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  1. NothernDan

    What does this do...?

    Come on, we all know you never move your car!
  2. Just back home after recon mission number two with the heavily pregnant Mrs NothernDan as co-pilot, critiquing my previous directions. Expect an updated and improved route plan and directions in the next 48 hours! Same route, just better directions and a better recce of Buxton for lunch and the overnighters. I'm sure it'll be a lot more fun in the ISF next weekend than it was today in the wifes heavily laden Renault Kadjar!! The dogs (and wife) definitely did not permit any spirited driving, especially in the "wallow-mobile", it's definitely no Megane RS!
  3. NothernDan

    ISF brake pads

    Running ECP Pagid discs and pads on the front. These ones definitely aren't Brembo packaged up as Pagid as per some other reports have said. The 'top hats' are a totally different shape and drill pattern is different. A meagre £10 cheaper than ECP Brembo OEMs but thought I'd give them a go. I'm well impressed! 50% less dust at least and a loads less grabby and far more controllable feel. A lot more confidence inspiring and much a more linear modulation throughout the range of motion of the pedal. I'm only ever on the road and don't thrash it 24seven but I'd buy them again without a second thought.
  4. @Warrington guy get your string of abuse at the ready! "It's just gonna break down etc etc etc"!😨
  5. Spec the Blitz NUR spec out of the factory for added rarity!
  6. Totally happy for someone else to take the helm on this decision. It would seem like a nice idea if we can all get somewhere together, human and canine alike!
  7. This was buried midway through one of the recently moved posts so just keeping it prominent as the event approaches. Subject to slight change now we are getting breakfast laid on courtesy of Lexus Derby. F-up The Peaks & Dales Finalised route plan Here is the near enough finalised route that takes in the best of the area and avoids too much civilization and/or roadworks. I’ll do a condensed printout of this for everyone on the day so we’ve all got something to follow if anybody ends up getting separated. I’ve listed all the main locations and route planner below, broken down into the 4 ‘Legs’ of the journey. For reference a “(T)” means we go Through the place and a “(P)” means we go Past the place (genius!). As before, the route will definitely start at Lexus Derby on Saturday the 29th September (for both day trippers and overnighters) and will continue on Sunday the 30th September (for overnighters only) with the second day being an open agenda. On day two we can take in the best of the previous day, a load of new locations, go sightseeing, do any combination of the above or do as you wish! The starting point address is as follows; Lexus Derby – Orient Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8BY – 01332 426 185 - This is on the North side of Derby but easily accessible via the M1 - A52 – it’s almost right on the A6, easy access for the first leg of the journey. We’ll meet there any time from 09:00 onwards on Saturday the 29th with a view to leaving as close as possible to 10:00 or 10:30 at the latest. MAKE SURE YOUR TANK IS FULL WHEN YOU ARRIVE! – THIS WILL SAVE US A HUGE AMOUT OF TIME Leg-1 – Lexus Derby to Matlock – roughly 25 miles taking about 45-60 minutes – ETA about 11:30 assuming a 10:30 departure from Lexus Derby Lexus Derby - Start Duffield (T) Milford (T) Belper (T) Ambergate (T) Whatstandwell (T) Cromford (T) Matlock Bath (T) Matlock – Stop As previously advised, when you get into Matlock it feels like you are driving past everything and heading out of the village but it's a big one way system and the main access point to the village is on the North Side. Although quite early into the day I reckon we could easily stop at Matlock for half an hour for Bacon rolls and coffees and/or a toilet break or just blast on through to Buxton. We'll assess what people want to do on the day and take it from there. For Leg-2, from Matlock, we’ll head on up the A6 towards Bakewell and onto Buxton as outlined below; Leg-2 – Matlock to Buxton – roughly 25 miles taking about 45-60 minutes – ETA about 13:00 assuming a 12:00 departure from Matlock Matlock – Start Darley Dale (T) Rowsley (T) Bakewell (T) Ashford in the Water (P) Brushfield (P) Taddington (P) Blackwell (P) King Sterndale (P) Buxton - Stop The route past Ashford in the Water has a good stretch of pretty open dual carriageway so you can stretch the legs on your beloved vehicles. We follow the A6 all the way from Matlock to Buxton so I doubt anyone will get lost on this stretch (famous last words). We should arrive in Buxton at about 13:00. We’ll take a stop here for lunch so please do your bit here and take a look at Tripadvisor etc for any places you’d like to try (this research will also come in handy later on as you’ll see). At a very quick glance the Green Pavillion café and the Royal Oak Tavern both get good reviews. Again we can decide on the day where we go but let’s assume an hour and a half to stop here to fill up and buy Bakewell Tarts etc. For Leg-3 from Buxton we’ll leave via the A6 again taking the route outlined below. This takes in some amazing scenery in the early part up to Hathersage then some good fast winding A-Roads, again through some pretty spectacular countryside between Hathersage and Ringinglow. No speed cameras along here either!! It looks like a lot of locations below but rest assured it’s roughly the same length as the first two legs. Leg-3 – Buxton to the Ladybower Inn – roughly 30 miles taking about 60 minutes – ETA about 15:30 assuming a 14:30 departure from Buxton Buxton – Start Fairfield (T) Dove Holes (T) Then following the A6 towards Chapel-En-Le-Frith (P) before taking the A623 towards…. Sparrow Pit (T) Then heading Towards Castleton past Speedwell Cavern (P) Peak Cavern (P) Winnats Pass – We’ll drive down this, great scenery! Castelton (T) Hope (T) Hathersage (T) Hathersage Booths (T) Ringinglow (T) Left at the Norfolk Arms (P) past Mayfield Alpacas (no joke) along Fullwood Ln, Andwell Ln, Douse Croft Ln, Gore Ln, Harrison Ln, Blackburn Rd and Lodge Ln to….. Rivelin (T) then West (left turn) onto the A57 (Snake Pass) towards Manchester Ladybower Inn - Stop It'll take us about an hour to do the route above from Buxton so we'll arrive at Ladybower Inn, overlooking Ladybower Reservoir, at about 15:30. We should all be in convoy but if you hit the traffic lights at the corner of the reservoir you’ve gone slightly too far!The Inn is about 100 metres back up the road you’ve just come down. You’ll easily spot The Inn on the right as the car park (on the left) will be full of F-Cars! Asbo Dave™ and I stopped here for lunch and it’s a perfect place for refreshments and toilet break before the last leg of the journey. Let’s take 45 minutes to an hour here before we head off. For Leg-4, the final Leg before the overnight, we’ll be following the route below along the A57 (Snake Pass). After the recon mission yesterday I can confirm that whilst there are a few rougher sections on here, they all look recently filled and nothing to worry about. 90% of it is a good 8-9 out of 10 with even the roughest bits being a solid 7. Fear not Sean! Leg-4 – Ladybower Inn to Buxton (via the Snake Pass and Glossop) – roughly 40 miles taking about 60 minutes – ETA at Buxton about 17:30 assuming a 16:30 departure from Ladybower Inn Ladybower Inn – Start All the way along the A57 towards Glossop Glossop (T) Left Turn at the Train station junction towards…. Charlestown (T) Chunal (T) Little Hayfield (T) Hayfield (T) Chinley Head (T) New Smithy (T) Chapel Milton (T) Chapel-En-Le-Frith (P) before taking the A624 onto the A6 towards…. Doveholes (T) Fairfield (T) Buxton – Stop So, we’ll end up right back in the heart of rural Derbyshire where we had lunch.
  8. Fear not, a turbo charged straight six is likely to be a very highly modifiable thing!
  9. Rumour has it that, to save time for any new Supra owners, Toyota will be fitting all of these, straight out of the factory, with a Blitz NUR spec exhaust and HKS mushroom filter. Air ride and BBS mesh alloys will be factory options along with a 2 step / anti-lag kit. Yeeehaaa! #fakenews
  10. Just found that too!! 😁
  11. How very, very, very exciting!!