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  1. Hi Jamie, thanks for that. I cleaned out the EGR, over the weekend, the pipe, and also as much as I could in that area and it seems to of cured it for now! i would like to thank you all for your comments, I didn’t think it was the egr as it was supoosively done before I got the car in July, but it has always been like it. I plan to do this every 4-5 thousand miles to stop it getting in the condition it was in. Many thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. The air filter has today been done, I will agree I think it may be an EGR issue, I had the vehicle terracleaned to hopefully shift some carbon from the EGR and DPF to narrow them down, to which it does feel a tad more responsive but not 100% still. I believe an EGR valve is around £180 from lexus(may be wrong), fairly easy to replace. I think this may be my next job to try. My next thought was DPF, or fuel pump
  3. Hi guys. Looking for an answer into the issue i have with my IS220D. it is an manual 2006 IS220D with 140,000 on the clock. I bought the vehicle in June, knowing of this issue, but hoping it’s a cheap easy fix to which I have only attempted terraclean as of yet. The issue I have, is that the car feels well underpowered before the turbo kicks in, foot could be flat to the floor and it feels like it is holding back. Asoon as the turbo kicks in it’s flying. Has anyone got the solution? Thanks in advance.