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  1. Lot's use this system . Toyota Subaru Merc BMW Kia/Hyundai Izuzu ............
  2. SuperGT Motegi Final Round

    Keeper TOM's claimed the GT500 Championship yesterday at Motegi. Finished 2nd behind Motul GT-R. DTM cars were also at Motegi for some demo laps.
  3. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Running costs for me are small because I only use it during the summer . I've only done 3000KMS since I bought it. To be honest I wouldn't like to run it as a daily driver as they do like a drop of petrol but to be fair it wasn't made for economy !!!!. As for reliability I would say its great. Engines are strong and gearboxes are bullet proof . As with any performance car they do need to be looked after correctly . My Spec C is totally standard apart from exhaust and a remap for our crap petrol over here. I would recommend one to anybody but finding a nice clean example is getting very hard these days so importing from Japan is probably the best option.
  4. Kobe steel corruption

    Yes agree most car components seem too just about last till car reaches the end of it's warranty. Certainly the case with German stuff. Quality of German parts is terrible . Sadly with Japanese cars been assembled in Europe and UK the quality is slowly slipping with more and more out sourcing of parts. Can we just go back to Japanese cars been assembled in Japan !!! .
  5. New member saying hello

    Got sent some photo's during the week. In good condition I think but can't beat seeing a car in the flesh so fingers crossed .
  6. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    My car history Starting with 1997 Honda Civic 4dr 1.4 2000 Honda Civic 3dr 1.4 2OO2 Honda Civic 3dr 1.4 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 1.8 turbo (jdm) 1999 Nissan Pulsar VZR 1.6 (jdm) 1997 Mitsubishi EVO 4 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STi RA 1997 Subaru Impreza WRX STi RA (Summer use only) 2008 Honda Accord Tourer I-DTEC Now I have my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C LTD (Summer use only) Waiting for my Altezza Gita to arrive from Japan as my daily driver.
  7. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    If you visit once you will get very hard to go elsewhere after. I've gone a fair few times and love it more and more every time. Something for everybody in Japan.
  8. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    Yes they are very impressive . Corner speed is just unbelievable and the noise too !!! . Highly recommended if you ever have a chance to visit Japan.
  9. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    Sadly no I don't live in Japan but travelled to see SuperGT and visit friends . Autopolis was amazing . From memory it's about 1hr drive from Kumamoto and well worth a visit.
  10. New member saying hello

    Thanks Steve. Can't beat Japanese cars for outstanding build quality .
  11. New member saying hello

    Thank you Mike @Bluesman . Not expecting too many issue's with it when it lands !!!! . Hopefully I will be sent some decent photo's of it soon so will post then .
  12. Some photo's of SuperGT Rd3

    Hope this is the correct section. Here are few picture's I took from SuperGT Rd3 Autopolis and some Toyota HQ in Toyota city.
  13. Probably better to take your original 4 injectors to a Denso specialist and get them rebuilt . Refit with new seals and new fuel filter. Everything needs to be connected up correctly for it to start. Second hand Injectors are a total waist of time and money IMO.
  14. Super GT Round 3 - Autopolis, Sunday 21st May

    Rd 7 this weekend comes from Thailand Chang International Circuit.
  15. New member saying hello

    Yes I imported my Subaru last year . I use Mark at . He can source the car for you but I'd prefer to have a look through the Auctions for myself. Not so many low mileage good grade examples available so it took a while to find a nice one.