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  1. 65mike

    Extended warranty

    Hi all. Alas the times have now gone when you could take the car to pieces i look under the bonnet now and close it quickly as all i see is wires and pieces off plastic so have no interest init i top up anything that needs it and have changed sidelight bulb but not indicator build garage done that for me at a cost🙄 The warranty to me is a god send and i hope i never need to use it again but is there as a insurance.🙂 Alas we all have premium cars so the manufacturer charges what he like's Lexus are not alone in this they all do it the only way to try and reduce cost is to get parts cheaper if you can places like eBay or a breakers yard or paten parts this is the only way i can see of reducing the cost and if you can do it yourself all the better.🙂 I will say this Lexus do seem reasonable on tyres before i purchased the is250 i needed 2 rear ones and there was no way the dealer would put 2 new ones on as the deal he gave me for my part exchange XK was a dream come true so i said to the sales manager can we split the cost and he agreed and the price i paid was a steel for the tyre i paid for.🙂 The brake pads and discs seem fairly good on cost seeing as they are supply and fit too and they should know what they are doing as they are trained by the manufacturer.🙂 65mike
  2. Hi all. My cooled seats on the is250 work but don't seem to give me cool air or very little cool air is there a filter to change or anything else that should be done or are they just poor.😶 Any ideas or info much appreciated.😃 65mike
  3. 65mike

    Extended warranty

    Hi all. I have a 1 year Lexus warranty that i got when i purchased the car last October i had a DSC light come on so took car to the dealer and was investigated and found a sensor had gone was replaced under warranty and i asked would they tell me the cost, there labour rate was £180.00 a hour and the part i think from memory was £600.00 ish so about £1000.00 so as the lady from service said you have had your moneys worth from the warranty. I have since purchased the 2 year Lexus extended warranty which in my view was a no brainer not to so i have a 3 year warranty now happy days. 65mike
  4. Hi all Tried all the things like making sure pouch was closed but reading reviews on Halfords site and Amazon it does happen https://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B076KZF645/ref=acr_search_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&showViewpoints=0 It seems they last a while and then just stop working. 65mike
  5. Hi all. Up date to my original post the pouch has given up the ghost packed up working, I had my keys in the pouch when i went to put rubbish out on Thursday morning and sore the light under the door mirror come on thought that's strange so put hand on door handle and door opened, must have put key in wrong compartment had a look no it's stopped protecting the key had 3 months and finished. Be aware these do not last for ever. 65mike
  6. Hi all. Hi Stuart thanks for info that is my next port off call just wondering if any members had had any luck with the uk dealers. 65mike
  7. Hi all I was wondering if Lexus uk would order two parts for me one of which is not listed in uk, they are the F sport front grill part number is 53112-53140 or 53112-53160 and the F Sport gear knob PTR51-53080 both are available in the US, but it would cost a fortune in shipping and import duty, Has anybody tried getting the dealer to order items that are not normally uk stock and how did you get on. 65mike
  8. Hi all Lee so it's the powder coating that is cracked then. Lee i would still be inclined to replace the lot and have done with it for piece off mind that way you will know that you have a good rear set up and hopefully will cure the problem. What mileage has the car covered now!!! 65mike
  9. Hi all Keep the chrome just gives the car a little bit off brightness rather than all black.😊If you are going to get rid off the chrome why not get rid off around the front grill too then you won't see it in the dark at all😃 65mike
  10. Hi all Lee going by your pictures i would say that spring is ready for the scrap bin looks like it has a crack in it seen better days have they got a plastic coating on them.!!! Also looks like one of the damper supports has broken at some stage and been welded to repair it. My own view if it was my car would be to replace the springs and shocks they do look like they have seen better days and the damper supports. You're obviously a practical man so will cost you for the parts no labour charge.😊 65mike
  11. Hi all Well at least they are willing to look into it and paying your fuel and free full valet you cannot in my view go wrong there. What dealer is it care to share with us there address / name. 65mike
  12. Hi all Steve yes you did read Wright a set off well used second hand struts from a 100 k car put on a with 220k on it's back well how to save money suppose they must be a little better than the originals. 65mike
  13. Hi all The wheels look ok but I personally don't like black off any sort on wheels I prefer silver, my car came with a light grey which is ok not my choice but will do until they need refurbishing then will either be the same or silver the calipers look different in the Dewalt yellow and the orange are something different again. 65mike
  14. Hi all. Got to agree with Rayaan on this one. Looks ok but not my thing but each to there own. 65mike