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  1. Sitting in dealership and no one to do the handover. Seems they thought 💭 it was 15.30 hrs even though the confirmation email says 13.30 hrs. Person is out delivering another customer car. 😩😡😤. Can anything else go wrong. The car is sitting in the handover lounge waiting. Feel like just getting in and driving away 😂😂
  2. Two hours to handover. Must admit that the excitement has gone. Now just want to get it over with. I will be sad to see the NX go as it has been a great car. Hopefully I will get to love the RX as much and should be great on the long journeys.
  3. Had a phone call yesterday, car will be ready Thursday so picking it up 13.30 Thursday fingers crossed 🤞. Strange after saying on Monday next update would be Friday 🤔.
  4. Just had a phone call from dealership and provisionally have a date for Thursday. Will phone back with a time as offered 1pm but may be able to do 11 my preferred time.
  5. That’s what I thought. I phoned Lexus customer services and they didn’t know then came back and said the dealership was correct and Lexus would send out updates to them and they would update me.
  6. They say it is due to the new regulations brought in and is affecting new registrations and it is the first time they have had a problem.
  7. They say it is out of their control. They are waiting for Lexus to provide the necessary paperwork and then they will register the car. I can’t understand why there is a problem with paperwork for the emissions and WLTP as they have known for ages that it had to be done but keep saying it is affecting other manufacturers as well. What I cannot understand is why there hasn’t been anything on the news etc. If their Volkswagen dealership has an even bigger problem (54 cars) why no mention of it anywhere. Get Outlook for iOS
  8. I am hoping but the dealership didn’t want to talk about compensation. Just out of pocket expenses.
  9. Latest news is that there will be another update on Friday 13th. They will not give me a date until they are certain that they can meet that date. Very frustrating, as I cannot plan anything, especially as the car is in the dealership with personalised number plate, accessories fitted, just needs the final clean etc ready for handover. Told Lexus are working on paperwork and it is down to what the chassis number of car is 🤔.
  10. Any one else on here not received their new Lexus promised for handover on or after September 1st? Still waiting for my new RX. Dealer has it and I managed to see it yesterday but cannot take delivery as Lexus haven’t provided paperwork to be able to register it with the DVLA. Told it is to do with the latest WLTP rules and emissions. Also told other manufacturers in same position and they Volkswagen dealerships.
  11. Well my RX was due for handover on September 2nd, still waiting. Dealer can’t register it with DVLA as Lexus haven’t provided the paperwork. They didn’t tell me until two days before handover after paying the deposit that I couldn’t have it. Went in yesterday as heard nothing and still no date as to when I can pick it up. The good news was that they have it and I was able to see it but still waiting for Lexus to provide the WLTP and emissions paperwork so it can be registered. Annoying as I had plans this month but now everything on hold and unable to cancel my insurance on NX and start my new insurance with Lexus on the RX even though I have paid for it to start on 2nd.
  12. On the NX the best I get is slow traffic x miles away, usually 5 miles, or slow traffic when I am already in it. Never an alternative route and if I go off route with the TomTom the NX keeps on trying to take be back to the original route. The RX worked as expected and gave the same alternative as the TomTom.
  13. My NX is Mesa red with ivory but decided on black interior this time. The ventilated seats are great and I use them a lot. I haven’t used sport a lot except for pulling out quickly or overtaking and stopped used eco on motorway this year as the response was a little slow for pulling out but with adaptive it is ok. As for the sat nav and traffic updates it is poor so use my TomTom. However on the test drive it warned me of a traffic jam on the M25 and suggested an alternative, something the NX has never done. I enjoy driving the NX so looking forward to the RX as I think the driving position suits me and my creaking hips better.
  14. I must admit I have considered a Tesla. It would probably suit me better as I do a few short trips a week eg food shopping and seeing grandkids. But my wife isn’t into relying on electric for the long journeys we do which are around the 300 mile range and then staying self catering. Seen quite a few on our trips and locally. Parked next to one in the services two weeks ago with it full wing rear doors. Lot of room inside. Couple had two kids in child seats and the leg room was huge. Problem is I think it is wider than the RX and the roads in the South East are narrow.
  15. I have he HUD on the NX and didn’t realise how much I would miss it until the test drive without it. As for the 360 camera on the NX when I put it in reverse when stopped I can still see all four corners so can check that I am straight in the parking bay. Also I can press the camera button to the right of the steering and that shows me my position. I use that camera button a lot if I have to drive in forwards to a narrow space eg through a narrow gate like onto my brother in law’s drive. At low speed you can see all 4 corners when going forward. Can also be used at road junctions to see what’s coming but rarely remember that. Surprised if the RX isn’t the same annoying if not. 39mpg would be great. My average over the two years is that but currently getting about 42 mpg over the last few months.