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  1. GS300

    Can anyone help...have just been advised my car requires a new Tension pulley. Can the bearing by itself be bought or do you have to buy the whole unit..bracket, bearing etc? Also where is the best place to buy discount parts as I have to have new water pump, belt, alternator, clutch pulley, idler kit and a new belt. Hope someone is able to help as I have just bought the car and was not expecting new Lexus parts to cost so much... having had a 7 series previously and found German discount parts I am hoping you can find similar for Japanese models.
  2. Chris McGathan

    Thank you so much for that information John... will try this later today, fingers crossed ! Chris
  3. Chris McGathan

    Can anyone help... my 2007 GS 300 has developed a screech from the front of the engine, it seems to be coming from the water pump and pulley area. Has anyone had this happen or any ideas as to what may be causing it. Also will it be safe to use as I am unable to get to Lexus until Tuesday. many thanks