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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the info.😀 After you helpful people mentioning pro tyres they have a branch in Welwyn Garden City and after looking again it seems like i have used them before to get a Uniroyal tyre replaced.😀 Long story and you don't want to here this. Anyway will contact them as soon as cash allows and time is available to get this checked. One thing i have noticed is the price of tyres seems to have come down in price which is a good thing well front's anyway. 65mike.
  2. Hi all As the car is still under the Lexus warranty it needed a MOT so the dealer had the task. It passed it’s test but mentioned the rear brake calliper was sticking but was ok when the brake test was performed. This thankfully has been cleared as a warranty job so will be done at service in September. They did a vehicle healthy check also and advised that the front tyres inner edge were wearing so a 4 wheel alignment would be a good idea but at £144.00 not keen on this. Have seen the 4 wheel alignment at ATS euromaster for about £60.00 any one used them for this service or should i stick to dealer and have to swallow the cost. 65mike.
  3. Hi all.😊 The worst part about this is i have never been anywhere near the rear screen never cleaned it or touched it, i could understand if i had scratched it but no.☹️ I can get the radio stations to work when the rear heater is on but they crackle even tried radio 2.🤔 Looks like i will have to live with this as i am 100% sure the dealer will not touch it under warranty.☹️ 65mike.
  4. Hi all. John thanks for the info was looking at this but if you say it was rubbish that's good enough for me.🙂 65mike
  5. Hi all. Keith i agree with you on trying to get it fixed under warranty but i cannot see them agreeing to that. Peter that looks like it might do the job and get the radio working when i have the heated window on.😐 Lee no battery has not been changed and nothing has been altered think it is just wear in the element that has caused it. 65mike
  6. Hi all. If the car is under warranty yes the dealer should fix it simple a that.😶 65mike
  7. Hi all. John i think the sales man is incorrect here it may not improve your mpg by much or at all but i very much dought it will do any harm otherwise it would not be sold.😐 I have used BP ultima fuels and Shell equivalent before on a previous car but gave up due to price.😐 65mike
  8. Hi all Has any one had a problem with there radio reception and heated rear window!!! My heated rear window works but the r/h element in the middle no longer works just one line only dead which affects the radio reception when the heated window is on. Once the window heater is off all ok. Has anybody had this issue and does anybody no off a solution to the problem the car is still under warranty but i cannot see Lexus replacing the rear window under warranty.!!! 65mike
  9. Hi all. Mine is due for renewal in January so that should be a laugh It is at the moment £483.00 per year how they got this i do not know as when i owned my Jaguar XK 4.2 which i got in January 2017 i was paying £491.00 per year nothing different on the policy so how comes a 4.2 V8 Ali body coupe verses a 2.5 V6 steel body 4 door saloon get within £8.00 pounds cheaper the Lexus was cheaper than the Jaguar. It is not as if iam young in my fifties now with no convictions or any claims they say it's your post code c**p just a way off getting more money out off you. 65mike
  10. Hi Phil😀 Welcome to the forum you will find a lot of helpful people on here so enjoy . P.S the car looks lovely what mileage has it done.😀 65mike
  11. Hi all. Thanks for the info is200 newbie i had looked on the us forums to and they were saying 30mm that is why i was confused. Normski iam surprised that yours is 36mm so i thought i would find out what size mine is and it is 28mm so why your's is 36mm is beyond me, i have decided to order a 30mm philips one should be able to get it in and should be ok.😃 65mike
  12. Hi all That's good news and for a 2006 car with that mileage it has even less mileage than mine.🙂 65mike
  13. Hi all Have tried the search and have not found any info so hoping our members will enlighten me. I found today the boot light has packed up working so thought i would look in the owners manual er it's a bulb and that is it what a great help that was I know it is a festoon bulb but does anyone know what size it is as i do not want to rip the car apart just yet just to get the size and how do you get the damn thing out too. If i remember there used to be a list off items for the IS250 cars but i cannot see that either now has it been removed or have i missed it. Thanks.🙂 65mike
  14. Hi all Wheels are looking good there Steve. I used the wheel specialist at there St Albans branch when i had the X-type and they made a lovely job only had 2 done as they were 2 piece split rims and one was letting the tyre go down but they looked like new much better than the corrosion and pealing they had before, will certainly consider when the Lexus ones need doing. Only problem is the distance. 65mike
  15. Hi all. I took the is250 for it's service last month and showed the service chap the problem with mine as it seems it's the same as everybody elses now and i said can it be done under warranty. So the warranty has agreed that it can be done and is covered so it goes inTuesday to get them changed they are talking 4 1/2 hrs so told them i need a courtesy car surely they do not take this long to change😐 65mike