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  1. Dash Cam Installation Advice

    Hello No wiring done by me yet. Just wanting to know where the actual location of those fuses are. Is it under the passengers or driver side? Is it covered by the black plastic cover for which I need to pull off to see This?
  2. Dash Cam Installation Advice

    How do i get access to this fuse box from the driver side?
  3. I've also seem videos (USA NX MODELS) showing that the fuse box is under the steering wheel?
  4. Thank you for your response. Just to confirm the plastic cover in the pic that is surrounding the light shown needs to be removed In order to see the fuse box?
  5. Hi guys, Just got my NX on the 1st September so new to this forum so hello everyone! Im looking to install a Dash come however having it powered directly through the fusebox. I have seen a video on your tube which shows the fusebox located under the glove box however based on that video and what i see under my car is different. Can you confirm on the picture i have attached that i need to take that cover off that is located below the glove box. If this is the case, any ideas how too? Thanks In advanced