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  1. Ah .. ok ..hope you are enjoying it. How long have you had it? I just recently put my 2011 RX450h in part exchange for a 2017 RX450h. My 2011 ended up being sold in Surrey so maybe the new owner might join up here sometime.
  2. Hi, is it black by any chance.. from Newlands?
  3. I am insured with Bell insurance, and have been for the last few years, which is part of the Admiral Group which also includes Admiral, Elephant and Diamond. Changing from a 2011 RX450h to a 2017 RX450h cost no extra at all at the end of August. In my previous car (Hyundai Tucson) about two weeks after getting it I was rear ended at slow speed in roadworks with slight damage to my rear bumper ad dent in rear tailgate. The driver that hit me was also insured by an Insurance company in the Admiral group (Elephant), so when I phoned them they told me the other driver had already reported it and would I be open to his insurance company handling it all rather then both. I agreed and his insurance company arranged for my car to go to the body repairers and provide me with a curtest car through Enterprise. When they took me to Enterprise I found a brand new Toyota Auris with 7 miles on the clock waiting for me that had just been delivered 20 minutes before. You always find out how good an insurance company is when you actually need them and if the rest of the Admiral Group is as good as Bell and Elephant when needed you will have found a good value for money company there.
  4. For myself, when you are behind a car with a quad exhaust system you expect it to have the GO to match but with the standard exhaust system those behind, if they don't know think it just a lower powered car ... until you put your foot down .. I prefer that .. bit like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  5. I just wonder how long it will be before the EU courts rule this illegal the way they did when the French tried to bring in the breathalyser laws a few years ago ... when they only allowed "official" recognised breathalysers that ended up being the ones made by two companies that had connections with French MP's.
  6. Having come from a Range Rover (Hyundai Tucson in between) to me the RX450 I got first (2011) was not as big so did not feel the "huge" you feel it is. This 2017 RX450 I have now is a little bigger but still not "huge" size of the Rangie which I sometimes feel a little lacking when trying to get all my camping (glamping) equipment in it.. but that is my fault liking luxury camping as i get older, maybe have to treat myself to a roof rack and topbox to help. Parking is easy enough, my only concern is others scratching the paintwork with coat zips and bags etc so I try and park it in quieter parts of carparks.
  7. My dad used to skim brake discs for a local garage years ago, at the time that garages repaired faults rather than just replaced parts. The discs he would skim were ones that had got pitted ands would still be within manufacturer limits but he would never skim a disc that had warped. He actually made a brake disc for a motorbike from an old man hole cover that the owner gave him one time. We were always taught never to hold the car on the brakes when stopped but put it in neutral and handbrake onto stop the heat transfer from warping the disc, but the majority of cars we owned then were manual rather than automatics. i would have thought that brake discs these days though were better made than back then and made out of more resilient metals, ventilated etc.
  8. Do you know anyone that have tried the new Geolander CV G058 M+S yet, I was wondering if they would be any good all year around like the All Season Pirelli's I had on my Gen3 RX
  9. Thanks but just had a look at their website and they don't stock anything that size
  10. Has anyone tried the Yokohama Geolander CV G058 yet?
  11. Looking for opinions for recommendations for tyres for an RX450h Gen4. Tyre size is 235x55x20 which limits the tyres available.. looking for good value for money ones and capable of handling snow if and when we get it.
  12. Some have used other makes of battery on here that I have seen but not sure which ones. If you try Lexuspartsdirect.co.uk they are cheaper at around £180 for the Gen3 Rx you have and you have the security in that they are an actual Lexus dealer (Swindon I think). Not sure what is so special about the battery for the Gen3 though as the Gen4 is only around a third of the price.
  13. Which position is the light switch on when yoi are checking the rear lights?
  14. Yep, thats the way, I got my local garage to do mine when it needed doing.
  15. How exactly have you charged the battery?