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  1. Is anyone particularly pleased with a phone holder in their NX? I know that we shouldn't need to use it because of the built in satnav and Bluetooth but sometimes, only Waze is good enough. And not many of us would give the infotainment system 5 out of 5 would we.....? The holder needs to adjust to smaller and larger sized iPhones. Any preference on screen or air vent mounted?
  2. EssexGonzo

    Radar cruise control in the rain

    Oooh.....I didn't know that there was a "simple" cruise mode. Go on, spill the beans. I wouldn't want to have to RTFM now would I? Pretty please?
  3. EssexGonzo

    NX SatNav Map updates

    I think you can tell if you have premium nav if you have the touchpad instead of the wheel. Sorry I can't answer your other questions but I too will be looking to update maps as they were already very out of date in a car that was new last November.
  4. I know that the correct way to lock the NX is either using the door handle dimple or the key fob. However, a Renault hire car in France last week locked automatically as you walked away from the car. No button or dimple touching required. Is that a setting that can be configured on the NX?
  5. EssexGonzo

    Electronic Tags

    That's where I've stuck mine. Works perfectly.
  6. EssexGonzo

    So noisy

    That ^^^^^^^^ is a very good point. Just about every other car this size has a grumbly 4-cyl diesel engine in the background. The NX doesn't which exposes everything else. The road noise is no worse than most other cars of its type, actually quieter than an Evoque with silly sized tyres.
  7. EssexGonzo


    The price took my breath away but shouldn't really have surprised me given the E-Pace's pricing. The problem I have with JLR products right now (having owned one recently and test driven an F-Pace) is the quality vs price. They're at the front of the fashion curve but they score poorly in surveys and whilst they feel like a premium product, my own perception is that they won't last anywhere near as long as a Toyota/Lexus/Honda. The cabin of the F-pace was underwhelming in terms of robustness and feel. Which is OK if you're buying on a lease/PCP (which 85% + will be doing) but not OK if you're buying with cash for the long term as we did.
  8. Hi all, I'm after a set of used alloys for an NX. I'll be using them for winter tyres so will look at 17" or 18". Lexus original parts only and nothing too ratty as even in winter I don't want to spoil the car's look! If non-NX Lexus rims will fit happy to consider if we can verify offset, PCD etc. Thanks!
  9. EssexGonzo

    LC500 - 3 Weeks In

    Thanks for the report, what a fantastic car. My wife's got a relatively new NX and I completely agree with you about the touchpad (terrible) and Lexus online (not missing much, seems too much like a faf). An LC is on my "retirement car" list for four years' time. I don't suppose you'll be thinking of changing your car in 2022......?
  10. EssexGonzo

    Which to choose

    Obviously, I'm commenting far too late as you'll have your new car by now.......I hope you're enjoying it. One thing I would have asked the dealer about is how to programme the satnav by voice. I can do the other things by voice (mostly) but we can't get past a particular step which seems to confuse city with country (from memory - I gave up trying weeks ago). I might try and video the problem to see if any of you experienced boffins can help. My dealer's not too local.
  11. EssexGonzo

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Well, we've hit 4,500 miles since getting the car new in late November and have averaged 36.7mpg according to the computer. Some interesting observations here. Our driving is almost exclusively around town with a 450-mile trip up North every 2 or 3 weeks. I agree about the bluntness of Eco mode but I do like it on the motorway as it helps to avoid the engine over-revving with a small amount of throttle input. But I do agree about with the observation that you have to mash it into the floor to get any sort of acceleration when in Eco. I'm doing a 500 mile trip next week so might try Sport mode a little more. And I'm reassured to hear that things might improve when we eventually get to spring. I've noticed a reluctance to run on battery when the temp is under 5 deg C which I'm hoping is down to the need to provide more heating/ancillaries rather than a fault.
  12. Well, more of a courtesy car than a test drive really. My wife's new NX needed some minor paintwork sorting out so they brought a 67-reg CT200 with 2k miles on the clock for us to use. We've done about 250 miles in it including some motorway, urban and a trip into central London, right across to the west, and back again. Pretty mixed driving. I don't know what trim level it is but it seems to be specc'd OK with satnav, cruise, heated seats, rear camera etc. So here goes: Likes: MPG: 49 and I was not driving for economy. That includes a lot of fairly "assertive" central London driving and 80mph motorway driving. Not bad at all. And it's still new and relatively tight. Smooth. It really is, especially in traffic. Good pickup in Sport mode, which it was in for most of the time. It seems to go much further on battery than the NX does which is a major plus. Build quality - whilst the inside feels a little cheap in places compared to a Golf, it feels really solid. And we know that the Prius upon which it is based lasts forever............ Dislikes (sorry, there are a few ): Road noise. Seems rather excessive. Probably the low profile tyres. Ride. Bordering on terrible. I'd just eaten and had a coffee before I went out in it for the first time and I could feel my dinner jiggling around in my stomach over our fairly average local roads. And this isn't a "sporty" car, so why's it so hard? Headlights. They're like half-awake gloworms in jars, and I'd just cleaned them. Very poor. I'd expected LEDs or xenons on a well equipped model. The satnav. Aaaaarrrrghhhhhhhh.........I can't even begin to list all of the issues. One example: I needed to enter a road name in London rather than a postcode. It would not let me enter London on its own as a Town and then move onto the street name. I tried. And tried.. This stuff should be intuitive, as it is on a £100 Garmin. But to be fair, the premier system in the NX is similarly frustrating. Satnav routing. Weird. Just weird. And I'd checked the settings. I got to see some weird and wonderful parts of London last night on the way home. Telephone: I've paired phones in the NX but didn't stand a chance with the CT. The same phones and the system just could not see each other. Again, this should be intuitive. So overall, mixed. Fundamentally, the actual drive itself was very impressive. I guess a gazillion Uber drivers in similarly platformed but less plush Prius' can't be wrong. It's the details and tuning that don't work for me. I've read about the 2018 model and would be pretty confident that Lexus will improve some of these things. and we know that every Lexus is a fantastic long term buy. If they fixed one or two of the irritants, I'd definitely consider it.
  13. EssexGonzo


    Hello, My wife picked up her lovely NX 300h Premier in metallic black (Graphite?) yesterday afternoon from Lexus Woodford. MY17 but then the financial and extras incentives from the excellent dealer team was difficult to ignore. And the 17/18 differences are few and irrelevant to a couple of middle-aged party goers! Couldn't be more pleased after about 100 miles in it so far, at 44mpg including a shed load of traffic coming home in the rush hour from Woodford. Loving so far: It looks the dog's danglies. The MPG. Was expecting late 30s but there's time to destroy that yet. The gadgets. Especially the 360 camera. The alloys might survive a certain person's "touch parking" strategy. The stereo. Oh my giddy aunt, what a sound. The best bit thus far. The serenity. Smooth and easy to drive. It really encourages a more laid back approach. It's not a diesel. And that's from a family whose every car since 1994 has been a diesel. It's not German or a JLR product. Which makes it different and "not one of the sheep" in image-conscious Shenfield. The headlights. They turn night into day, even compared to the xenon lights on an Audi. We haven't even begun to explore the gadgets yet so will definitely be back with some questions for you Lexus geniuses very soon! Cheers Simon