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  1. I have been having issues with my car for 2 months now. White smoke is coming out from the exhaust after driving a couple of miles. It doesn't smoke in the beginning and then after few miles, it starts smoking non stop. The smoke is white and smell of burned fuel. I went to 2 mechanics. The first One cleaned my dpf and nothing changed. He told me to change my temperature and pressure sensors, and again nothing changed. I went to a second mechanic, he said that he cannot find any issues when he did the diagnostic of my car. I do not have any warranty on the car. I already spent thousands of pounds trying to fix the problem but the problem is still there. Except the white smoke, there is no other issues with the car. It has always been smoking a bit since I bought it last year but after going on holiday and driving over 3000 miles, the smoke became worse. Any help or advice will be appreciated.