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  1. @Grey One, check out my wheels currently for sale, just posted a new thread.
  2. An extra shot, admittedly from a while back now, that shows the wheels off a bit more. Airlift is, of course, optional 😎
  3. After a recent upgrade, the (micro-)famous Aston Martin V8 Vantage Speedline wheels are up for sale. Pics of the wheels below as well as a shot of them on the car. £575 to a forum member. These will fit straight on the ISF with no rubbing using 15mm spacers all round and longer captive bolts. These have been refurbed in dark metallic anthracite and I ran them with the genuine Aston centre caps you see them pictured with. I've gone to Rotiform wheels now so these are up for grabs. If you want to see any more pics of them on the car check my Instagram feed at @isf_dan or
  4. @Flytvr according to the site you cannot receive PMs mate?!? I would probably be interested in these.
  5. Hayward and Scott cat back on mine, limited if any noticeable drone at motorway speeds. Don't confuse drone with exhaust noise which is surely what you are after or you'd be staying stock. Mine has done 40k in 3 years with that exhaust fitted, mostly motorway and lots of that with wife and mother in law on board who have never mentioned the noise at all. Quiet and sedate if you drive it sedately, a bit noisier if you drive or like a nutter. I agree with @scott-o if anything, it could be louder.
  6. Hi mate! It's a small world!! If you've listened to any of the YouTube clips then two of them are mine with my car pre-modifications! The H&S was the first thing I did on mine, a week after I bought it. Are you back at work now, would be happy to arrange a meet so you can hear the exhaust in the flesh, sounds so much nicer than in the videos 😍
  7. Unfathomable rattle through the wheel over cobblestones and rumble strips, like when your drop links go on your e36 and e46 BMWs. Small amounts of play detected in the rack, rack ends, track rod ends and stab links but all "within tolerances". Starting from the outside and working my way in with the rack last. Let's see which it is 🙄🙄🙄🙄. £1k to do everything up to the rack at Lexus, £500 at and Indy. Rack is a last resort but tbh, the amount of smiles per mile I've had in 3 years is well worth a small amount of cost. I'd have normally lost double the amount every year swapping cars
  8. Hi mate, I'm in Hitchin and would gladly oblige but mine is so far from stock you'd have no idea what a stock one actually rides like from being in mine. Having owned many performance BMWs and Mercedes as well as Mk4 and Mk5 R32 Golfs what I can tell you is that the ISF on stock suspension is no worse than any of the usual suspects. Before I went to Airlift I had Tein Springs in stock 2009 dampers and the ride was significantly smoother. A mere £300 to make the change. Yes, there are a few issues emerging with age but for what you can buy one for, even if you factor in the co
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