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  1. Too late all you “keep the chrome”-ers! He’s already done it, along with a LHD conversion kit it seems.... Full spec list in the drop down on Youtube for those that are interested.
  2. "Murdered out" all the way. If you're going to the dark side you can't do 95% of the job. I'd also remove the engine and replace it with an actual black hole so you can run her on the immense power of a singularity. Cost dependent of course.
  3. NothernDan

    Got my 'F' Back

    I like it Ratty! An Individual approach and certainly an improvement on the stock look. I agree with a few others that I'm not a fan of the OEM wheels in diamond cut form but the blacked out version looks ace. Very "OEM+" in my opinion and that colour should definitely have been a factory option. Hope you got a large bag of yellow brake dust to go with those calipers though! They'll take some level of regular cleaning to stay looking like that! 😎 Meguiars hot tyre Shine and a foam applicator will keep those tyres looking spangly. That'll finish the look off perfectly. Now all you need is the air ride kit and a season ticket to Tunerfest! Yeehaaa! Good skills that man.
  4. Can always guarantee a good divided opinion on this forum, although more often than not divided heavily towards the don’t mod/personalise it route! 🙄 Personally I think the grey one is what an F-RS version would/should look like if Lexus ever decided to make one (a la Jag XFR-S etc). Slightly more aggressive than standard. Now what’s this I hear about a 3.5 V6 Bi-Turbo IS F-Sport being a potential next gen model? Now that would have scope for big power.
  5. We all know he's got a Crown Vic on Air Ride for his daily driver!
  6. Oh dear..... wrong address! My mistake. This one seems to have K17 TBO on the plate, now whose was that?!? 😲
  7. Hopefully this one is a little more sedate for all you ”modophobics” out there 😁
  8. Hahahahahahaha! Loving the comments on this. Just wait until @Flytvr opens the garage in the morning and realises that this is actually his car in the video. Surprise!!!!
  9. Loving everything other than the excessive wing and scaffolding!
  10. Yup! Same here. £800 to replace the originals or £980 for a full brand new H&S. Easy decision.
  11. Can't make it Pete but good luck. You must be in with a very good chance! Send us a photo of the trophy when you win it!!
  12. NothernDan

    Post your Pics

    Carbon Fibre Diffuser.... Check Carbon Fibre Spoiler.... Check Carbon Fibre Duct Panels.... Check Carbon Fibre Front Splitter and Side Skirt Extensions.... In Transit from Sunny California Carbon Fibre Bonnet...... Anybody in the market for a well used human kidney? One careful owner, mainly motorway miles 😖 Can't seem to get rid of this extra frowny face now ---> 😖 Stupid Blackberry!
  13. NothernDan

    Post your Pics

    Thanks to Mr Funex for his recent contribution to the "Silver Lexus ISF Carbon" project! Sale agreed, paid for, delivered, clear coated and fitted within 4 days. Thanks mate! P.S. what looks like scratches at the near edge is just reflections and a shi##y blackberry camera.... It's mint! #Keepitinthecommunity
  14. Until you’ve driven the same car both with and without runflats you can have no comprehension of how bad the ride is with them fitted. Same as many others in here. Had a 335i with runflats from stock, always thought the ride was very was firm but not horrendous as I knew no better. Replaced the wheels and had the chance to replace all tyres with standard (non runflat) performance versions and the ride was transformed. I could not believe how much better it was without the hideous runflats. Same size wheels and same size (profile) tyres. Vowed never to have runflats on a car again, they are the devils work. Swapped a set off my wife’s Cooper S too, exactly the same result. Going out of your way to put them “on” a car is insane, it will end up being a very costly exercise which you will definitely regret.