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  1. Geoff, I don't imagine that you'll damage either the Garmin or the car by using the aux connector but I would imagine that nothing will happen. It's possible that you may get to hear the satnav audio through the car system if you selected the aux input on the audio screen, but you probably wouldn't then be able to listen to anything else. As a guess, I'd say the Garmin's Bluetooth capability is so that you can use it in a car that doesn't have it and connect to a phone for handsfree use. You could try and pair it and seen what happens - again, I can't imagine how it would break anything.
  2. I've just acquired a new Golf (the NX is Mrs EG's car) with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Leaving aside the fact that the Golf's interface is in a different league to the NX's (albeit I'm not a touchscreen fan), being able to use something like Waze or Google Maps for free makes a mockery of the general lack of smartphone mirroring in any UK Lexus except for the refreshed RX just launched. Hopefully our next Lexus will have caught up and have this feature. I've only used the Golf's native satnav once and it too knocks the Lexus maps out of the park - but I'm sure the legitimate updates are just as expensive.
  3. HI all, I have a question about the Sat Nav in our 2017 Premier model. Much of the time, roads visible on the display have a many white dots on them. Is this some sort of plotting/tracking/waypoint feature that I can turn off? It's not there all the time but it does tend to dominate the display of some roads. Any ideas?
  4. Is this only on the 2018 model? I had a trawl through mine (2017 Premier) - no cigar. Unless it's my searching skills. Found the option to turn off the tailgate opening entirely though, so not an entirely lost 10 minutes.
  5. We'll be going down the Cross Climates route in the next couple of months. We go to the Alps 2 or 3 times a winter. Historically, I've always had a second set of wheels with winters on but this time I'm going to avoid the hassle. The CCs are properly winter certified and have excellent reviews. I also want to avoid the likelihood of minor damage from the fitters every time they remove/fit wheels. Our Lexus dealer is too far away (and pretty much in London) to use them every time for this. It means taking our factory fitted summer tyres off early. I'm amazed at how slowly they're wearing - 17k on them and the fronts look about half worn. Astonishing.
  6. In terms of obvious omissions on the car - yep agree, wiper on reverse. Also a heated windscreen wouldn't have been too much to ask? Now that Ford's patent has expired everything from a Golf upwards seems to have them and I want one! And dealers. Audi - ignored. 20 minutes and not even a "Hello". Volvo - lovely service but they couldn't supply a petrol XC60 to drive. And the hybrid was £58k!!!!
  7. But won't the collision avoidance kick in at the last possible minute....?
  8. Well, we're a year in with our NX Premier. And re still convinced that we made the right choice. The mainstream choices are German or JLR. The press reviews focus on sportiness (ha ha ha ha - in an SUV), image, and above all - seek to reflect mainstream popularity to keep their sales up and advertisers happy. And by the way, sales of medium to large SUVs from those manufacturers are tanking as they're dependent upon diesel. If you need to buy something for image, status anxiety or keeping up with the Jones', don't get the Lexus. It's an independent choice and most people don't know what they are. Any Lexus is not a mainstream choice, and all the better for it. The things that make it right for us include: They Hybrid mode. We bought ours with actually money so didn't want to be exposed to taking residuals on diesel cars. And petrol only was a bit too juicy. It's not even trying to be sporty so don't drive it like a sports car. Just relax and waft along. The fuel economy is as good as or better than most diesel SUVs in normal driving - 38 mpg average over the year. in 17k miles, not a thing has rattled or gone wrong. We've almost forgotten how to get to the dealer. This car will last a LONG time. The radar cruise control is excellent, makes a long journey so much easier. The Mark Levinson stereo is AMAZING. All the toys were included. The only options was the protection pack, well worth it. And the satisfaction and reliability surveys put Lexus at the top and Germans/JLR mid-table at best. Yep, I still don't like gearbox, the engine start/stop occasionally isn't as smooth as it should be and I've nearly thrown the sometimes bonkers satnav out of the window. But the latter is not unique to this car. Take the plunge and don't worry about the others. They can follow the status-needy crowd.
  9. Is anyone particularly pleased with a phone holder in their NX? I know that we shouldn't need to use it because of the built in satnav and Bluetooth but sometimes, only Waze is good enough. And not many of us would give the infotainment system 5 out of 5 would we.....? The holder needs to adjust to smaller and larger sized iPhones. Any preference on screen or air vent mounted?
  10. Oooh.....I didn't know that there was a "simple" cruise mode. Go on, spill the beans. I wouldn't want to have to RTFM now would I? Pretty please?
  11. I think you can tell if you have premium nav if you have the touchpad instead of the wheel. Sorry I can't answer your other questions but I too will be looking to update maps as they were already very out of date in a car that was new last November.
  12. I know that the correct way to lock the NX is either using the door handle dimple or the key fob. However, a Renault hire car in France last week locked automatically as you walked away from the car. No button or dimple touching required. Is that a setting that can be configured on the NX?
  13. That's where I've stuck mine. Works perfectly.
  14. That ^^^^^^^^ is a very good point. Just about every other car this size has a grumbly 4-cyl diesel engine in the background. The NX doesn't which exposes everything else. The road noise is no worse than most other cars of its type, actually quieter than an Evoque with silly sized tyres.
  15. The price took my breath away but shouldn't really have surprised me given the E-Pace's pricing. The problem I have with JLR products right now (having owned one recently and test driven an F-Pace) is the quality vs price. They're at the front of the fashion curve but they score poorly in surveys and whilst they feel like a premium product, my own perception is that they won't last anywhere near as long as a Toyota/Lexus/Honda. The cabin of the F-pace was underwhelming in terms of robustness and feel. Which is OK if you're buying on a lease/PCP (which 85% + will be doing) but not OK if you're buying with cash for the long term as we did.