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  1. ^^ Love it! The question is, once in the hole do you keep digging?
  2. No great surprise that on the last episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris - who must pinch himself every day that such a hopeless presenter can hold down such a plum BBC job - slated the UX. Personally I think his criticism of the looks was just odd. At least his criticism of the eCVT gearbox was predictable, if mis-informed. I wonder if he's ever actually driven one?
  3. Over a four month period I had two new RX450h - one an F-Sport, the other a 'normal' Sport model. The F-Sport was noticeably noisier, in fact, louder than my NX Luxury. The RX Sport was much quieter, and with a far more comfortable ride too. My NX experience is the same. When I had an F-Sport for a couple of weeks, it had a hard ride and was relatively noisy. My NX Luxury is much quieter. Why this should be the case I'm unsure. I guess tyres will be the biggest impact, but I can't help wondering whether there is something about the overall set-up which is having an impact. I'm not an engineer, so can't comment other than on my own experience. As a related aside, I'm currently running Bridgestone Blizzak Winter tyres on my NX. These are noticeably quieter than the standard fit Yokohama BluEfficiency, so tyres would be my first port of call for your issue. Michelin Cross Climates may be the obvious choice based on other forum posts.
  4. If I was buying one I'd have the khaki green metallic. Saw one at the dealership while my NX was being serviced and it looked superb!
  5. ^^ That's an interesting point @Barry14UK I've got a disability, and need a higher point of entry into a car. However, the RX just doesn't work for me - I'm short too - as it is too high and too much of a stretch to make access comfortable. Add to that the relationship between the seat, steering wheel and pedals and it wasn't comfortable for me - it was just too big. The UX is slightly too low, but the NX is just right! It just goes to show that no amount of media road tests or forum posts can really account for specific personal circumstances. Only a thorough test drive can do that.
  6. Over the years I've had many (many!) brands of mid-market and premium tyre, and only one really disappointed which was Vredestein. They were truly awful - poor grip, noisy and poor tread life. Despite that, they're highly reviewed online so maybe I was unlucky? Personal best experiences have been with Falken - my 'go to' brand now, where I can find sizes to fit - and Dunlop. Pirelli nothing special but ok, same with Michelin. Yokohamas (my current Summer tyres) just average, and noisy, although I ran Yokos on an Accord a few years ago and they were excellent. Current Bridgestone Blizzak Winter tyres are very good indeed, my first experience of the brand.
  7. @Jenna The only other thing I'd say is that discounts on the UX seem quite strong at the moment. For example, Lexus Cambridge are advertising new F-Sport with an almost £5k discount, so worth using that example if negotiating with a dealer local to you. Auto trader UX Cambridge
  8. ^^ Me too @olliesgrandad. I used to show Mini/MINIs but it all got a little bit obsessive and just took too much time. As I've got older and less mobile, I still love getting my car looking good but want to spend less time doing so. My only remaining MINI - owned from new and dry use only in the 16 years I've had it - only needs a wash once or twice a year, and I'll admit I do 'go to town' on that still, not that it ever needs much to be better than new. My second NX had a professionally applied gTechniq ceramic coat and full correction (fair to say pre-delivery washing wasn't done very well by the dealer!) a few days after collection, and it's fantastic - I'm a convert. In the almost two years since the only maintenance has been snow foam, wash, and c2v3 every so often to top up the finish. It's brilliant. Best £500 I ever spent on a car. I'd avoid 'coatings' of any sort applied by the dealer. My first NX had the Williams one thrown in for free, and it just wasn't done very well - it will have been a lack of proper preparation most likely. Unless the dealer brings in a specialist, you are better off having it done yourself by somebody recommended imho.
  9. That's a really good write-up @Spottedlaurel👏 Your dilemma about what to do at the end of the PCP is one I've discussed with my dealer. When the cars are so well made (mine being an NX rather than an RX) and reliable, why change? Buy outright and keep for the duration feels like the most appropriate option, especially with all the uncertainty around petrol/diesel powered cars and whether full electric really will be the solution. Better to hold on and see what happens for 3-5 years I reckon!
  10. Here is the thread from the ES forum. Looks like this is an issue across the range. Famous last words, but I've only had this issue once, for about two minutes, one one of my NXs. Now it will happen next time I use the car, obviously! I did have a very similar issue on my 2012 Honda Accord, and my 2015 CRV, but only in very heavy rain.
  11. ^^ Agree with this. I've had one as a loan car and it is a nice thing, albeit expensive especially in AWD form. Only thing I didn't really like was the plasticky door trims, which seem an odd thing to try and save money on as they are so noticeable. One other thing to note. If easy access driven by height is important as it is for me, then you may be better off looking elsewhere. The seats are actually quite a lot lower than my NX, even set at maximum height, which made entry difficult for me. I wouldn't be able to downsize into one because of that.
