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  1. I'm defo there for at least one of the days, will try and do both if I can wangle it. Thankfully the Mrs is supportive of me coming, especially given the dates. We share the same birthday (20th April) and to help with my inability to remember 'special' dates we also got married on our birthdays so this is our wedding anniversary weekend too! I'll be there but will no doubt have to buy my way out of Mrs NothernDan's debt with sparkly and/or golden things! Now there's F-commitment for ya!
  2. Simple mod

    You should get an ISF Sean, purely for intake temperature reduction! Check the wheel arch liner for a vented section above the brake disc duct, mines definitely there mate and runs straight into a duct into the bottom if the induction box but can’t vouch for you ‘modern’ lot in your spangly RCFs
  3. Simple mod

    So, as you'll know from the thread above I have this mod and love it. Induction growl from 2000 instead of 3400 and unless I am mistaken, all it does is permanently open the flap that allows air to be sucked in through the vent in your offside wheel arch. With that in mind, unless you live in Florida then how does this increase heat soak? The official Lexus line (as posted on a fair few US forums) is that you are only pulling in 'cool' air from the wheel well once the car is up to speed and they see that as being any speed where revs are over 3400rpm. This may correlate to the power band of the engine too? As we live in what is primarily a siberian climate I reckon we're pretty much getting cool air all the time from the wheel well, although I'm gonna drop my front wheel out and curl up in there with the engine running for a day to see how hot I get. Given that the RR racing intake ditches the stupid actuator all together and leaves the wheel well intake permanently open then I'm fairly confident this mod won't do any harm, unless you happen to be on the Fuji Speedway and it's 100 degrees celcius in the shade. I'm no expert but my car sounds ace with the mod and I'm sure it's added at least 1,000 horsepower, especially when combined with my Intel inspired "V8 inside" sticker. Just to be clear. I do not have that sticker......
  4. I'm there! Good idea on the poll too. It's not a million miles for me but if there is going to be a busiest day then it would be good to do that one. Pressure's on to get the new mods on the ISF by then! :)
  5. BMW M8

    After years of development, millions of euros of investment and combining the efforts of the greatest minds in BMW, we introduce the much heralded and highly anticipated........... Slightly more aggressive Audi RS7. This car gives me a feeling that reminds me of that time when I lost a tenner and found a fiver. Nice one BMW. I've got a load of betamax players if you're interested.
  6. I've just put some Calgon in the ISF. What happens next?
  7. Just adding my two cents. Despite many reports to the contrary I do see a difference running V-Power and as a result have run it in all my cars for the last 10 years plus. You only see a difference when you’ve used it tank after tank for many miles. After that, when you have to put a tank of bog standard fuel in, you see a loss of power and rougher idling straight away. It’s as if the car gets used to the higher octane. We drive to France every year and stick a few thousand miles on the car every time. Have never found a shell that stocked VPower in France (not many shells tbh) and I do notice the difference over there when running on bog standard fuel. On return to uk and with a few tanks of VPower back in her the drive is noticeably different. VPower only, where possible, for me.
  8. Simple mod

    Lots of press in the US forums that it adds no power as it lets Warner air into the intake below 3600. Clearly they’ve not been to England..... I mean, “warm air”....... if only.
  9. Simple mod

    Had that mod on my ISF for about 3 months now although I did buy 2 nice black plastic/rubber 3mm vacuum end caps and totally removed the little hose. You get chewbacca from 2000rpm and a much more linear acceleration curve too.
  10. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Hard to conceive a worse car than a gen1 SLK but it seems everyone else except Chrysler just wasn’t trying hard enough. Just had a quick look on out of curiosity but the page hasn’t been opened for so long it’s rusted shut!
  11. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    I must concede, it did have a good........... errrrrr.......... ummmmmmmm.............. no, on second thoughts it didn’t!
  12. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Hi Malcolm, There was so much wrong with the Crossfire it was untrue! Any that are still around now should be OK maintenance and reliability wise but they are not without their issues; It's a Chrysler so was/is made from the cheapest possible forms of all materials. To say it felt like it was made from old biscuit tins would be flattering 18 inch front wheels, 19 inch rears.....why oh why oh why!? The chassis legs were unncapped and exposed beneath the front bumper so in certain wind conditions it howled like blowing across the top of a bottle and you only found the source of the problem out after 6 months of annoying ownership as the dealers said they 'could not hear it' even when you took them out and replicated it with them sat in the car. They always said they could not replicate it when they had it to themselves, odd that. It shared most of it's construction with the SLK of the same era (Gen 1). Have a look at one of those and the interiors are quite nasty and plastic-ey. Chrysler used cheaper plastics and harder materials so it just looked and felt worse. Interior fit of everything was very poor, very rattly. Radio looked like one out of a 1984 Cavalier most of the interior trim on mine was silver hard plastic which scratched up in no time. Both cats went on mine within 1,000 miles of each other on a 24,000 mile car (very common fault), which required the full exhaust system to be replaced unless you went with after market weld in variety, which at the time I didn't. a very pricey job to fix Very, very uncomfortable and very sweaty seats that were made of what was supposed to be leather but looked and felt more like plastic. Mine were in a fetching murky green colour (if you wanted the gunmetal grey one, which I did). Worthless boot space. Clarkson said they looked like a dog bending over for a poo so consequently every bloke between the age of 15 and 45 also said the same to you and found it hilarious (oh how we laughed!) Doors are about 50,000 miles long so you can't park in most places Bonnet is about 100,000 miles long and with the roof being so low you can't get up high enough to see over it. Sounded like a far slower car, accelerated like a far slower car Other than that it was great..... you should get one!! (DON'T!!)
  13. Hi Steve,

    Rumour has it you can adjust display names?

    Any danger you could add the missing 'r' into Northern on mine. Stupid touchscreens!!!

    I would be eternally grateful :yes:

    Many thanks in advance,

    Northern (but definitely not Nothern) Dan

    P.S. Tried to PM you but apparently you can't receive PMs???