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  1. where can i get the is300 air scoop?
  2. hey Roadrash ur intake looks really nice! its not as messy! where did u get yours? and how much does it cost? did it make a difference to sound or power?.. i see this one has a cover.. or is this is300? it looks like 200
  3. i found a picture here how much does this cost? where does the air scoop get the air from?.. coz i dont see a way leadin to it not that i can .. how much more hp does it add to the car?
  4. i've been surfin in a IS300 forum a lot and I realised the placing of the intake is different to IS200 .. I wonder if anyone got an intake for IS200? does it have to be customized? any pics if possible please? thanks! :)
  5. hey nice car you got.. where did u get ur blue lights from for the interior? :)