the LC500 and as such to be preferred if you only want one car.
  3. Some good news I suppose:
  4. Yeah, I got that done.
  5. Got a phone call from the dealer concerning my lexus smart cover insurance. It went like : Uuhh, we are very sorry but it appears that we can't repair scratches and stone chips on the structural blue cars. Of course we will refund you the costs of the insurance. Not sure how to react. The fact that such insurance exists, gives one peace of mind and may have helped me to decide to buy the car in this colour. I have already one minor scratch and one stone chip. Will be exiting to find out what they suggest what to do with those. Or better, what it will cost to get those taken care of. I'm quite disappointed.
  6. bvhout

    Potential Buyer

    Please be aware that the structural blue limited edition does not come with a sports or sports+ pack. I bought mine only knowing the price, the colour and the interior. In all honesty I was a bit diasppointed to find that the premium price is just for the colour and the interior. So, it's quite a lot extra for looks only. Well, there is the rarity of course, which may help it to keep its value a bit better. It seems that this yellow limited edition will come with the sports+ pack.
  7. bvhout

    LC-500....... too fussy?

    I agree, I shouldn't have read it. Always a bit difficult to decide in advance.
  8. bvhout

    LC500 - 3 Weeks In

    Don't wait until retirement. Sometimes, dreaming about a car is just as nice as owning one. Sometimes owning one is a disappointment. Not in the case of the LC500. Moreover, you'll be used to the touchpad in 2022.
  9. bvhout

    LC500 - 3 Weeks In

    Hi, I'm kind of warming up to the touchpad. In the mean time I've kept my mercedes cl 500 and I think that it is the more comfortbale car, less bumpy, and the controls are much more intuitive. As a result I quite often choose the mercedes above the lexus, especially when I expect a boring drive. The mercedes isn't better or worse, it's different. If I'd be forced to choose, the lexus would definitely stay. It can do everything the mercedes can - maybe less comfortably - but it shines in so many more ways. Be careful with putting the lc 500 in the most sporty mode. It is very, very addictive. And I'm not into driving very fast at all. Ben
  10. bvhout

    LC-500....... too fussy?

    Hi, It seems to me that if you don't like the LC500, you don't buy one. I have that with many cars. But hey. Yours, Ben
  11. bvhout

    Picked Mine Up Today!

    Congratulations. Quoting from a recent review: it's like dating a supermodel, that is also an exceptional chef... and gets along with your mother Ben
  12. Hi, No, I'm definitely not driving it around too much. Why not? First of all, I drive a lot, about 350 miles a week and if I'd use the lexus all the time this would add up to about 15,000 miles a year. I don't really want that. Most of the miles I drive are rather boring, the M1 and traffic jams in York and Sheffield. So, I haven't sold my mercedes cl 500 which I use for this. It's a 2011 model which has stopped depreciating. So, currently I keep the lexus for trips when I don't expect a traffic jam and the need to use cruise control. What do I think? I think it is much sportier than I thought. If I have to rate the car in a row of some of my previous cars I'd say that it drives less sporty than a lotus elise or an audi tts, more sporty that a jaguar xk 5.0, a jaguar xk 4.2 and much, much sportier than a mercedes 500 cl. About as sporty as a porsche boxter s. The Mercedes is - in my view – a more relaxed car. The comfort mode in the lexus does not make it that comfortable. It remains quite a sporty car. I'm not quite used to the infotainment system. I'm a big fan of the colored head up display. I don't like the fact that not the whole steering wheel gets warm evenly (the outside gets warm much faster than the inside.) It's not fit for 4 people but for 3 people (my children age 12 and 11 and me) it is fine, we put the passenger seat a bit more forward and they are both quite comfortable. I didn't like the adaptive cruise control. I was continuously slowing down without wanting this. I do like all the other warning systems, including the lane departure warnings, forces me to indicate. In the evenings I get quite some people signaling as if I am driving with main beam on while I am not. Quite irritating. I have to see what I can do about that. I have washed it already a few times. Lovely car. Best thing, in my view is how it steers and how it responds to the throttle. And how, when you walk to it, you think, mmm that is a gorgeous car. Question is, should I sell the mercedes? Or am I doing the right thing, saving the lexus a bit? Am adding some pictures (including one of the mercedes). Yours, Ben
  13. Hi, the car is at home. When you pick it up, don't put the manual in the boot. As you"ll never find that little button that you accidently hit and that makes that you won't be able to open the boot anymore. Ben
  14. bvhout


    Hi, Today, when at the Lexus dealer to finalize the purchase of the LC 500 (handing over the form for my number plate) I was asked whether I wanted a tracker installed. I remembered watching this video last week: And I thought, yes I should have that. Now, a bit later and at home I'm thinking: What if the people from tracker posted this video? Or have I seen too many movies about conspiracies? Yours Ben
  15. bvhout

    How do you see Blue?

    Hi, People have different ideas. I have ordered this car because of the interior. It seemed that the only way that I could get this interior (after the first edition and in the UK) was in this special edition and when I ordered it I didn't have a clue what structural blue was. In the mean time I've seen this interior in a white first-edition-car. I still like it a lot but I'm quite happy that I'm getting it in a blue car. Very blue, as I understand now. I'm expecting delivery next week. I am thinking about getting it wrapped. Not sure though. Any advice? Yours, Ben