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  1. Hi all. Well done John if you want to pop down to me i will let you do mine for me saving me the job Need to see picture you know the drill 65mike
  2. Hi all. So one you would get the Lexus warranty that you were on about the other you will not best thing is to see what he likes best 65mike
  3. Favourite/'Dream' cars?

    Hi all. I think by now at over 50 years i have had my mid life crisis and had the car i wanted Jaguar XK,so am more than happy to settle for something practical now iam getting old. 65mike
  4. LC-500....... too fussy?

    Hi all. The LC 500 looks a beautiful car and by what i have seen on the net well put together as you would expect from a Lexus and is a pure GT car. I would myself not buy one as i have had my midlife crisis now being over fifty and my last car was a Jaguar XK, GT car also but to much trouble getting in and out as my back is not up to it now beautiful as both are the XK got all the remarks like lovely car which sadly i do not see the LC getting the same attention have moved to something more easy and comfortable my beautiful is250 Here is the XK.
  5. Hi all. is200 newbie i used these people https://www.fonefunshop.com/car-keyless-entry-fob-signal-blocker-genuine-faraday-bag-block-theft.html?category_id=2887 ordered it on monday evening and got it wednesday morning it does exactly what it says well pleased with it. Seem a good place and fast too. ( i do not have anything to do with the above establishment just found them efficient and passed on my thoughts nothing more ) 65mike
  6. Hi all. Mine has Bridgestone potenza and something else that Bridgestone make cannot remember name i appreciate that you do not want to spend a fortune on the tyres but bearing in mind you pay for what you get and it is only a small patch off rubber that stops the car in the wet. You say you have 4mm off tread left so you don't really need new tyres just yet the law says 1.6mm minimum i would myself get a bit more out off them you may get another 1000miles before they get to 1.6mm before they need replacing,just my opinion. 65mike
  7. Hi all. Craig cracking looking motor there. Looking forward to more pictures and enjoy the car. 65mike
  8. Hi all Well it would seem so if you want the warranty earliest i would think you can get is a 2009 car and by the extra warranty to get 3 years. 65mike
  9. Hi all. I would myself consider getting the car from a Lexus dealer i know they are dearer but you would get the warranty providing it is under 10years old. I purchased my is250 from a dealer it is a 2009 car and i purchased a 2 year extra warranty so i have 3 years warranty it was a no brainer for me as my previous Jaguar was brought second hand from a dealer and had 6 months warrant which was not worth the paper it was written on and the car turned out to be a money pit so got rid and brought the Lexus instead and not regretted it 65mike
  10. expensive mot

    Hi all. Mark that looks a nice motor car have you taken the obligatory photo's yet as that is a must. I do like the look off the new front off the cars that Lexus are making now but the inside to me is a little bit different and am not over keen on it just my opinion i am sure it look lovely with the leather seats 65mike
  11. Hi all Well i got my faraday pouch for the keys works fine 2 pockets one blocks signal so car cannot be opened and the other won you use to put keyfob in so you can open doors and start car simple as that. Must say i never wanted keyless entry used to using buttons on key fob prefer it that way and still do this about 95% off the time it's no effert to just push a key fob button to me. 65mike.
  12. Hi all. Michael coming from a Jaguar XK which had a standard exhaust and was noisey you could here the noise in the morning in mothers front bedroom so i can see what you mean. But lovely going through a tunnel with the windows open. Mine was only a 4.2 XK not the R version which was louder the RS was even louder can get a bit to noisey though in my view I like a bit more quieter exhaust as i get older and past it now. 65mike.
  13. Hi all. After reading about the car stealing racket that is going on now have decided to get one off theses https://www.fonefunshop.com/car-keyless-entry-fob-signal-blocker-genuine-faraday-bag-block-theft.html other members have seen them on Amazon but found them on the above website so have ordered 2 off them thought long and hard about this and decided why not anything to stop the thieving B******s taking or trying to take my pride and joy I was reading in the daily paper that someone recommended a Ghost immobiliser system sounds good https://autowatch.co.uk alas it does not cover the early Lexus cars the is range is from 2014 and GS range from 2012 sounded like a good idea but alas not for any off the is250 cars or the isF cars. Looks like the steering lock that yellow thing will be dusted off when i go away or park in places aim not used too. 65mike Note: i have no interests in either mentioned above companies just seen them on the web and passed the info on.
  14. Hi all. Craig have you got the car and we need the pictures urgently to see what it looks like you understand we all have is's in some form or another wether it be the humble 250 or the F cars. 65mike
  15. Hi all. They both look ok baring in mind the age and mileage is not too high. It's a case off you pays your money and takes your chance which ever one you decide it's your decision and no one can tell you otherwise we can all just advise you and wish you well with what ever you decide to get. 65mike