  12. ^^ Agree. Most members on here - with a couple of exceptions - seem to get high 30's or low 40's mpg. I got the same sort of numbers from my pre and post - facelift NX vehicles. I'm achieving 39.5mpg at the moment without trying. In Summer it was 42 ish according to the in-car computer. Speaking with my dealer when I got my second NX they reported that owners were very happy with mpg, achieving the sorts of numbers I manage. The exceptions were those doing high motorway mileage, but they said that was the case across the Lexus range, and got worse for larger vehicles i.e. SUVs but not impacting as much for the saloons.
  13. Sorry @rayaansI mis-understood your figures. Have just realised they were for lease rather than PCP, hence tax included in the price. Yes, you're right - it is about priorities. Most people have to make choices based on income and/or wealth. It's a bit like people who say they can't afford the dentist but then choose to pay for SKY TV or foreign holidays! Personally I'd never wear any sort of fragrance or jewellery, but do like eating at nice restaurants. Everybody is different.
  14. ^^ I guess so, although when it needs to be taxed over the first three years the bill will still be a shock and will need to be paid by the owner. As much as I love my NX, I do wonder whether the price premium for a Lexus - or any premium brand - is really worth it over (say) a Mazda or even a Suzuki Vitara. After discounts, a top spec 1.4 AWD Vitara is only £21k, and should be pretty reliable even if it doesn't have the solid feel of a Lexus. That's almost half the price of the UX Takumi! It won't make much difference to me as I'm planning to keep my NX for a number of years. It's all about priorities.
  15. As far as I can see, in 2017 over 80% of new cars were bought on PCP deals where the road tax is an issue, although I agree buyers should build this in to their calculations. The number of cars bought on PCPs may have dropped slightly - I can't find accurate figures at this point - but I don't think it isn't true to say that "pretty much all cars" are bought on lease, unless you include PCPs. As for the competition, a comparable sized and better specified Mazda with AWD can be bought for £35k before discounts. I really liked the UX (apart from the plasticky door trims) but can't get my head around paying over £40k when my NX Luxury was only £37k list.
  16. ^^ That's very impressive @olliesgrandad When I had (two) RX450h for a number of weeks I struggled to get more than 32mpg, dropping as low as 28mpg on the motorway. My NX achieves at least 6-8mpg more on the exact same commute.
  17. What Car reliability results 2019 I'm sure this must have been posted before, but I can't find it so here it is (possibly) again! Published in November 2019, the results for Lexus are pretty exceptional. CT, NX and RX scores are beyond reproach, and very much bear out my own experience with my NX. As I've noted before, I appreciate my NX more the longer I own it. The build quality really is impeccable.
  18. My only issue with the UX, like you having had one as a loan car, is the price. In order to get AWD and a decent spec it goes over the £40k threshold. When compared with the equivalent (albeit non-hybrid) Mazda offering - to name but one example - it just doesn't seem like good value. Indeed, last time I was at Lexus Swindon, the NX in the showroom was cheaper than the UX next to it!
  19. @FCEVThat's very low based on everything I've read both on this forum and elsewhere. I'd expect mid-30s minimum at this time of year unless a) you've got a very heavy right foot; b) you're doing a lot of high speed motorway miles, or; c) you live in a very hilly area and need to use the throttle a lot to make progress. Over the 15k miles I've now completed I'm averaging 39.8mpg, which has dropped this Winter from 42 (ish) mpg in September.
  20. Not recently, but I did manage it when I first got the car and was playing around. That route still shows in my 'favourites.' From memory I had to turn the wi-fi on, using my mobile telephone hotspot. I'll have another go later on and see whether I can still do it!
  21. I use a few Gyeon products and find them excellent - their 'Wet Coat' is a fantastic Winter timesaver! I'll add their tyre dressing to my next car care order as my latest bottle of Bouncer's Dress to Impress is almost gone. Thanks for the recommendation @leelacey17
  22. No experience of the Michelin Cross Climates, but can say with certainty that my Bridgestone Blizzak full Winter tyres are significantly quieter than my Summer Yokohamas (fitted when the car was new) which tells me the Yokos are on the noisy side... They'll be replaced this year at the end of the Summer, and I'll be returning to Falkens with which I've had excellent experience previously on a number of vehicles, with both full Winter and Summer tyres.
  23. ^^ This is roughly in line with what I achieve, and I agree 30/34 sounds quite low for an NX. The economy you will get will also depend on the types of roads you regularly use. If I use the M4 for my daily commute and travel at higher speeds economy drops significantly to early 30s mpg. Use b-roads and lanes, which I do in Spring and Summer, and travel at 30-50 mph and I achieve mid-40s mpg without trying. Surprised to read the OP thought extra soundproofing was necessary, as I find the NX very quiet as standard. I can only assume that coming from a saloon to an SUV was the 'issue' here?
  24. Bouncer's has been my 'go to' for a couple of years now. The Megs is good too, but for ease of application, lack of 'sling' onto the bodywork and durability, I've found Bouncer's hard to better and I've tried too many over the years to count from Autoglym at one budget to Swissvax at the other!
  25. ^^ Same with my NX. When new the car comes only with a high-level user guide and service book, with advice to see the full manuals online. One e-mail to Lexus UK and a couple of days later I received the full set, including navigation, for free.