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  1. I am a big fan of the GS series and I was surprised to read this. It's a fantastic car, but I always assume it is a very niche car to own. I'd rather people didn't know, to keep the values low - although good news for the Lexus brand overall.
  2. Hadn't had a chance to reply, sorry all. I've changed the images to actual attachments instead of Google Drive URL's. Should work now as they work for me in incognito. Hope it helps someone out with a worn out reversing camera.
  3. Yeah, it's not a bad deal. I know you can get some cheaper, but most of the ones I found were a similar age to mine. I bought one off of a MK3 GS300. The part number is 86790-30030 and the later MK3's had a substitution to 86790-30031 which I assume is a part revision - I didn't want to risk the newer part number in case it didn't fit/incompatible, also they were a fair bit more to buy (£70-£80) when I was looking for one.
  4. A small update, I received a used camera off of ebay today for the princely sum of £42.50. It was 4 years newer and looked in much better condition than my current one. I assume the weatherproof seal had gone on mine, pretty good going for a 16 year old camera I think! Before and after pics: Before (as you can see, it's fuzzy in the daytime. You can imagine how bad it is at night!) After: (It's like going Full HD for the first time!) Old camera vs new: Happy with the results, I'll cancel the Dorman one I ordered rather than trialling it. Part of me is interested to see what it is like though, despite not being an OEM part.
  5. I bet it's nice having the relative silence. I've got a custom exhaust on mine but I test drove a few GS430's with the stock system on and the acceleration catches you off guard with the quieter exhaust. I quite liked it. The GS430 = The Gentleman's Super Saloon
  6. Definitely doesn't. Although this is definitely more of a clarity issue, as it's borderline dangerous at night. I've ordered both a Dorman one from the US and also a used one from the UK. The best one wins and will stay on the car.
  7. The thing is, I'd like a plug and play option as the connector is quite specific: Thanks for the reply though.
  8. I was looking into possible reversing camera options to replace my 16 year old unit on my GS430, as it is grainy AF especially at night. I came across the following one on ebay: I've never heard of Dorman, are they some sort of OE equivalent in the US? Has anyone replaced their rear camera with this one? I wanted a genuine Lexus replacement, until I saw the cost of over £400 and decided to either choose a used one and hope it's better than my 'grainy' one or buy a Dorman one. All suggestions and experiences with rear camera replacements are welcome! (I've also just posted this on Club Lexus US Forum)
  9. Congrats on the new car, I had one a GS300 recently and it was a great car for the short time I had it. I only sold it due to finding the V8, which I'd been after for a while. Mine had similar issues, except the shocks. Any questions, drop me a message. I had a Check VSC light on mine that came up. I bought a cheap OBD Bluetooth reader off of Amazon and check the codes using the Torque app. Apparently, it was an exhaust sensor that was faulty or needed replacing on mine. Also, I've heard not tightening the fuel cap can trigger a similar warning on the dash. By tightening, I should stress that it's 'one click' to tighten the fuel cap and no more!
  10. My advice would be, if you go aftermarket - buy a good brand of alloys. Cheaper aftermarket alloys are cheap for a reason. Best of luck and show us pics before and after.
  11. Still available, open to any offers and can post.
  12. I've got a set of Lexus GS MK3 interior grab handles that I'd like to swap for a light grey set. It's a massive long shot as I can't imagine anyone would have some to swap. Pic below: Failing that, I'm happy to post to anyone who may need them for the postage cost. I'd guess that would be £5 at most, depending on weight.
  13. I had a chance to change it last night, being such a simple job. Before: After: In my opinion, it's made a modern and subtle difference and was well worth it from an aesthetic point of view. It'll pay off further with the new feel of leather too.
  14. Congratulations! I think after my current car I'd definitely consider a hybrid MK4 GS next, as the world is changing so much. I've had P Zero's in the past, which were great but I found they wore out much quicker than expected even with mixed driving. So, be mindful of that. Perhaps the newer compounds are a bit longer lasting.
  15. I'm not keen on some aftermarket gear knobs. Considering you use it all the time when driving, it's important that it's good quality.
  16. So, I've been meaning to change the wood trim gear knob on my GS430 to the regular leather one found in the GS300. I ordered a brand new OEM one from Amayama and it is lovely, haven't fitted it yet: I'll store the original one and I also plan to change the steering wheel to a full Black leather one. The GS430 wooden ' section' steering wheel does not feel nice in the hand at all! Will post a pic once fitted.
  17. John, the seat adjustment alone on the F-Sport (Premier too) would make the car worth it for me. I drove an F Sport and found it pretty compliant, even on the 19 inch wheels. Best you try them both out, but the seats are lovely in the F Sport/Premier model with all the extra adjustments.
  18. Good to hear, pics soon I hope! Funnily enough, I sold mine today to someone who flew down from Aberdeen.
  19. As others have said, I'd change the car battery and also the fob battery. If you are in the Kent area, I've got lots of spare fob batteries if you need a couple.
  20. Sorry, I mean 'regular' GS. I think of the F models as their own models, if that makes sense. I knew someone would highlight this haha, you lurker!
  21. I think overall I'd say the Mk4 is better looking. I think the F Sport trim looks particularly good. But it's better looking for different reasons, plus it uses the newer Lexus design which is nice. I wouldn't say Lexus have always designed 'pretty' cars. More so, premium and classy looking. On the flip side, no V8 in a Mk4 😉 I've never made the link with an Jaguar XF. I can see what you mean, now that I've googled it. Although, I'd say the Jaguar is a better looking car than both the mk3 and mk4 GS.
  22. Definitely better equipped, that's no slight on the IS250. The seats are much larger in the GS vs the IS. Best thing to do it try both. I wouldn't even say the GS is a tank and as far as I'm aware always has excellent parking aids (rear camera & parking sensors all around) My last car was an IS250 and I was going to get a Mk4 GS, but the prices were beyond what I was willing to pay for one currently. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
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