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  1. Don't you mean 300h? 😀 Don't forget to take around 10% off for the over-optimistic mpg computer. But still good. Anything approaching a real 40mpg is excellent.
  2. I've always thought that the range indicator is hugely pessimistic. I've never managed to get more than 48 litres in despite running well past zero in many occasions. I admit to not having looked it up but I thought that the tank capacity was 50 litres, based on the car's behaviour?
  3. I'd give it another couple of thousand miles to run in before worrying about fuel consumption. But ours has never been that low - city driving tends to give mid to late 30's. And don't forget it's winter. Batteries don't like the cold and the engine will fire up more often - especially from a cold start - which murders fuel consumption.
  4. I got a Golf GTD on a lease as a substitute for a company car this summer. I use it for work and long drives up North on the motorway and I get within 5% of the new WLTP figure. In town it gets nowhere near. We use the NX locally where we can and we pretty much get the new WLTP figure, but not on the motorway. Each drive train has its strengths. Although everywhere, the Lexus is the most relaxing drive by a HUGE margin. And with the electric motor, it's way quicker and smoother off the mark in town compared to the Golf with its emissions strangled engine and hesitant auto gearbox.
  5. I wonder if this is the EU NEDC figure (the older, wildly optimistic regime) vs the new WLTP figures for 2019 and onwards? WLTP mpg figures are much closer to real world experiences as they're actually derived from road-based testing. With the latter, I'd also imagine that it would be easier to get close to the figures in a hybrid where you have a slightly higher element of town and A-road driving where the NX seems to be at its best in terms of mpg.
  6. Thanks. I've just found it on the UK site, looks really good. Is it the actual CarPlay mirroring or identical phone mirroring and you see all icons on screen that are on your phone? Can you control the phone functions through the Lexus screen with the touchpad/mouse? And did you have to buy the extra cable as well as the core unit? And......are you happy with it? Thanks!!
  7. Now....stop playing with us. Where did you get the actual unit from and how much? And what outfit did you get the install done at? My Mrs would give her right arm for CarPlay after seeing how good it is in my new car.
  8. Well, we've had ours just over two years from new now and the average tends to be 37/38 displayed. That's from about 32k miles in that two year period. That is massively skewed to motorway driving, not the best scenario for fuel consumption, I'll admit. On A roads, N roads in France and urban driving it easily beats 40mpg, our best tankful being 46mpg in France away from the autoroute. I find it makes no difference whatsover in Eco/Normal/Sport, so I leave it in Normal.
  9. Geoff, I don't imagine that you'll damage either the Garmin or the car by using the aux connector but I would imagine that nothing will happen. It's possible that you may get to hear the satnav audio through the car system if you selected the aux input on the audio screen, but you probably wouldn't then be able to listen to anything else. As a guess, I'd say the Garmin's Bluetooth capability is so that you can use it in a car that doesn't have it and connect to a phone for handsfree use. You could try and pair it and seen what happens - again, I can't imagine how it would break anything.
  10. I've just acquired a new Golf (the NX is Mrs EG's car) with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Leaving aside the fact that the Golf's interface is in a different league to the NX's (albeit I'm not a touchscreen fan), being able to use something like Waze or Google Maps for free makes a mockery of the general lack of smartphone mirroring in any UK Lexus except for the refreshed RX just launched. Hopefully our next Lexus will have caught up and have this feature. I've only used the Golf's native satnav once and it too knocks the Lexus maps out of the park - but I'm sure the legitimate updates are just as expensive.
  11. HI all, I have a question about the Sat Nav in our 2017 Premier model. Much of the time, roads visible on the display have a many white dots on them. Is this some sort of plotting/tracking/waypoint feature that I can turn off? It's not there all the time but it does tend to dominate the display of some roads. Any ideas?
  12. Is this only on the 2018 model? I had a trawl through mine (2017 Premier) - no cigar. Unless it's my searching skills. Found the option to turn off the tailgate opening entirely though, so not an entirely lost 10 minutes.
  13. We'll be going down the Cross Climates route in the next couple of months. We go to the Alps 2 or 3 times a winter. Historically, I've always had a second set of wheels with winters on but this time I'm going to avoid the hassle. The CCs are properly winter certified and have excellent reviews. I also want to avoid the likelihood of minor damage from the fitters every time they remove/fit wheels. Our Lexus dealer is too far away (and pretty much in London) to use them every time for this. It means taking our factory fitted summer tyres off early. I'm amazed at how slowly they're wearing - 17k on them and the fronts look about half worn. Astonishing.
  14. In terms of obvious omissions on the car - yep agree, wiper on reverse. Also a heated windscreen wouldn't have been too much to ask? Now that Ford's patent has expired everything from a Golf upwards seems to have them and I want one! And dealers. Audi - ignored. 20 minutes and not even a "Hello". Volvo - lovely service but they couldn't supply a petrol XC60 to drive. And the hybrid was £58k!!!!