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  1. Hi all. The inside looks nice but the wheels are black er no look terrible in my view and the body colour where is the gloss / shine to it stick to one colour for the paint is what i think 65mike
  2. Hi all. Matthew sorry to hear about the damage to the car I would myself bite the bullet and get the insurance to sort it out it will cost you premium wise but cannot see it costing as much as you would pay to do it yourself and will have a warranty on work. 65mike
  3. Is300h considering

    Hi all. That's a result then Paul. Iam thinking off winter tyres next winter might be better in the rough weather than the standard ones. 65mike
  4. Hi all. Rob thanks it was a lucky break as the one i enquired about was sold but sales manager offers me this one no pictures were available at the time and was brought last October 2017. The deal was quick spoke to sales manager on the Friday purchased it on the Saturday and collected it following weekend. 65mike.
  5. Hi all My view on this new LS is i want one no question about it i want one there is a slight problem for me as i cannot afford it. Perhaps when it is a bit older yes. 65mike
  6. Back on the road

    Hi all. Lovely looking motor you have there Neil hope all goes well I agree with you cornershop give Lexus HQ a right going at i had a problem with the VSC on the car a month after i got it under warrant lucky and found out the problem had been on going for 2 MOT'S so gave the dealer a piece off my mind got to be done. 65mike.
  7. Hi all. I was lucky and i been deadly luck when i brought the Lexus i had the Jaguar XK to part exchange as i was sick off the problems with it and was looking around for a car quick i consider a Vauxhall but decided against that and was just browsing at Autotrader looking at assorts off cars just needed to get rid off XK and saw a Lexus IS250 looked good at a dealer wanted a dealer car because off warranty. Contacted Lexus Woodford where the car was and told it had gone but the sales manager was telling me he had another one but better model IS 250SE-L but bit dearer i told him what i wanted to do money wise and we agreed a superb deal with me getting money back and a far superior car Seems like they go faster than i ever thought must be down to the quality and reputation they have.. Keep looking and one will come up my advise is get from a dealer the service i had from mine was second to none better service than i had when i brought my Jaguar x-type new from the Jaguar dealer. Best off luck 65mike. P.S And here is what i got she is a beauty.
  8. Hi all. I find the seats take about 3 miles to get warm and the sat nav is a joke 65mike
  9. Hi all. When i purchased the is250 from the dealer it had 29000 miles on the clock and was 8 years old and had the 1 year Lexus warranty which i needed as the VSC went wrong and costed £1000 to put wright so i instantly brought the 2 year for the price off 1 Lexus warranty admitted the car has to be survived at Lexus dealer but you can for the older cars have cheaper services done. Let the good times role. 65mike
  10. Lexus Portal

    Hi all. New to Lexus so was most surprised when i was able to get all the service details on this system even down to telling me when it had new front tyres well before i purchased the car. Also told me when it had had new spark plugs and the new rear tyres and the VSC problem fixed. 65mike
  11. Hi all. Sorry Jack i think you should have left it there and been in touch with the insurance company straight away saying the car was unacceptable. Alas they might say why did you accept it if you were not happy with it. As far as they are concerned the job is done if it's not up to standard tough luck seem like a load off cowboys by what you have said. 65mike
  12. GS450h - sneaky clean

    Hi all. Looks very nice Andrew shinning like a good un gave mine a clean today alas it has now had sleet and rain all over it plus my stupid neighbour is having a loft extension so more sawdust over it too 65mike
  13. Gs450h paint correction

    Hi all. Mark you are kidding some berk ran into you, not to much damage i hope and all the work put into getting the car clean. 65mike
  14. Hi all. Oh dear what a pigs ear they have made off that all you can say is it's got the bits back on it. Looks like the lights will rub when the boot is opened and the lot does not line up properly sorry but it's a bodge job get in touch with insurance and tear them off a strip. Alas a bodger will always be a bodger how ever good he thinks he is. And resale will be affected no matter what that bodger says and from a Lexus approved body shop which Lexus dealer did you speak to and said that they were good as i would forward these pictures to Lexus uk and ask them if they would be happy to accept a car that has been approved from one off there body shop. In my view Jack you have nothing to loose i cannot see Lexus uk being pleased with this can you. 65mike.
  15. Hi all. I have used a company called https://www.thewheelspecialist.co.uk/ found them very good made a lovely job on my previous cars BBS split rims ( i have no affinity with this company just found them good ) Might be worth a look. 65mike.