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  1. Looks like it is. Just been out and tested it to make sure I wasn't going mad. Unique 😁😁😁
  2. 4. The lefy one dips when the mirror switch is on the left, the right one if the switch is on the right.
  3. Not at motorway speeds but as an example, this was mine when just fitted. Cold start followed by warm.
  4. No drone on my H&S, it's quietest at 80 which suits me fine. Mine has the X pipe but I know others don't and to be honest they seem quieter than mine.figure that one out. I am running the Afe Takeda and standard headers .
  5. Yesssssssssss! Ceramic coated if poss, if not then zircotec will do a group deal for those who want that. Having my exhaust tips done providing the world does not come to an end. Dan.
  6. Looooooooooooooooool 😂🤣 No more crispy flying rodent for me!
  7. Already on it, out with the PCP earlier today. 2 pigeons and 3 rabbits in half an hour. Already in the freezer. Like being a sixteen year old back in rural Cumbria again. Might get the deer lamp and shotgun out later. 🦌🦌 #reallifewalkingdead 😂😂
  8. Love the colour...... And the ride height 😎
  9. Sell your RCF, buy an ISF, never look back. 😎
  10. Hey all, Apologies for the radio silence on this. A few family related issues have taken priority of late. All sorted now though so this is back on track. Looks like a few of us may be doing the April Gaydon meet so I'll not try and run anything before then. Probably looking at June now for this, should be much better weather by then too. The venue are saying that to reserve space for us and guarantee food when we want it they'd need a deposit so I'm scoping this out. That have said that they will also do a small concession on overnight rate for those of us who want to stay. I'll post a poll soon so I can guage interest. We'd need at least 15 attendees (don't all have to stay overnight, just to guarantee dedicated parking and food) to make it worth their while. Dan.
  11. All, did mine just before Xmas. Mammoth task to get at them, lots of skinned knuckles and bad words while removing half of my engine bay. After plenty of research I opted for those shown below. Can't recall which bulbs I did now but this is what I went for in the end. Half the price lexus were wanting for the OEM equivalent and these are MUCH brighter. One set of D4S and one set of HB3 in the same colour/hue. Mine is a 2009 by the way.
  12. 😂😂🤣🤣 Respect to the budding columnists!! 😁😁😁😁