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  1. Thank you to 200h and Stompe , I cannot believe I did not notice that button last night. It was there and I have reset it, hopefully all will be settled now, thanks again :-)
  2. Yet they have them in, saw them today?
  3. They have them in Costco, but not sure on price of them?
  4. Well they seem good and a bargain , so no complaints from me other than the TPMS 😉
  5. Thank you, did you mean Primacy 3 as the 4 has just come out according to Costco. They were cheaper too, so well happy.
  6. I will have another look in the morning thank you.
  7. I got Michelin Primacy 4 215 x 45 x17 £265 for 4 bargain as far as I can tell. I will look again in the morning , but I don't see it at all.
  8. It is not there on my vehicle , I have looked all around there?
  9. I have just had 4 new tyres put on at Costco, it states on the receipt the vehicle has TPMS , and I have come away and the light stayed on, I checked the tyre pressures they were slightly high, and a back one a bit low. I have put the correct pressures in all tyres, give it a run about and the light is still on. Any help would be appreciated as there is no reset switch anywhere. This is a 2016 model, thanks in advance.
  10. How can I get the screen to show half and half, one half being the map and the other half showing the audio playing, I saw it on a CT I passed and it was older than my car, mine is a 2016 Premier. Is it still possible?
  11. Think I have got the solution to the S7 phone issue too, it is the update of Nougat 7.0 on the phone, there is a bug in it, so I wait for an update to 7.01 which apparently is out shortly, or I roll it back to 6.0 then sync with car and then update to 7.0 which will be right. Just a case of whether to flash the Rom to get back to 6.0 or wait for 7.1, thanks for all the help, hope this might help someone if they get the same issue.
  12. Hi, does the media display fold down on a 2016 Premier model as if it does, I have not found a way to do it? I have seen it fold down on earlier models hence the reason I ask.
  13. Thanks that was it , it was set to max, so just brought it back a bit and it works, just the phone issue left to sort out now, thanks again.
  14. Is this the black button on the speedo face that looks like you push it to reset it? I thought it was for an odometer, but I cannot find one of them either?
  15. Hi thanks, I have already checked this and it seems the latest that is covered is 6.01 whereas my S7 is updated to 7.0 so I think they hopefully will update their software soon or there might be another work round that someone knows of, however thank you for the reply. Still need to work out how to get the sat nav to go to night mode though .