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  1. Re: Ganzoom. I looked very seriously at a 2016 Jaguar XE with 9000 miles, from Hatfields in Liverpool, but I was eventually put off by the fact that it was diesel, and also used Adblue to achieve the low emission figures. I am really put off by the idea of having to check yet another reservoir before driving the car. Also, I do a lot of short journeys and, as I have said before, I dislike the DPF system. It just gives too many problems with a diesel and multiple short distances. My E220 cdi Merc, thankfully departed, used to give regular limp home mode problems, all related to diesel, DPF, and short journeys. These add up to garage nightmares. The IS 300h is a dream in comparison to the Merc diesel. And I know that the Jaguars from around 2008, 2009, in 2.8 twin turbo diesel form were an even bigger nightmare. Short journeys and engine failures were the order of the day. Re; Ed. I have never, ever, used voice command, even though I have had two previous cars with it. I don't really see the point of it either. Just another thing that either gives problems that only the dealer can fix, or else just doesn't understand the user !!! The other thing that I have never used, on a high spec vehicle, is the mobile phone connection thing. Many years ago, for work, I used to use the Nokia built-in hands free car kits but then I decided that [a] I didn't want to keep having to answer the phone while travelling, and the government kindly saved me making the decision by out-lawing phone use while driving. For me, a phone call while on the move is a major distraction and normally just not of ant importance. Now, I never even check for calls until I get to the end of my journey. As the TV advert says - "simps" [[The two meerkats]. Parkman.
  2. DanD seems to suggest that there is little or no adjustment in the adjustment of the lights. I have not checked this myself, it's been a bit too cold for an old goat like myself to go out and fool about under the bonnet, but I could well believe that parts needed to allow adjustment may not be fitted on an economy basis. A bit like changing from a full sized spare wheel, to a space-saver, to a can of sealer !!!! I must have a look under the bonnet of my IS 300h when the weather warms up a bit. Parkman.
  3. Interesting discussion, this. It interests me because I use BP 98 octane in my 1983 Mercedes 500se, which is a 5 litre V8. I found that the motor is noticeably livelier using 98 as opposed to 95 octane. Whether that difference would carry over to a 2013 IS 300h is perhaps difficult to ascertain. The Merc has a fairly basic fuel injection system and just likes to get fed good old fashioned high octane petrol !!! Parkman.
  4. I would have to agree with Roger, that is more or less the same thing that I have found. The dip beam is moderately OK, but I feel that I am guessing where the road goes sometimes when someone comes in the opposite direction on a country road. But switching to main beam immediately that the enemy has passed doesn't do much to help as far as illuminating the road ahead. I just have to rely on my reactions. I would be really interested to see whether this could be because the seating position in the IS is much lower than my previous car, a Mercedes E220 cdi. Not only that, but before the Mercedes I had a Mitsubishi Pajero, and these days I also have an '83 Mercedes 500se which is quite a high seating position. So it may just be the ride height of the IS. Parkman.
  5. I think that with long legs I must have knocked the switch. I think that that is the only issue I have with the IS, it is quite low for people with long legs. Anyway, I am now beeping to my hearts content !!!! Parkman.
  6. Hi Rayaans, The button that I needed was the park assist button, as you say beside the ASC button. When this is on the same icon is shown on the speedometer, above the seatbelt icon. I must have knocked it off getting into the car after the snow, without noticing. I will now be aware of it !!! Parkman.
  7. I have just noticed a problem that has only just appeared. The reversing buzzer isn't working for some reason. Does anyone happen to know whether it may have inadvertently been turned off, and if so how do I turn it back on ? I had a look at the handbook and it appears to say that the buzzer can be turned off, but it doesn't explain [a] how to turn it off, or if it is off, how to turn it back on. The handbook shows the buzzer with an "X" through it, under the Lexus parking sensor section, but this is different from the display in my IS 300h. When I put the gear shift into reverse the display shows two small windows at the bottom of the display. On the left is the setting for the area's to be monitored and on the right is the setting for parking distances [I think, as it is not explained very well in the handbook, in fact the display shown is not like the car at all !!]. I looked at the main display under a setting to show that the buzzer volume option is set to "5" [maximum], and the line where you want the buzzer to start, the red line or the green line. These options are all correct, or "on as necessary, so is there another section under the main display settings where the buzzer is actually set to be "on" or "off" ? Parkman.
