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  1. Awesome! Thanks Glynn, will be giving them a call.
  2. Hey all, My man is on a Holiday so just awaiting a price but at present we are looking like maybe four sets of fronts and two rears so discount won’t be huge. Peter P18 has the smoked rears on his car if you check the recent ‘Post your pics’ thread. I’m sure they are just as legal as many of the other led light units out there. @Peter P18 any more info you can add?
  3. VLand replacement headlight unit(s) £370. Sorted.
  4. NothernDan

    Bumped into by lorry

    Wow, one of the worst done dent pulling jobs I’ve ever seen. Glad he’s not my local approved repairer! Good luck with the repair, they will almost certainly fix that rather then write it off.
  5. Where are the hidden cameras Pete, must have favourited those guys about 5 minutes before I read your post! 😎😎 They seem to have a great reputation! Loving the lights, first night drive out with them tonight, I think they look great, shaves 10 years off the car!!
  6. NothernDan

    car detailers north london area

    There is a very good guy in Letchworth, is that too far for you?
  7. You read my mind. Would love a set of RCF/GSF sparkly orange calipers on there!
  8. Here a few better views now the sun is out they are definitely growing on me but I reckon the car needs to be lower now!! 😤
  9. A few more shots, better light today but still a bit bright. Got the VLand rear lights fitted now too!
  10. Already had my rear arches rolled when I put the spacers on with the OEM wheels so no issues with these wheels at all. You don’t need to but I did to be safe as I often carry 3 passengers. You get 1mm less ‘poke’ on the rears and 2mm more ‘poke’ than the OEMs (+15mm spacers) on the fronts but the tyres are stretched ever so slightly more so the overall profile is very very very slightly reduced. The vent in the front of the front drivers side wheel liner can catchvery slightly on full lock (but only when reversing) but I just heated mine up with a heat gun and pushed it back slightly, no issues at all now. It’s a really simple upgrade. I had RTec in St Albans fit longer captive bolts to accommodate the spacers. The OEM wheels and these are interchangeable now, you just use the original nuts and lockers. Simple!
  11. You need spacers. If you didn’t have them they’d sit too far inboard and foul the suspension strut. The 15mm spacers gives them enough clearance inboard and the same amount of poke as the stock wheels with the same spacers. they are 12.5mm wider front and rear than the stock wheels but have the same amount more offset so the 15mm spacers corrects it perfectly 😋
  12. Will do a full car shot today mate, not sure they beat the OEMs!! 🤪
  13. Fitted the wheels today but it’s not stopped raining since I fitted them to take any decent pics. Here’s a quick glimpse below! Excuse the oxidising on the brake rotor, I’d just washed the car and the rain came!! The vote is out at the minute, might end up being my winter wheels! I have to admit that the OEM wheels take some beating!!