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  1. Now then all. Getting ready to make an order now. Can any of the interested parties please contact me (DMs) and let me know what exactly you want to add to the order. I'll need full item description exactly as it is on RR racing website, full item number and also the model and year of your car (important). @Arqum can you let me know if you still want the intake from the performance pack and if you want your own OBD mapping thingy too 😎 Once i have the full order I'll get prices, shipping and estimated import tax before we push the button. Hoping for a decent discount 😎😎
  2. Keep me posted on all the final orders gents. Hoping we can get a decent discount if the order is big enough too!
  3. PM'd me or them? Nothing in my inbox so I'm assuming them. I know they have cracked the ISF mapping but as far as I know the RCF is harder so you may be right in the ECU swap for your car.
  4. Ok. So gonna leave this up for another week, get everyone's orders, then take it from there. Please be aware, some of this lot takes 6-8 weeks to arrive and any orders will need to come all together to reduce shipping costs. Anyone who wants anything, please let me know before this time next week and then I'll place one bulk order once we confirm total prices and everyone has paid up. It will be strictly cash in advance. 😎
  5. Hey there. Pete who had the supercharged ISF got all his kit from them so they do know UK cars. You just need to specify at point of purchase 😉
  6. I'll be in touch mate. I want to move fast on this as delivery time is 6-8 weeks. 😎
  7. No problem man. If that is true then as I've suggested above, the buyer of the intake will also need the additional OBD unit, so my prices are as per above. However, having run a range of off the shelf and custom intakes over the last 5 years (with varying diameter tubing) my experience says it actually doesn't matter. The ECU just recalibrates based on the increased airflow. Think about it, all you are doing is hanging the MAF sensor in a slightly larger tube which will see a faster rate of flow. You also get a faster rate of flow with a free flowing filter and you get no codes from doing that. I think it may just be another one of those "if you buy our shoes you must also buy our socks" stories but either way, if the person who pitches in also buys an OBD unit as suggested above then there is no problem anyway.
  8. Just throwing a potential idea out there for anyone who may be interested. All prices quoted below are converted from USD to GBP at today’s exchange rates but are net of shipping and import taxes (which I can calculate if anyone is interested). I’m sure all you F-Owners are aware that RR Racing do some nice upgrades for our cars but with them being stateside the shipping and import tax can be prohibitive. I’m after a set of PPE Headers for my ISF (as are various other members of the forum) to combat the tick-tick-tick on cold start that disappears after a few seconds, indicating air escaping from a crack in the OEM headers that closes up once they are warm. So…… I’m about to take the plunge on a set of uequal length PPE headers from RR Racing which come in at £1,742.81. I’ll also need the OBD unit to map the car post installation which adds another £539.00 to the cost. So I’m at £2,281.81 (plus shipping and import tax) for the parts I need. Now….. for only £123.00 extra I can get the ISF performance pack, which includes the headers, the OBD unit and an RR racing intake as one package. I don’t need an intake as I have my own custom unit (based on the K&N Typhoon) but If anyone did want an RR racing intake then we could potentially do a deal and split the cost savings, shipping and taxes by going in together for the performance pack. RR Racing currently sell the intake plus an OBD unit for £1,044.85 (you can’t buy just the intake alone but there is no reason you could not use one without a map if you wanted to). My suggestion would be that we would purchase the performance pack at £2,404.82 but add another OBD unit at a further £539.00 so both parties end up with our own OBD units for future tinkering. That would be a total cost of £2,943.82. That’s a saving of £382.84 over buying all the components individually so we could split that saving, split the shipping and import tax and end up with a saving for both parties. That would mean I get the headers and an OBD unit for £2090.39 instead of £2,281.81 and the other party would get a tuned intake kit (intake plus OBD unit) for £853.43 instead of £1,044.85. There would be shipping and tax on top of this but it’s still a saving. Anyone interested in getting in on the action? Failing that, if anyone is looking at parts from RR Racing anyway and we can combine shipping and import tax costs to save a few quid that way. Again, let me know below if you are interested in that. Wanting to make a move soon so don't hang about!
  9. Interesting to read all those updates. Mine is my daily, mods and all, regular trips to France, even more regular trips to Cumbria from Herts. Two dogs and a car seat in it most days and regularly get high twenties or low thirties. Car remains in relatively mint condition but like others have said, I bought it to drive it so I expect wear and tear and given the choice I wouldn't drive anything else. Mine has 99k on it now and I intend to keep it for another 99k at least. There is nothing out there (yet) that beats it. And I look..... Regularly!! Running two cars is never going to be cheaper/better than running one (in my opinion) and if I had to choose one, I already own it. I know others views will differ but if you could, why wouldn't you run this car daily. They are all going to depreciate but the beauty of an ISF is, it's already done most of its depreciation already.
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