  8. Thanks to all, I think I will keep the car in a warm place over winter - say, the Bahama's !!! Parkman.
  9. Good advice from everyone. I will look at the red stuff brake pads. I know it isn't the brake shoes as I never really use the handbrake except when stopped for a while in traffic or road works etc. I have always relied on the "Park" position of the gear stick, even with large 4 wheel drives. It might sound strange but I try to protect the hand brake operation so that it works 100% when the car goes for the annual test, and that means using the "Park" option. Just as long as one doesn't stick the vehicle into "Park" while the one is still moving !! That can have a rather strange result !! Parkman.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Is there anything that can be done about, within reasonable financial limits, or is it just the nature of the beast ? Parkman.
  11. Absolutely ! This was about 10 years ago, and the police in Ireland didn't know much about stuff like that at the time. They could tell if you number plate was wrong, or if you had no lights, but they weren't aware about changing headlight bulbs from standard to upgraded. Provided your lights worked was OK !! Parkman.
  12. I know that this topic has come up before, but I can't find more about it. What causes the brake pads to stick, on the IS 300h ? Mine is a 2013 Gen III, possibly the beginning of the Gen IIi's, it was registered July 2013, and it seems to have started having the brakes stick if I leave it for a week or more. This is a very recent development I have to say. When I start to drive, as soon as I move, the rear brakes let go with a very noticeable "bang", and I would really like to get this sorted while the car is still under warranty from the Lexus dealer. Parkman.
  13. Very interesting posts. But I am still not convinced about the argument for Xenon headlights on the IS 300h. As far as I am concerned the quality is in the headlight glass design and the type of incandescent bulb being used, whether an H4 or H1 bulbs. After that you are into the power output of the bulbs, whether 55 w, 75 w, or 100 watts. I still believe that the secret of good lights, and there are plenty of examples in the real world to prove it, is the design of the reflector in the light. You can produce all the light you like from a bulb but it is wasted if not correctly focused, and of course this is done by the reflector. The second part of the focusing is done by the fluting of the headlight glass, and this, as everyone knows, is dependent on the country. As far as I am concerned the old method of focusing is far superior in operation than the new headlights which have little focus. I would not agree about the focus not being towards the curb, it really, really should be on dip beam so as not to blind oncoming drivers. A real example of people ignoring the rules of the road are the drivers of Nissan Micra's, especially the early ones. The owners insist on driving about with the round fog/spotlights on, permanently !! The issue about these are that those factory fitted fog/spotlights are unfocused and they are blinding when coming towards you. When I owned my Isuzu Troopers which were both fitted with four extra KC 100 watt Daylighters I took great pleasure in switching on main beam and lighting up the road like Wembley stadium. You could see the dumb driver of the Micra leaping about trying to turn off the fog/spotlights !!!!!!! Parkman.
  14. Roger, the rules are the same in Ireland, but I used to do a lot of night time driving, up to six hours a day between early mornings and late evenings. I also used to be driving at rather well over speed limits, especially at 03:30, and I just couldn't put up with mediocre lights. I really needed to see where I was going. !! Most of the lights that I used on my Isuzu Troopers came from rally cars that I had, and when the rally cars were "updated" I would fit the older spotlights onto the 4 wheel drives. Improved night vision by about 200% !! Parkman.
  15. I agree with Rayaan, the Premier is a really nice car, I know because I have one !! The fact that the Premier has memory drivers seat was a deal breaker for me, because I nearly bought a Jaguar XF. A very nice car, white with cream leather, 2016 with 6000 miles, but to move the seat you have to get into the car. Not great when my wife is only 5ft 1in, and I am 6ft. Especially if she was the last person to drive the car and the seat is up close to the steering wheel. The other problem with the Jaguar was that the drivers seat didn't lift up far enough for my wife to see clearly over the bonnet. The same issue occurred with the 2012 BMW 520d, the seating position is too low for her. The Lexus has a very good variation on the height of the drivers seat so all is well. Parkman.