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  1. I actually had the pleasure (?) of meeting him a few years back at Gumball. I’d have to say that despite what everyone thinks, when you meet him in person he is just actually much more of a bell-end than he appears to be on the videos. Complete helmet. Never judge a book by its cover, read a few pages before you throw it out of the window of a moving train into a tar pit. Turn the volume off and his videos are pretty good.
  2. What, you mean guys guys actually turn the volume on when you watch his videos? Schoolboy error!!
  3. I dunno Wayne. I’m properly on the fence. Here’s a much closer look;
  4. Hey Glynn. I've had a real good look at the fronts and they are definitely not for me. Too much black plastic and nasty chrome trim. I stand to be corrected once somebody takes the plunge but I can't see me going for these.
  5. Hey Glynn. I've had a real good look at the front sand they are definitely not for me. Too much black plastic and nasty chrome trim. I stand to be corrected once somebody takes the plunge but I can't see me going for these.
  6. What did you decide to do in the end mate?
  7. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    Just found these. Don’t even like them but it does open up another avenue. Ferrari alloys!!!!
  8. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    Spent too long dreaming as a boy mate. Couldn’t help figuring out how it all worked 😎 Good luck with trip down mate. Let me know how you get on!!
  9. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    Found this mate. There are a lot of potential options 😩 You’d need to figure out which ones he has to get the right spacers but ultimately they should all fit as even the highest front one (ET45), is just the same as a standard ISF front wheel (albeit an inch wider, so you’d need to factor that in as if it’s that one then without a spacer it would probably rub inboard and be pretty flush outboard). Chances are they are all 22 offsets but I wouldn’t bet my mortgage on it.
  10. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    It will say it in the back of one of the spokes unless his powder coating has been done too heavy and you can’t read it. Given that this guy owns those wheels and that car I find it hard to believe he doesn’t know the offset or wouldn’t know how to tell you. Makes me a little dubious but just as I’ve been stung before. Get him to send you shots of the back side of the wheels and close ups of any serial numbers and text. Rather that than a 5 hour drive there and the same again back mate. Post em up if you get em and I’ll stick em through the calculator.
  11. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    Here’s a fitment calculator; see how much different the wheels you want are from standard ISF wheels with the spacers fitted. It’ll tell you how much more poke and inbound space you have ( or don’t have! And you can also mess around to see what size spacers you might need. Don’t forget to factor in another £250ish for a refurb and about £300 for spacers and fitting..... plus new tyres......time to remortgage the house!
  12. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    OK. So, standsard isf wheels are 8j x ET45 at the front and 9j x ET55 at the rear. I'm running 15mm spacers all round but I know others have run 20mm spacers with no issues so the effective offset of Standard wheels with 15mm spacers would be 30 front and 40 rear. With 20mm spacers you'd be 25 front and 35 rear. Find a decent offset calculator online and stick in those specs versus what you think the other wheels are and see if you'd get any rubbing. Given the rears are 10.5 you'll need to be careful and you'll no doubt need a bit of arch rolling. Good luck!!
  13. A few have asked about these. I am sure there was another thread about these a while ago but here is some pics of mine fitted for anyone that is considering them. I’m delighted with mine. Half hour job to fit them, takes 10 years off the car! Enjoy!!
  14. NothernDan

    Wheel fitment

    To be 100% sure you’d need to know the offsets (ET number, that the guy says he does not know) To make sure they’ll clear the callipers etc but if they fit a 350z then they should fit ours. You may need spacers to get the offset right for our cars and as others have said, defintely spigot rings. google the wheels and see what offsets they come in as standard although I’m sure Rays make a custom offset to your spec. see if you can find a 350z with them on and see what offset those wheels are, or even just what offset a standard 350z wheel is would be a good start!