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  1. If the answer to that question is "no" i'll eat any farmyard animal you want to choose. Live or dead 🤔
  2. Hi all, Another French-side buyer, an acquaintance through Instagram, is looking at a UK ISF. Anyone know anything about the car mentioned in the title bar? Thanks all, Dan.
  3. My rear discs need replacing soon. Defo interested in the Twellsie specials 😎
  4. Hi Wayne. Only driven it on motorway back to mine at normal ride height and I have to say, its an unbelievably smooth ride considering its sitting a little lower than it was when I had it on Tein Springs. Feels like an S Class Merc. I'm sure I'm going to lose a bit of stiffness in the corners, especially compared to yours which gets stiffer in the corners if I remember right? You can wind the shock lower and higher like you can with a coil but then you've got infinite adjustment between 0 and about 125PSI on all four corners. I've got 3 presets saved so far at 25PSI which is as low as you see in the pics, 75 which is a little lower than my old ride height and 100 of 110 (can't remember which) which is speed bump height. The more air you have in the stiffer the ride is, the less you have in the softer the ride is so if you want low and stiff you can wind the shock all the way down and still have a lot of air in the bellows but then you lose some of the drama in terms of a big drop when going from ride height to aired out. I'm no race driver so this was mainly a looks and comfort thing for me but at the speeds I typically reach it feels far more solid but just as composed my old set up. It's cool as f### in my opinion so that's my main box so and truly ticked 😎😎😎
  5. Apologies for keeping you all waiting! 😜 Haven't bothered with any ride height pics for now as they just look like it did before the install but here's a few aired out shots for you. Rides like a magic carpet. Unreal. Go out and buy this product right now 😎😎 She...... Low!!
  6. Quick update. Not ready till Monday now. Boooooooo!
  7. Less than the stock struts but you do have the weight of the compressors and tank.