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  1. Meguiars.... Compound then polish, then a decent carnauba wax. Sorted. Get lots of this as we live and park next to lots of trees. Plenty of carnauba wax, never any issues, the poop just comes straight off with water. Current faves are, Collinite Marque d'elegance as the main barrier and Dodo Juice light fantastic (at its best on silver and white) for the shine. Never any bird poo issues at all despite plenty of perpetrators 🦅🦅 The more I read about ceramic coating the less bothered I am about it.
  2. It's a protest for you leaving it alone for all that time while you were busy sunning yourself. Very fickle these F cars.
  3. Took my spark plugs out at the weekend and it started raining. Put them back in..... And it stopped. Give me a shout if you want guaranteed good weather for any upcoming barbeques 😜
  4. Buy Pete's car. If I was in the market right now I would do it immediately. There is not a better ISF out there. In fact, what an I saying, forget that. Buy MY car so I can buy Pete's. I am deadly serious. PM me if you like.
  5. If you are looking at spending that amount of money, get on ebay right now and buy Pete's supercharged ISF and you will have the best car that this amount of money can buy. That is all. 😎
  6. LOL!! Yep. I have about 3 million of them. Only needed two!!
  7. He unplugged the solenoid so the flap is always open, causing a CEL. Should have unplugged the vacuum hose and capped both open inlets. Same result but no CELs.
  8. Did you actually unplug the solenoid or just disconnect the vacuum hose? First one will give you CELs, second one won't. I've had the vacuum hose unplugged on the ISF for almost 2 years now. Not a single issue. Capped both open inlets with 3mm vacuum caps (after about a week) to keep it looking tidy. If you unplug the solenoid you need a remap to tell the Ecu what is going on or you will get the CELs. As Flytvr says, battery off, leave for a bit, battery back on. Should sort it. Ask the man @Twellsie too. He may have some useful input on this.
  9. £198 on an £850 wing plus the £150 shipping. Pics to follow. P. S. Careful with anything sourced through Nengun, mine (SARD) arrived not as described and the initial response was "its designed for racing, its not meant to be perfect". They should definitely put that kind of information on the website. 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Novel. By far the best quality stuff out there. Not sure if they do a high level spoiler but take a look. Check Pandem out too but there stuff is a bit wild. You'll see what I mean.
  11. Thought about the vanilla magic tree but the insurance costs were prohibitive. Went with the "New Car Smell" in the end which isn't considered an upgrade or modification but now nobody on Instagram will talk to me. Great that people who aren't gold members can now sell on here . How do i go about downgrading my membership status? 🤔😉
  12. Having gleefully posted updates on my various modifications (and those made by others) on these pages only to find that a large number of our more prolific members Are purists who would rather down a pint of cold sick than modify their cars from stock (and think that you are the spawn of Satan for even considering it) I am totally unsurprised Pete has not listed his car on here. If you read back up this chain there is enough ‘evidence’ here already that ‘we’ don’t think his car will go for what it is worth. Based on that useful insight then I’d have to say that if I was selling mine then, after reading the above and realising that any prospective buyer would then get to read it too, this would be the last place I would advertise it. I am pretty sure that if Pete doesn’t get anywhere near his buy it now price then that car will remain in his garage. eBay is a great and cheap ‘testing ground’. That car is a unicorn and if somebody out there happens to be looking for that exact one then it will go to a great home.
  13. That will be a steal for some lucky blighter. All is well with Pete, just under used so time for a new owner. It is very well done indeed.