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  1. No worries I showed the wife and even she thought I was talking about my Johnston...😉
  2. I best go see the doctor.... reading it back now I can see how you came up with that assumption lol.
  3. My gear stick leans over to the right a bit, almost like it's in gear but not. All gears I can get and it feels ok, just looks odd. Is that normal?
  4. Since I bought my lex I have this light on (!) anybody else had this issue. Is it the handbrake warning switch? I also get a beeping noise in reverse do I have rear sensors fitted as standard??
  5. I will give it a go and see if I can get it off, is there a bulb in there or is it an led?
  6. Noticed my centre brake light doesn't work, any ideas how to get them out or test? Anything I need to look for? thanks
  7. Can anybody tell me if this stereo connection is standard wiring or after market (amp bypass) I've tried to plumb a stereo in as when I bought my car it didn't have one and I couldn't get it to work. i tried getting my hand down the side of the amp but my hand doesn't fit....
  8. Hi fellas, gave it a good detail today, everything works which is great, got all the toys except the satnav. Mileage has been to the moon and back so Needs a good engine service, cambelt and water pump. Diff needs attention as there's a bit of a leak. There is no back box on so it's a tad loud, bonnet needs sorting as it's been sprayed Matt black, the head lights are cloudy, the wheels need to be sorted, I'm not a fan of the white. Plenty on really. I plan to get it all up together and then turbo charge it. ive been after a project car for some time and always liked the IS200.
  9. Afternoon all, Afternoon all, names Ben im from hampshire and ive just picked up a 2001 IS200 SE. Always liked these cars, very happy to have one. there is some work to be done, ive been looking for a project for some time and when this came up for £300 how could i say no. As it stands its been somewhat changed from original, not a fan of the white wheels or the matt bonnet but all things that can be changed. Just wanted to pop on, join up and say hello really. look forward to chatting to some of you, having looked around the site for the last few days, i must say im impressed with all the info available. i will be posting some bits and bobs as i need a bit of help with some things, any help would be great. cheers.