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  1. still have not received diagram.. let me know what happened thx
  2. im not sure, can u give me the psoitive and groung for both.. thx...btw shouldnt the 8 spker version have more pins then the 6 spkr version?
  3. Im gonna see if the lexus dealer will take it out for. thanks for all the help.... if anyone has anyother ideas, let me know thanks
  4. yes, but i have never taken apart a lexus dash and a shop has made a custom trim around the new headunit that i dont want to mess up
  5. Zee007: thanks for the welcome, glad to be here norkep: I dont have a host for my pictures, is there a way i can send u the pics? email maybe
  6. Hi, my friend recently installed an aftermarket headunit from her Lexus IS and forgot to remove the cd's from her factory headunit. In the back of the headunit (where the harness plugs in) there are pins and if u look closely in the back, they are numbered, can someone please tell me what numbers are positive and ground so i can turn it on and remove the cds. thanks also, if u need a pic to see what im talking about with the numbers, let me know