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  1. Post a smiley emoji if the markup is more than £3k.
  2. Seems like your NX is up for sale by the dealer: 300H&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=sn251xf&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&sort=datedesc&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LEXUS&page=2 I wonder how much higher is the asking price now compared to what they offered you
  3. Contact the Lexus dealer you have bought from. You are also covered by the 30 DAY/ 1000 MILE EXCHANGE POLICY in Lexus Approved Pre-owned used cars SELECT programme subject to the following T&C: policy terms conditions_.pdf
  4. Congratulations on the purchase. Please let us know your experience with Cazoo when you have the car delivered. Were you able to further negotiate the price with Cazoo when they have already applied the Special Offer £500 off?
  5. Is the cat easily accessible on the Mk4 RX (2016-on)? There are reports on the earlier models but I have not seen anyone report a cat theft for the Mk4 version although could be due to the lower number of them.
  6. My CT is the same 2014 Luxury. We are eligible for the Lexus Essential Care service which costs £175 for a minor and £310 for a major at the dealership. They are both inclusive of the Hybrid Check. Unless you need extra work done like changing the spark plugs at 60k miles (year 6) or the coolant change at 100k (year 10), there is no difference between the cheaper Essential Care service and the "normal" service. This may be your 6th service so you could opt for the major essential care service + additional spark plug change which likely will end up cheaper than the normal service anyway. Taking
  7. I use sports mode when overtaking (cyclist, tractors, etc.) on single carriageways. I find the better throttle response really helps. Other than that, normal mode is sufficient for me.
  8. Lexus webpage is quoting £235 for a battery replacement. It is annoying when dealers would quote higher than the official Lexus price. Which dealer did you get the quote from for over £300? I had my fair share of Lexus dealers marking up prices of simple items such as brake discs or pads and only agree to "price match" when I refer to the official price.
  9. Congrats! You will love it more when it is time to renew your road tax. 😉
  10. Hi, I noticed the RX450h MkIV (2016 on) shock absorbers costs >£300 each for the front and >£600 each for the rear based on my search at Meanwhile, the other SUVs such as the NX and the Mk3 Rx450h costs <£100 each front or rear (apart from the air suspension option). I can't seem to understand the significant premium for the MkIV RX shock absorbers if they are not air suspensions? With such a heavy SUV, the shocks may have a shorter lifespan and I dread to imagine the costs to replace the shocks at the dealers...
  11. I have a 2014 CT Luxury and it has the premium nav that comes with upgraded stereo which IMO is really really good. I would definitely recommend the Premium nav as I find the second screen very useful in terms of monitoring the instantaneous mpg bar and it gives a more modern looking instrument cluster to me. Bought used at 44k miles from Lexus dealer and added around 50k of faultless miles. I do similar miles each day pre-COVID19 in Oxfordshire and averages about 58 mpg (69 mpg best). I also like the relatively sporty handling but the ride on A and B roads may be quick harsh for some people b
  12. I am interested to know the Lexus Essential Care Service (major and minor) prices for the NX300h. Lexus UK official website has not updated the essential service price list to include the NX. I've just been to Lexus Cheltenham yesterday but they do not have the prices available for the NX.
  13. Hi, just purchase a 14reg CT. Averaging 60 mpg, absolutely love it! Does the CT runs with a special hybrid car coolant compared to a regular petrol/diesel car? For the winter, is it necessary to change the coolant to an antifreeze one?
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