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  1. So, just over a week on and no more replies. I wanted to get a meet in ideally in the next 4-6 weeks as the calendar is filling up fast. There have also been mutterings of the 'C' word (Get your mind out of the gutter, some of you 😆) The majority vote of the appears to be Kent, which I personally prefer. I'm thinking of Bluewater as a venue, although I'm open to other suggestions. Any other suggestions?
  2. If I'm honest, I have no idea. I've heard of lots of more affordable options once upon a time such as MeisterR and BC Racing - but I have no idea on how good etc. I'd heard of them when I used to have a lot of Honda's, which are generally a bit lighter than some of the Lexus models. I know KW apparently do excellent coilovers, but they aren't cheap. But then again, good things usually aren't too cheap!
  3. I used Tanabe springs, which are apparently pretty good without spoiling the ride quality. I can attest to this being the case too. The 2 I know of are the NF210 (NF - Normal Feels and less of a drop) and the DF210 (Drop feels with more of a drop) Links here: I opted for the NF210 as the spring rate is 5% stiffer than shock, which I'd guess the stock shock can take (time will tell!) and the drop is reasonable without having to get aftermarket camber adjusters etc. I'd still recommend a 4 wheel alignment, had mine done yesterday and it's perfect now.
  4. Could try this: I assume this is the same car, just different engine?
  5. Hope it works out well for you. You can see some of my other threads to see what 18's look like, although mine has a mild drop.
  6. Welcome to the club. I've had 7 Honda's in my lifetime and they've all been very degrees of very good to excellent. I hope it is a manual at least though? Touch wood, it should be reliable if maintained properly. In my opinion, it's important to start more humbly with early cars, so that when you get to the nicer cars you appreciate it more.
  7. Good job! Look forward to some pics.
  8. Good to have another new member to the fold. If I had the choice of an RC200t and an RC-F, well it wouldn't be a difficult choice. RC-F all the way! Especially whilst we can still drive insane petrol cars day to day. They'll all be gone or in the very least become very limited in their use. Very sad.
  9. JDM-Fiend


    Welcome to the club! Look forward to the pics of your new Lexus.
  10. Just had my 4 wheel alignment done today and also my vehicle health check at Lexus. Some more pics I took today while we have some good weather, she scrubs up quite nice:
  11. I changed a set on both my GS300 and GS430. I found it much easier by removing the airbox on the left. I've managed it without it, but was much more hassle. I have no idea how the engine bays differ in that sense to advise.
  12. I think you know the answer 😉 But the GS300 drives very nice, I'd argue it drives better than my 430 currently!
  13. Just in case anyone was wondering what a GS300 next to a GS430 looks like:
  14. Fair enough George, as long as you've voted and can come to the meet I'm happy!
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