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  1. Until you’ve driven the same car both with and without runflats you can have no comprehension of how bad the ride is with them fitted. Same as many others in here. Had a 335i with runflats from stock, always thought the ride was very was firm but not horrendous as I knew no better. Replaced the wheels and had the chance to replace all tyres with standard (non runflat) performance versions and the ride was transformed. I could not believe how much better it was without the hideous runflats. Same size wheels and same size (profile) tyres. Vowed never to have runflats on a car again, they are the devils work. Swapped a set off my wife’s Cooper S too, exactly the same result. Going out of your way to put them “on” a car is insane, it will end up being a very costly exercise which you will definitely regret.
  2. Here are some examples of mine. Cat Back and intake pipe only. Full details in the description on YouTube.
  3. No-can-do for me on the 13th :( It'll be July or bust for me. On a positive note, next batch of mods on the ISF as of the 15th. Pics to follow.
  4. NothernDan

    USRS reviews

    Had mine fitted about 2 weeks ago too! Bearing in mind I am lowered 25mm at the front on Tein H-Tech springs (which actually made the ride a little softer than stock) and have 15mm H&R spacers each side. In my opinion the car now feels (comfort wise) like it did stock but with a much more positive steering response and far less vagueness when you turn in hard. With the springs and the USRS it's no firmer than it was stock, it looks better and handles like my old R32 Golf used to. I'm impressed. I was just starting to notice a little inner tyre wear on the fronts after 15,000 miles in a little under a year of ownership so hopefully that should will no longer be an issue now. Keep toying with the idea of putting a set of lightweight 18's on the car having just gone down an inch on the Mrs' Cooper S and saw a huge improvement in overall comfort levels in that car. Anyone running 18's?
  5. NothernDan

    Hi and help!

    Hi Paul and welcome to the forum. Should you end up buying the ex-smokers edition let me know. I have a tried and tested process which has managed to completely eradicate any smell of smoke from cars, including my current ISF (which I am pretty sure was owned by Dot Cotton) and 3 of my previous cars that must have each been used on the set of a Dr Dre production. I managed to knock £2k off the asking price of my ISF due to the smell of smoke. Took me about 4 hours of graft and the smell is totally gone. Managed to stumble across two great techniques online and use a combination of the two. Might be worth it if you can use the smell as a bargaining chip. Good luck!!
  6. Hey Big Rat! Ta for all your efforts on this. I'll be there no matter what. Let us know once you know about the 21st/22nd, it woul be great to see those that can still make it again. Who needs a stupid LFA when you've got an ISF with the Actuator hose unplugged! #whocaresaboutheatsoak
  7. NothernDan

    Simple mod

    Measure twice, drill once!
  8. NothernDan

    Simple mod

    But you get a totally custom mod and you're an innovator (legend!) :)
  9. NothernDan

    Simple mod

    This looks like a great opportunity for some warranty destroying homegrown mods!! Who's willing to open up an inbound line to the wheel arch and drill some holes in their wheel liner then?
  10. I'm defo there for at least one of the days, will try and do both if I can wangle it. Thankfully the Mrs is supportive of me coming, especially given the dates. We share the same birthday (20th April) and to help with my inability to remember 'special' dates we also got married on our birthdays so this is our wedding anniversary weekend too! I'll be there but will no doubt have to buy my way out of Mrs NothernDan's debt with sparkly and/or golden things! Now there's F-commitment for ya!
  11. NothernDan

    Simple mod

    You should get an ISF Sean, purely for intake temperature reduction! Check the wheel arch liner for a vented section above the brake disc duct, mines definitely there mate and runs straight into a duct into the bottom if the induction box but can’t vouch for you ‘modern’ lot in your spangly RCFs
  12. NothernDan

    Simple mod

    So, as you'll know from the thread above I have this mod and love it. Induction growl from 2000 instead of 3400 and unless I am mistaken, all it does is permanently open the flap that allows air to be sucked in through the vent in your offside wheel arch. With that in mind, unless you live in Florida then how does this increase heat soak? The official Lexus line (as posted on a fair few US forums) is that you are only pulling in 'cool' air from the wheel well once the car is up to speed and they see that as being any speed where revs are over 3400rpm. This may correlate to the power band of the engine too? As we live in what is primarily a siberian climate I reckon we're pretty much getting cool air all the time from the wheel well, although I'm gonna drop my front wheel out and curl up in there with the engine running for a day to see how hot I get. Given that the RR racing intake ditches the stupid actuator all together and leaves the wheel well intake permanently open then I'm fairly confident this mod won't do any harm, unless you happen to be on the Fuji Speedway and it's 100 degrees celcius in the shade. I'm no expert but my car sounds ace with the mod and I'm sure it's added at least 1,000 horsepower, especially when combined with my Intel inspired "V8 inside" sticker. Just to be clear. I do not have that sticker......
  13. I'm there! Good idea on the poll too. It's not a million miles for me but if there is going to be a busiest day then it would be good to do that one. Pressure's on to get the new mods on the ISF by then! :)