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  1. Soooooo.... Been in touch with the exhibitions team at Chateau Impney where we can get a dedicated exhibition area, afternoon tea or lunch and rooms for those who want them. Plenty of good roads on the way there from every angle! The place looks pretty awesome, great for photos; And we can park in one of a number of great locations for the pics; Still gotta firm this up but it's a decent option for now. Watch this space for more.
  2. Be great to have your along this time 😁😁
  3. We can work around that Cezar, no problem 😁
  4. Noted my friend, watch this space 😁😁
  5. That could sway it..... What flavour air freshener? 😁😁
  6. Looks like there is enough interest in this to make it worthwhile. Leave it with me and I'll make plans and let you all know. Dan.
  7. Niiiice!! Looks like we'll have a few attendees then.