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  1. See below.... I rest my case.....No! In my humble opinion, 331 people are wrong.
  2. Jesus. How many hours do they reckon it will take?
  3. Like the man said. For bog standard black FRP yes, for any carbon finish is a bit more. Just ordered Twill Weave side skirts on this deal and with the discount plus splitting postage 3 ways with two other buyers they were about $385 all in. There will be import tax to pay when they arrive but they'll still end up a lot cheaper than Tom's original stuff which is about $750 for the side skirts alone.
  4. No worries chaps!! 😎 Costs are high, but results will be worth it. Pics to follow.
  5. So..... After what i can safely say has been a totally underwhelming response 😵, I'm ordering my stuff tomorrow 😎. Thankfully I got enough interest off the Instagram crowd (quite a few non-forum ISFers on there) to make it worthwhile. Let me know before tomorrow night if you want anything people.
  6. Gonna stick my order in on Friday mate so let me know if you are gonna go for any parts before then. No worries either way 😎
  7. Hi mate. Thanks for the info! Going with a Lexon font lip on mine (already got it). In body colour. They are loads lower profile and it'll be easier to keep looking fresh.
  8. Hi guys, thought I'd keep things clean and start a new thread for this. Group buy secured if anyone is interested. So. I am just about to order some kit from Shine Auto Project USA. They make better-than-original quality Tom's Replica kit (Google Them with ISF in the title and you'll find their website) with dual Carbon layers instead of Tom's original which is just single layer over FRP They do 3 weaves; Twill weave - Same weave as Seibon, Novel and Wald. Plain weave - Same as all the Tom's Replica stuff you find. 45 degree Plain Weave - Same as Tom's original. Contrary to the website they only do the fully finished both sides on the front splitters as they had no demand for the side skirts and the rear diffusers as only ever one side is on show. All parts have a dual layer of carbon but the side skirts and the rear diffusers only have one side polished and finished. Front splitters have both sides finished. They have agreed that they will do a 5% discount on all parts for us (they are very well priced for better than original quality as it stands) and they can also put up to five of the same item in one box for $150 shipping per box. So if we bought five sets of side skirts extensions they'll ship all together for $150. Costs are as per the website minus 5% and the more we get the further we can split shipping. Obviously best in multiples of 5. If you are interested please post what you want below. @FTBBCVoodoo @Twellsie @Peter P18 Costs will need to be calculated once I know volumes and they will be plus import taxes. I'm keen to order soon so be quick if you can. Dan.
  9. Always thought about giving this a go but they don’t make chihuahua sized helmets .......