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  1. To be honest when i initially bought it white wasn't my preferred choice as I was looking for one in gun metal grey. How ever looking at the forums everyone was in agreement that for the ISF white is the preferred option. Now getting the car right on the exterior bodywork wise and with a good buff....I can see why the pearlescent white is preferred by the majority
  2. Treated the ISF today as the weather was great!
  3. Just tried pressing the double lock on the key fob, made sure all the doors are locked....lights still stay on? Really confused as on the US forum there seems to be a mixed feeling. Some experience the same result as what I am experiencing whilst others have mentioned double pressing the lock on the key fob switches off the lights ??
  4. Thanks Ray, I am pretty sure I have tried the double press of the lock on the key fob and have made sure all the doors are closed. But will try this tonight.
  5. Hi All, When I have my light settings set to Auto and I turn the car off, lock the vehicle the lights are still on. I initially thought this was the "follow me home" setting but then got a knock on the door from the neighbor after 20 mins telling me my car's light are still on? I then had to switch them off manually... surely this is not design intent? Naz
  6. That is a fair point that case I have no other choice.
  7. Unless anyone has done a successful 3 seat upgrade for the rear?