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  1. Have you spoken to them? They've emailed me again today. It's a shame they are so far away or i may have been able to have a serious conversation with them about it in person where a proper valuation for my car would come into it. I could do without spending the cash anyway really, im part way through a rebuild on an old bmw 2002 which has really grown arms and legs!
  2. I've a rather nice VW Edition 30 GTI Golf at the moment so thought id do an online valuation against a PX on that car, it was roughly half it's worth! I had a voicemail from the sales manager within 10 minutes saying he was really keen to sort something out, i bet he was!
  3. If you go and view then check for the USRS kit to the front wishbones, thats one thing i remember from the original add along with the red calipers (doesnt seem common?) and the center dial gauges. I'm sure it had an aftermarket exhaust on too and some aftermarket springs.
  4. It looks like another one that was on Ebay privately a couple of months back at £21k with a best offer option. It had a fair few thought out modifications on it that were all listed, it was from right down south and was apparently the sellers second ISF. Had it had a sun roof i may well have been a very skint ISF owner now! If it is the same car it appeared a very good one, makes you wonder how much the shouty lady got it for if it is though! Scott
  5. Besides the really annoying and misinformed advert, does anyone have any info on this car? It looks like the private plate has only just gone on which stops you looking at past MOT history. It seems this may not be an accident that this is the case! Thanks, Scott
  6. ISF on Ebay

    Thanks for the info, shes came back to me on ebay and has told me a previous reg was AG58FHC but that was last mot'd in 2013, so again no history. The NI story explains the lack of history showing up on the DVLA database, however. I hadn't noticed the back lights, strange!
  7. I've been lurking/ watching for a long while too and i'm due in some money soon where i think ill finally jump and buy one whilst i can! Good to see you are local Alex, where abouts around Durham are you? If/ when you get one id appreciate a look around it, never had the chance but always wanted one!